Post news RSS Battle Tiers Invasion will be released on Desura in the next weeks

Battle Tiers Invasion is a fast paced 3D Shooter, focusing in intense action and balanced strategic game play. Based on a classic style, player vs many, were Player fight off with a powerful tank an overwhelming and seemingly never ending invasion.

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Are you looking for a fast paced and balanced gameplay experience? Then, this is your game!

If you want to relax and play only for a few minutes, with BTI you can have it.
If you have skills, then you’ll be challenged and if you don’t, strategy will pay off.

It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer or not, it doesn’t matter how old you are.
Everyone can enjoy this seeming simple game to its fullest.

For the most competitive players, the leaderboards in 6 different modes will keep you
entertained, and if that’s not enough, the 50 available challenges will test your abilities for plenty of time.

New images were added to the game page.

Also the new trailer promoting the final version of the game:

Stay tuned as the demo will be available some days before the game release.

Elementalist - - 732 comments

This looks like it could be some darn good fun! I like the style.

It also looks like you could have some fun with it if you added (as DLC or something maybe) a single player campaign mode with a fun campaign in the style of Naval Warfare (recent game that came out). If you did though I'd suggest going with just text dialogue to spare yourself the worry of voice overs.

Unfortunately not in the position to be buying games right now but this will be on my radar.

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timeSymmetry Author
timeSymmetry - - 948 comments

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll look into it. BTI has a simple story-line in text dialog only, but it keeps its main focus in the gameplay. But DLCs are also in consideration, for adding significant features, more challenges and developing further the story.

But if you are interested you can try out the demo when it’s released and I would be a happy if I could hear your thoughts about it.

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