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The mod's not dead, and neither am I. Here's an update on the One Point One addition.

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PROTIP: Don't take 16 credits when four of those are Physics and nine of those are with the same teacher.

I've been trudging through my busiest semester yet, so I've had little time to work on the mod. That being said, I'm still confident in releasing this before Portal 2; I have LOTS of time to work on this starting in January and I thought I'd share some of what I've done:

  • I wasn't kidding when I said it was big.Chamber 21's layout is complete, but it severelylacks detail. It will be called Geminii and will contain a new puzzle element. (Actually, a very old puzzle element that I just didn't use but with improved graphics and whatnot).
  • I've gone around doing little lighting/detail improvements across the board. I hear this isn't exactly my strong point and I aim to correct that.
  • The new, improved 29 is just about finished. there are still a few areas I'm not entirely proud of, and I still need to get challenge times for it.
  • More uninsulated electrical partsI'm about half done with an advanced version of Chamber 25. This chamber is also very long, and includes a bit of an extended foray into the orange, mechanical underbelly of the Aperture East complex. It will be divided up into at least two maps and includes another new puzzle element.
  • I have some rough, incomplete designs for an advanced 12 and an advanced 20. Whether those will come to fruition is not entirely certain.
  • If this serves as any kind of hint toward my future motives, I've designed and orange-mapped three cooperative puzzle chambers. These won't be appearing in Gamma Energy, but I do plan to finish them into something. I've also come up with a bit of an actual storyline that would require a bit of work and original voice acting for some mysterious, nondescript future puzzle mod.

God you wouldn't believe how I hate puzzles that require you to jump between 2 portals on different elevations to gain height in your portal jumps... It's so hard to pull off for me...

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Gamma_Energy Author

You're not alone in this. I feel that including that gameplay mechanic was the single greatest mistake I made, and this update aims to correct that.

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I personally love that type of fling.
But maybe thats just me...

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its hard but i still do it for the fun

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