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For the soundtrack of Return to Nangrim, we will do something unique in the history of video game soundtracks: we will record a song in the dwarven language Hilduìr together with YOU! This song will be included in the game's official soundtrack and presented as a video with all participants visible.

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We will record the dwarven song The Mountain Throne in Hilduìr, the dwarven language in Arafinn. To do so, we are putting together a virtual choir of community members. The result will be a video that audibly and visually presents the song with everyone involved in a collage. Your journey to the soundtrack starts here.

community choir visual

The song is divided into solo parts (verses) and parts sung by the whole choir (chorus). Anyone wishing to apply for a solo part can simply submit it (and name it appropriately) along with the rest of their track. There will be a separate upload folder for the solo part tracks. We will listen to all of the solo tracks and decide which will be used in the final song. The choral parts will all be included when complying with the submission rules.


Submission Rules

  • The submitted track must be voice isolated, so use headphones while recording your voice
  • The track should be exactly as long as the provided template
  • As mentioned, we want to put together a collage showing the members of the choir singing. So, if you want to be seen in the video, submit a video of you while recording, along with your track
  • The file format should be: WAV (16bit or 24bit and 48khz). If that’s not possible, MP3 or MP4 works fine as well; the file can be converted afterwards
  • The file should be named as follows:
    • Choir: surname_name_choir.wav
    • Solo: surname_name_solo.wav
    • Video: surname_name_video.mp4

Application closes July 1st, 2022

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