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This news feed is a summary of what "I" know so far about the progress of BSG at War. Keep in mind, due to the BSG ban of last year, most of the mods content was put on the afterburners and left to rot, now we are having to sort through the stuff we have and are getting ready to begin working.

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Ok, so here goes.

First, I know for a fact that we have models of almost all the FLEET ships AKA Civilian ships that accompanied Galactica and Pegasus. Second, Byron is pondering on the idea of using those ships as mobile stations that will represent your population limit, the more ships you lose, the lower your cap, reducing the number of larger warships and support ships you can produce.

Next, WE HAVE A INITIAL RELEASE READY, BUT.........(long pause to build suspense only to crush your initial hopes) we are not ready to release said release. Understand nerds of the internet, like all mods, releasing takes time, and time is something we have only had a little bit of. Both my mod and BSG at War only began work THIS WEEK!!! Do not and I REPEAT do not ASK ME IF WE ARE DONE. When we are ready to release, well, you wont be the first to know.........WE WILL! (At this point I am reviewing what I have typed and I feel like a true cynic)

We have our FORUM UP AND RUNNING, yes thats right, your eyes are not mistaking you, OUR FORUM IS UP AND RUNNING, and and and ITS FOR ALL BATTLESTAR MODS, not just ours. We also have a Facebook page and Group up and running. My page is Battlestar Pegasus, it was created 2 years ago and is fan based. the group is here so please feel free to join and submit ideas, BUT do not expect us to use all of them, WE ARE NOT GODS and therefore cannot make everything happen.

Thats all for now folks (yes I know, its not much, but you will just have to suck it up and live with it)

From the wonderful folks at BSG at War Modding, please have safe journey back to the mods Summary page:

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