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The Battlegroup42 team says hello and is back with another news which you have all been waiting for. Today we are releasing the latest patch for Battlegroup42, 1.61. It fixes some bugs in the full release of version 1.6 and incorporates the community feedback we have received since the release of 1.6. We even managed to include a small surprise !

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In addition to the maps shown in the previous update we have intentionally included a bug in this patch, not one that will annoy you but on the contrary, one that will give you a lot of fun. This time you can take "bug" literally - bug as in "beetle": in version 1.61 the Volkswagen Type 87 appears on Battlegroup42´s battlefields. Known as the "Käfer" (beetle in English) it wrote automotive history. The German Wehrmacht used this car during WWII with great success as staff and commando car as well as an ambulance and other tasks. The Käfer proved its worth in the deserts of Northern Africa as well as in Russia. Our model was made by Wyvern and primarily was meant for the abandoned German Front mod. The textures were made by Tha Godfather.

And now we wish you a lot of fun with this new version of Battlegroup42. There are some download links for you available (see end of this news). This time we will not give you a direct download link from our website at once - last time the traffic was so intense that the server nearly broke down and it cost a LOT of money. We want to avoid this problem this time - after all Battlegroup42 is not a commercial product.

Battlegroup42 1.61 Patch - 2nd of September 2009
Map fixes/changes:

- changed SdKfz 222 to Panzer II on 4005-kornwerderzand
- increased the height of the balloons on 4112-flying_tigers
- changed the Hatsuzuki on 4207-rabaul to Furutaka
- fixed Coop on 4209-bloody_ridge
- changed mobile Fletcher destroyer on 4211-safi_port to immobile version
- fixed the CP flag on 4307-tokyo_express
- fixed the T-34/85 spawner on 4401-battle_for_korsun
- fixed the M5A1 spawner on 4503-poison_inferno
- reversed the control points on 4406-merderet_bridge. Axis now have only their main base and need to capture the town
- removed the Nebelwerfer battery on 4406-merderet_bridge
- added suicide AT mine kits on Iwo Jima (Conquest mode only)
- new ingamemap and loadingscreen for 4504-uelzen

Mesh/Code fixes/changes:
- fixed the invulnerable gunner in Flak 38
- fixed the camera bug on MG position of the DUKW
- fixed the wrong ammo icon of the M26 Pershing
- increased speed of Yubari cruiser
- fixed the fire effect on Betty bomber
- fixed the StuG gunsight
- re-coded the "Schnellboot", increased speed, agility and hitpoints to better match the "Vosper"

New content:

- 4307-114_to_messina, made by zara5ustra,converted to BG42 by Sarge Surfat and Sarge31FR
- 4504-comacchio, made by zara5ustra,converted to BG42 by Sarge Surfat and Sarge31FR (new Coop made by Lotte)

- re-worked Africa and Winter skins for Flak 36 (made by Tha Godfather)
- re-worked textures for some vehicles (removed artefacts)- Furutaka heavy cruiser (made by Cabrio)
- VW Typ 87 (model by Wyvern, Skin by Tha Godfather)

- Japanese suicide AT mine (made by RuppDee)
- improved skin for No.4 (made by RuppDee)
- improved skin for MP.40 (made by RuppDee)
- improved model and skin for BAR (made by RuppDee)
- removed the Panzerschreck´s shield due to popular demand


Patch 1.61 Client

Patch 1.61 Server


Nice dudes gratz =P this is really fun.

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