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I have made this track using skyrim menu music, game of thrones opening and my own vocals with a flute. It`s not a final one, but sounds good still.

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Btw, I`ve noticed so many mistakes while listining this over and over, so that track is only about a basic idea, I think.


That actually sounds good. Well done. Also I was rather impressed by seeing the other videos you have on that youtube channel. Caster's Keep looks awesome.

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XMercury Author

Thanks, friend! I`ve actually made the Craster`s keep location for JedJTL, but lost the contact with him. So he is the only one who has this file now, because I`ve lost mine.

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I'm at the point where I'm pretty confident that it would be fairly unlikely for me to lose my files. So if you ever need to store any files relating to Ice and Fire I could try to help you out with that. :D

If you need me for backing up your files (you really shouldn't :P but if you do I do have a rather nice freenas server with more than enough space for any files that related to Ice and Fire) I would be thinking of using BTS or SVN for file backups over the internet. But from what I heard BTS may have problems syncing across timezones. While it would be the easiest system for automatically backing up everything that is placed into that one folder it is best suited for backups on the same network or quickly sharing files with real life friends that live in the same city. While SVN is something that I have only ever used on the client side which I guess is enough since I'd just be copying the files that you indicate to my own storage solution.

Anyways your work so far has been awesome! Just try not to lose it XD

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