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Here´s the news many of you have been waiting for: The release date for our latest version of Battlegroup42 is decided. If nothing goes wrong, 1.6 will be released on July 17th 2009. Until then some more final tests are being scheduled, giving us time to provide you with a further update about new content in the next release.

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This time we´ve picked out the Russian T-34 tank.There's nothing much to tell anymore about this war winning weapon - no serious WWII mod can afford to not include this tank which was built in more numbers than any other tank of all time with no less than 84.000 made. This of course applies to Battlegroup42 as well with the T-34 being standard issue from the first release of the mod. Until now both our models, the T-34/76 (with a 76mm cannon) and the T-34/85 (with a 85mm cannon) were based on the model of the original game.

Thanks to Koricus this has changed. The genius modeller who already provided us with highly detailed models in the past now replaced the complete T-34 family. Starting with version 1.6 you´ll have three different T-34's at your disposal. The T-34/76 model 1941 can be found on early Eastern Front maps and be recognized by the small, oval turret. It´s successor, the T-34/76 model 1943 with its hexagonal turret can be found on mid-war maps. The third new T-34, the T-34/85 can be found on maps starting in early 1944. There are of course summer skins as well as winter skins available for them.

We´d like to keep it short this time since we still have some surprises for you which we want to hold back for the release news. Some of you might ask themselves what comes next after Battlegroup42 1.6. Well, we will continue our work, and that´s for sure. We can tell you no more about that at this time. But we´re inviting everyone who wants to participate in the further development to join us. Just visit our forum at and introduce yourself !


looking really good cant wait your hard work keeps old games alive

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I will be prepared to press the download button the 17th! :D

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I haven't played this mod in so long. Can't wait to play this again.

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