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Continued modifications of battle gears and innate abilities

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Hero Battle Gear / Innate Ability Changes



- Soul Piercing Arrow effect duration increased from 3s to 5s. The affected target will be on Idle Injured animation when hit by this ability.


- Reversal of Fortune is now a 100% chance innate ability. Every time Tao is attacked by melee, he restores 5 health and deals 10 blunt damage to the attacker.

- Inner Strength is now Tao's battle gear. Exchange 25% stamina for 25% health (this is the exact battle gear of Lotus Blade Acolyte).


- Added Innate Ability - Rocket Explosions - 20% chance to reduce target's all animation speed by 13% (up to 50%), reduce fire and explosive resistances by 15% (up to 100%), and deals 7 fire damage per second. Each stack lasts 10s.

- Added extremely high resistances from fire, magic, and explosive attacks while Magic Negation battle gear is active.

- Nerfed Teppo's individual rocket damage from 10 to 7.



- Added Innate Ability - Poison Gas - whenever Shinja attacks, he releases a Poison Gas that deals 20 magic damage per second to every one under it. (It is the same Poison Gas in Grayback's Journey minus the exploding effect when hit by fire and explosive attacks due to suspected bug interaction with disabling abilities).


- Frenzied Spirit Warrior (from his battle gear Insidious Hex) is now magic immune.


- Changed the application of effect of Pleasure and Pain from On Hit (by anything) to On Hit by Melee due to a bugged interaction with Teppo's Rocket Explosion Innate Ability.

- Temporarily removed disabling orders to units affected by the innate ability due to bugs occurring where the duration lasts longer than intended.



- Added Innate Ability - Prisoner of Time - every time Issyl attacks a target, the target gets all animation speed reduced by 10% per hit (up to 100%). Each stack lasts 10s.


- Reduced the duration of slow on enemies in the target location of Koril's Teleport from 15s to 10s.


- Added Innate Ability - Stoneman Bash - 20% chance to summon stone man on targets surrounding Soban whenever he gets hit by a melee attack. Stone man deal 50 blunt damage to the target (the damage is not area of effect)


- Temporarily removed disabling orders to units affected by the innate ability Prisoner of Ice due to bugs occurring where the duration lasts longer than intended.

- Changed the application of effect of Prisoner of Ice from On Hit (by anything) to On Hit by Melee due to a bugged interaction with Teppo's Rocket Explosion Innate Ability.


- Increased the total damage of Zymeth Call Lightning Ability.

- Redistributed the damage values from explosive + magic to explosive, magic, fire, and piercing due to it being too strong against Tier 3 units (which are unfortunately the most commonly weak against explosive and magic damages).

- Increased area of effect of Lightning from 1 to 3.

- Added an 'intimidated' effect on targets hit by Zymeth's lightning; their damage are decreased by 50% for 10s.

- Heavy Rain battle gear is now a toggleable skill that calls rain and gives Zymeth double damage while the ability is active. His attacks while using this skill also burns buildings. Continually drains stamina while active.



- Modified Gaihla's battle gear Chant of Life. Restores allies health and stamina by 30%. Entangles nearby enemies and drains their health by 5% while transferring the same percentage to allies per second. Lasts 5s.

gaihla forest wrath


- Blinding boomerang now deals 50 blunt damage on target. Reduced chance of occurring from 50% to 20%.

The Shale Lord

- Added Innate Ability - Fist of Shale - 20% chance to deal 80 blunt damage to enemies around The Shale Lord.

tslord shale fist

Non Hero Changes


- Guardian is now the one with default battle gear upon training instead of Chakram Maiden. Adjusted their cost and training time accordingly.

- Chakram Maiden's Doppelganger now have the same stats as the original Chakram Maiden.

- Decreased Chakram Maiden Conjured Image's weaknesses from 700% to 300%.

- Increased Chakram Maiden's melee attack from 13.5 to 16 (affects Chakram Maiden Conjured Image).

- Reduced Samurai Seppuku's Yang acquisition from 80 to 40.

- Increased Samurai Seppuku's total damage to 200.

- Increased Dragon Monument Attack ability damage from 400 to 700 and redistributed the damage values between blunt, cutting, magic, etc.

- Powderkeg Cannoneer uses less stamina for Super keg battle gear when Fragmentation Kegs technique is learned.


- Replaced Enforcer's battle gear Call Reinforcement with Supply Arms. Acquires 6 charges to be used on an ally. The target ally will gain its specific battle gear from the Metal Shop. (ex. Swordman will acquire Glass Sword).

- Interchanged Enforcer's acquisition of battle gears. Hobnailed Boots is now acquirable from Thieves guild.

- Added a visual effect on the Swordsman and the target hit by Glass Sword.

- Glass Sword now deals 100 piercing and 50 cutting damage to heroes (because the latter cannot die from this skill).

- Increased Raider Caltrop battle gear damage to 160.

- Increased Cannoneer Mines battle gear damage to 260.


- Increased Diseased One's Rotting Pool innate ability damage from 30 to 50 per second.

- Increased Infested One's Eruption innate ability total damage to 160.

- Added a one time 50 magical damage to targets affected by Unclean One's Darkness innate ability.

- Increased Leaf Disciple's Melee Counterstrike innate ability damage to 20.

- Increased Staff Adept's weapon damage from 18.5 to 20.5.

- Increased Staff Adept's weapon damage area of effect from 2 to 2.5.

- Fixed non functional Blade Acolyte Blade Sharpen innate ability . Increased the number of affected attacks from 2 to 10.

- Increased Warlock Soul Chill battle gear damage from 100 to 150.

- Removed the area of effect on Master Warlock's Life Drain innate ability. Increased the damage from 10 to 40 magical damage.

- Removed the area of effect on Overseer's Dominate innate ability.

- Removed the area of effect on Reaper's Hell Scythe innate ability. Increased damage from 60 to 100 piercing damage.


- Removed the specific unit restriction on Dryad's Summon Wolf Totem ability. Any ally inside the range are now affected.

- Changed Digger's Tree Root innate ability damage from 70 magical damage to 50 blunt and 20 magical damage.

Techniques Adjustment

- Lessen the inheritance from Tier 1 to Tier 3 techniques, to just the preceding tier (example Tier 3 units now only inherit Tier 2 techniques) due to visual bugs.

- Changed the values of damage and health increasing techniques (the default is 30% to 50% (regardless of tier owning the technique))

  • Tier 1 unit techniques give 30% for health increasing techniques, and 50% damage for damage increasing techniques.
  • Tier 2 unit techniques give 40% for health increasing techniques, and 60% damage for damage increasing techniques.
  • Tier 3/4 unit techniques give 50% for health increasing techniques, and 70% damage for damage increasing techniques.
  • Some techniques that doesn't give health or damage increase may have been changed to have one or both these effects for balancing.
  • Refer to the new techniques effect here (it will be updated with more details later on).

Known bugs:

- Gaihla's entangle ability may last longer than it should (5 seconds).

- Utara and Yvaine innate abilities may last longer than it should (1.5 and 2 seconds).

- Guardian's Guard battle gear will heal 300 health instead of removing it from the Guardian if the player purchase all the health increasing techniques that affects the Guardian.

- Murderous Intent technique button appearing on units that are not affected by it when all techniques (including horse's) are purchased, and an Enforcer rides a horse. (The button is clickable but nothing happens, and will disappear once you deselect the unit that showed the button).

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