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Finally, I decided to please you with the latest The Last Bullet. I haven't updated very much, although a lot of time has passed, I haven't done much.

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And so, I'll show you chapter 4, what awaits us in 3, after the end of the demo you will find out for yourself when the hour of knowledge comes. And now we begin:

1.And so, we start as always with the sewer, where can we go without it?

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2. The path that we took led us to the professor's secret laboratory, where he develops super-soldiers. At the moment, we see warehouses where weapons for these very soldiers and other spare parts are stored

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3.A super soldier who will meet us in Chapter 4


4.One of the antagonists of the note which you could see, Field Marshal Wilhelm von Leeb

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5.Subtitles are now normal white

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TheRenegadist - - 2,088 comments

This is a really cool idea, I wish we could go more RTCW type mods for Half-Life, actually, this is the only one I can think of that is doing so. Definitely tracking!

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BrodyBear7 - - 216 comments

I suggest adding a colt 1911 and a Thompson as weapons.

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JLMP - - 300 comments

I suggest having weapons fire when you press mouse 1 button

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Anthony817 - - 2,771 comments

Hey mate, love what you have done with this mod. Would you ever want to have your mod ported over to a console as a full stand alone game? This is quite possible on the Sega Dreamcast using the unreleased, but basically finished game that got canceled. It has been used as the basis for something like over a dozen total conversion mods on the console. Pretty damn cool, even the hit mods Paranoia and They Hunger trilogy were ported over. It is surreal playing Half-Life mods on a console but since the game was made with the Windows CE operation system on the console the files are super similar to PC formats.

You obviously do have to keep in mine no .dll libraries can be loaded, as the HL SDK was unable to compile any for the Dreamcast version. That being said, Paranoia was possible on the console with some clever concessions being made. We have so few WW2 FPS games on the console it sucks. I can only think of one and that is Hidden and Dangerous. So this would be a huge thing for the console if it was ported over.

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