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So what is this mod?

This is a partial conversion (hopefully eventually total) of Empire at war into the Battlestar Galactica universe. It follows a non-canon storyline where the Cylon plan to hack Colonial defences is foiled by the defection of Caprica Six, resulting in all-out conventional warfare as opposed to a sneak attack.

Why are there Star Wars units still?
As mentioned above, this mod is still partial. Until I get models for the rest of the units I cannot replace them all so I have just renamed and re-iconed those units. If you are wondering whether you have a properly installed version of the mod, just check the icons/descriptions. If that stormtrooper is labelled as a Cylon Centurion then the mod is working just fine.

Why are there Stargate/Halo ships in the mod?
The pirates and civilian armed ships of BSG are never shown on screen and therefore no models of them exist. I chose ships from visually similar universes to depict these.

When will you add a new patch?
I don't know, please stop asking. I'm one guy and the amount of free time I have to work on the mod changes each week. I also have other hobbies and a social life so sometimes it might be several weeks at a time before I even think of working on the mod. When I feel that I have a release good to go then I will announce it and shortly after release it. If I haven't announced anything then you will likely need to wait a bit.

I've installed the mod but it's not working properly, can you help?
Short answer, no.
I have uploaded a working version of the mod and many hundreds of people have downloaded and installed it without issue. If you have an issue with the mod then it stands to reason that the installation has gone wrong somewhere.
Therefore my advice (and this will always be my advice) is to redownload, reinstall and then try again. If this fails reinstall the whole game and install the mod again. If this fails, I don't know what's wrong and can't help you, sorry.

When will you add [ship name] to the mod?
I am working with modders from several other mods to incorporate the most popular and best canon and non-canon BSG ships to the mod. So hopefully the ship you wish me to add is on the list. Feel free to comment with your suggestion and I'll see what can be done. If you can find a compatible model for that ship that I can get converted then this would make things easier.

I saw [BSG mod for another pc game] which has [ship name] can you add it to the mod?
Yes. I can pass on the models to my fellow modders and ask them to port to model into Alamo format. Such a process can take time to do and I cannot expect Atarisulfur and Artes Thrawn to prioritise my requests over their own work, so there will probably be a delay between you making the request and the model being added to the mod. In the meantime please be patient and do not hassle any of us, we all have lives and limits on our free time.

When will you add new models to the mod?
As mentioned in the above comment, even once a model is made/converted it can still be sometime before it is actually implemented in the game. Once a model is advertised on the moddb page it should be no more than a week or two before it is incorporated into the mod, from there you will have to wait for the next release.

How do I download the mod?
Full instructions for the mod are included in the download, please follow them and you should have no issues. If you have a problem then I will need lots of details if I am going to try and help you.

Can we see more videos of the mod being played?
FastSoulSlayer, a Youtuber has been making a series of Let's Play videos detailing his playthrough of a Colonial GC. German fans can check out LPNoName There are various other videos on YouTube which show the mod at work.

I have some suggestions for the mod.
I'm all ears! Suggestions are always welcome (unless they are "add this unit to the mod" as how can I add a model unless one exists?) and you can either post them as a comment or message me directly.

I've found a bug.
Then let me know! I can't fix a problem I don't know exists. Give me as much detail as possible so I can try to fix it/respond appropriately. I can't fix problems if you're issue is a vague one like "the game crashed" or "this doesn't work" so tell me as much as you can, what you did, when where how why etc. If you do this then I can do some fault finding and maybe fix the problem. Please note though that any issues that crop up with the Pirate faction is due to them being unfinished. As I make clear in my file descriptions, the pirates are not playable at this stage and so I cannot be held accountable for any glitches or crashes caused by playing them in this state.

I really like this mod.
Great! I'm glad you like it, a lot of work has gone into it. If you like the models I've included then check out the Credits article to see where they came from and check out those mods and their creators. And of course leave a review! Your comment of praise will be swiftly buried as people write new comments but a review is visible forever :) And of course you can still write criticism, even if you really like it.


I was considering making several Battlestar Galactica, Aurora included ships once I get enough experience with Blender. Will be quite some time but if I ever get it done with high enough quality I will send it your way

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mighty_moose416 Author

If this happens, it would be freaking awesome :)

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the campaign does not work

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mighty_moose416 Author

Now see, you clearly haven't read this article. Read it and then you can comment again

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Hey man, first of all, love the mod! Just finished the Chapter 1 GC as the Colonials, very fun. I enjoyed ground combat way more than I expected, too - that shock trooper drop is awesome. I loved the Sleipnir - one hell of a support ship!

Secondly, I found a few glitches/bugs in the campaign (though very few, and I had no crashes - really good work). First of all, I fought 2-3 defensive fleet battles at Perses, and every time all my ships started the battle shooting the exact same bit of empty space. They even did this when enemy ships were nearby, but stopped when ordered to attack the cylons (mostly).

The other bugs I mentioned in my review; namely, some ships don't want to shoot at other ships that are easily within the firing arcs for their main guns. When ordered to they maneuver blindly and badly, generally away from the fighting. The Odins and Mercury & standard Jupiter Battlestars are the worst offenders; a basestar will be right in front of them (or broadside, in the case of the Jupiter), but if the angle isn't just right, or if they're too close, they won't fire, they just turn and turn until they get nuked into oblivion. The Arvaks did it too sometimes, and almost every class of large ship did it at least once. You might want to open up the firing angle for the big guns & mercury bow missiles a little more across the board, and also tweaking the way the ships are layered in space might make maneuvering a little easier - that way ships moving into position won't knock others out of position. Just my two cents.

Thanks for all your hard work, this is a delightful mod.

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