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Welcome everyone to the Development Blog #18 for Bear Force II. We’ve been quiet for a while but we’ve not stopped working! We have a lot to tell you so let’s get to it!

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Welcome everyone to the Development Blog #18 for Bear Force II. We’ve been quiet for a while but we’ve not stopped working! We have a lot to tell you so let’s get to it!

Release Date: 20 Jul 2018 15:00 +0100


  • Improved AI
  • Revamped shooting system
  • Fixed Imbalances on all factions
  • Long awaited fixes for the likes of Head Glitching and much more

AI Overhaul

The AI in Bear Force II has been very limited for a very long time now. Seeing as Bear Force II has mainly been played for just PvP the past few years, the AI were never our focus. But in light of the upcoming WIP Singleplayer version of the mod and the many requests for AI improvement we decided to do something about it. The result was more than we could have hoped for and more! Below you will be able to find a demo video of the early stage overhauled shooting AI, don’t worry, we have nerfed them a bit since then.

Revamped shooting system

There is no doubt the shooting in Bear Force II is unique. Over the course of Bear Force II and since the implementation of the game changing shooting system a few years ago, the new shooting system has seen many changes, additions and improvements.

The shooting system is going to get another small change in 0.94. The overall accuracy and spread while moving has been greatly reduced to allow for more movement and gameplay speed. It is something we have thoroughly tested in the 0.93 Open Beta and the changes seem to be popular. Thus, with a few tweaks since the Open Beta, the revamped shooting system will be in the 0.94 release. Below you will find a showcase of the revamped shooting.

Singleplayer news

While the development has been going slowly for the past few weeks due to exams and such. We are very happy about the amount of help has been offered during those weeks. After 0.94 is released we can go back to fully focus on the development of Singleplayer again. Keeping in mind the changes made in 0.94 go hand in hand with the development of Singleplayer.

Full Changelog

Here is the full changelog and all the changes that have been made since 0.92/0.93 Open Beta


  • AI overhauled
  • Accuracy and spread revamp
  • Fixed Head Glitching
  • Fixed melee speed for Old Republic and Sith Empire factions
  • Slight buff for Cycler Rifle and Stable Rifle
  • Padawan/Apprentice classes nerfed
  • Senate Commando pike ranged buff
  • More medic packs
  • Medic packs now work for all troops except force users
  • Grenades come in packs of 3
  • Nerfed Jump Shooting
  • Removed DC-15 Blaster Rifle from Clone Commando Class
  • Balanced Clone Commando SMG
  • Heavy troopers for GCW factions
  • Rocket launcher rebalanced for less damage but more blast radius
  • Slight SMG damage nerf since 0.93
  • Slight SMG and LMG spray factor nerf
  • Fixed unbalance in armour stats for CW factions
  • Slight Shield health nerf


  • Rebel Heavy trooper armour
  • Stable Rifle lag fix
  • New ship props
  • New building props (accessible)
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