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The Battlegroup42 team is back with another news update. Quite some time has passed since the release of version 1.7, but we haven't wasted that time doing nothing. Part of the team is working on a patch for 1.7 which will fix some bugs and balancing problems, and there's some new content too. The other part of the team has started working on an exciting new project of which we'll tell you more later.

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But first the patch: It contains a whole slew of new maps which didn't make it into 1.7. Details about those maps will follow in later news updates. Today we're showing you the new vehicles coming with 1.71. The first is the Russian tank hunter, ZiS-30, created by Kraetzer. The ZiS-30 was a 57mm ZiS-2 anti tank gun mounted on the T-20 armored tractor Komsomolets. The Soviets used this rather provisional workaround with quite some success during the first months after the German invasion. The 57mm cannon was very effective and was able to destroy any German tank of that time. In Battlegroup42 this tank hunter is available on some early Eastern Front maps.

The next new vehicle is a well-known old friend, the Universal Carrier. We have had a model of it in Battlegroup42 for a long time already, therefore there's no need to shine some light on its history. But we were able to replace this old model with a far better one, and there are two variants this time ! Additionally to the APC version armed with Bren LMG or Boys anti tank rifle there's an unarmed ambulance carrier now. Both variants of this beautiful vehicle were modelled and textured by Waxbutter.

Our Navy has also got reinforcements. Battlegroup-Fleet Commander Cabrio created a British Dido-class cruiser this time. The ships of this type were mostly used as escort against air attacks and therefore had a strong anti air armament. The 133mm multi purpose guns in 5 dual turrets could be used against aerial targets too. Those light cruisers played a crucial role in the battles in the Mediterranean Sea and Northern Africa, like the supplying of Malta, the landing operations in Sicily, Italy and France and as carrier escorts.

That's it for today. At the beginning of this news we told you about a new project, and more details about that will follow in later news. For now we're telling you only that much: We're on the lookout for talented modders of all categories who want to join and support our team - we're hardly able to do this project alone. If you want to know more please visit our forum at and apply for the "job".

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Excellent update and keep up the magnificent work :)

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