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Hello and welcome to the next Battlegroup42 news release this is the one you have all been waiting for - but your patience was worth it, we can promise you that. Yes, finally the release date for Battlegroup42 version 1.7 is set:

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Hello and welcome to the next Battlegroup42 news release this is the one you have all been waiting for - but your patience was worth it, we can promise you that. Yes, finally the release date for Battlegroup42 version 1.7 is set:

Wednesday October 20th at 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1

Without exaggerating we can tell you that the version we're releasing will be the biggest and best Battlegroup42 yet. For a more comfortable download the client has been split into 5 parts.

Although we were convinced that version 1.6 couldn't be topped regarding new content and quality, our modellers and mappers have proved otherwise: More than 30 new ships, vehicles, planes, weapons and cannons are in this version, along with over 20 new maps and many "under the hood" improvements including new sounds and effects; and a completely overhauled physics system for planes. All these changes and additions can be found in the changelog, as usual. Many of the new maps and models have already been previewed in earlier news but there are still some left which we want to show you in the next news. Let's start with the new member of our Tiger family: The Tiger E (late version) is a joint venture from Postman (model) , Wasper (skin) and SargeSurfat (winter skin) and replaces the early Tiger E on all maps from midst of 1944 on.

Of course you all know the Tiger from our previous versions, this heavy tank first appeared in 1942 and stuck terror in the opposing Allied forces who had very little that could match it. However this version depicted here is the last version of the tank produced and included many upgrades on those early versions as well as sharing many mechanical components with the Panther and King Tiger tanks to ease production stress. The late version was also around 1 tonne heavier and was fitted with a more powerful engine than the early versions (700hp vs 650hp) in addition to an extra MG34 on the cupola ring. Look forward to this fantastic, highly detailed and superbly textured model!

This also applies to our next model: The StuG III Ausf. B, made by Robur, originally comes from the legacy of BGF. This armoured assault gun was fitted with the 75mm StuK 37 L/24 gun and was a critical part of the German Blitzkrieg in its ability to provide ready support to the advancing columns of tanks and infantry. This new model now replaces the StuG III Ausf. D on all maps featuring German troops from May 1940 till midst of 1942.

Our modeller Nimrod surprised us with a completely new model for BG42: The Russian GAZ 11-73 which had been produced in the Soviet Union since 1940. It was a closed version of the GAZ 11-40 Phaeton car. These cars were developed after the experience in the war with Finland where it became clear that the Red Army lacked a car with all terrain capability. Therefore the GAZ 11-73 was equipped with a four-wheel drive and the resulting

GAZ 61-73 was not only used as a staff car but also as a reconnaissance vehicle and for towing light guns. It was replaced by the new GAZ 64/67 all terrain vehicle starting in midst of 1943. In BG42 there are three variants of this car: As staff car, civilian car and as stationary wreck.

Shortly before release of 1.7 Kraetzer (with help from Wasper and Koricus) finished a nice surprise too: The Russian T-20 armoured tractor Komsomolets, a superbly detailed and textured model which in the future will act as the Russian APC on our Eastern Front maps. The lightly armoured vehicle was produced for the Red Army in great numbers since 1936 and used intensively during the whole war. It was armed with a 7,62mm DT machine gun and could transport six fully equipped soldiers. It was mainly used as a towing vehicle for light cannons but also as troop and munitions transport, medical transport and reconnaissance vehicle.

The last vehicle we want to show you today easily tops everything ever created for the BF1942 engine regarding details and texture quality: The Panzerkampfwagen 38(t), modelled by Kraetzer and skinned by Wasper. It is a replacement for our old Panzer 38(t) which really leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Armed with a 37mm cannon and two 7,92mm machine guns this model represents the version E which could often be found in German tank divisions till early 1942 as well as in the arsenals of allied armies like Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. In addition to the tank itself Kraetzer and Wasper have also created another important version of this tank. The Munitionstraeger 38(t), otherwise known as the Munitionspanzer 38(t) (Sf) Ausf K/M (Sd. Kfz. 138) is an ammunition carrier based on the chassis of the Czech built Panzer 38(t) (Sd.Kfz. 140) Ausf M. These were built (or converted from existing damaged chassis) from January to May 1944 with 102 produced. Instead of the turret seen in the original tank, a canvas cover was placed on rails and underneath there was a platform and racks that enabled it to carry ammunition, mainly for the self propelled artillery units in the Wehrmacht (around 40 rounds of 150mm). In most cases the bow MG ZB vz.37 was left in place although in those converted from Grille self propelled artillery pieces these were not present. They were easily able to be converted to self propelled artillery pieces like the Grille from which some of the carriers were converted. These vehicles were mostly used in combat operations on the Eastern front.

That is it for this news update. Stay tuned for another one later in the week showing the remaining maps that are in version 1.7. We hope you are really looking forward to this release and we look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield after the release.

FreeFall89 - - 59 comments

Great looking models there! I've been interested in doing some of these WW2 tank models as well for some time now.And looking at these models makes me want to even more :D They look lowpoly but textured is such a way that they are just awesome and neat looking!

Now I was wondering if I could see a wire shot and maybe a texture sheet of one of the models just to see how you're people have done it. And for myself to study on where to save polygons and where not.

Keep up the good work what so ever!

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Saladofstones - - 261 comments

Are there going to be bot improvements as well?

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ytres - - 1,800 comments

Awesome!! Can't wait, I love this mod.

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RogerRamjet - - 1,564 comments

Huge improvements on the textures and models over the years guys... top work...

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platy - - 87 comments


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