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Added Innate abilities to some heroes Increased range of the area of effect battle gears Inherited Techniques Horse summoning unit for all clans.

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Improved Battle Gears / Added Innate abilities to some heroes


  • Zen Arrow - Arah can now shoot enemies inside the line of sight of Zen Arrow.
    • Duration increased from 5 to 7 secs.
    • Arah has increased attack speed and range for the duration of the skill but with reduced damage
  • Added Innate Ability: Soul Piercing Arrow - 20% chance to deal 270 flat piercing damage to enemies and slows down their movement and attack speeds by 50% for 3 secs.


  • Increased stamina regeneration
  • Added Innate Ability: Horse Healing Herbs - 30% chance to heal all allied horses by 10% health and 5% stamina whenever he (or the horse he's riding) gets hit.


  • Song of Sorrow - Increased stamina cost, increased damage from 50 to 100.
  • Changed Utara's weakness from 50% piercing to 50% blunt.
  • Changed Utara's weapon damage from 30 to 120.
  • Added 1% health damage to Pleasure and Pain innate ability.


  • Intimidation Battle gear changed damage reduction value from 50% to 80%.


  • Insidious Hex - summons a spirit warrior with crazy attack speed and wields a fire weapon.
    • It deals puny magical damage and moves 50% slower than normal.
    • It burns down the building or the first unit it encounters when this battle gear is used.


  • Battle Gear removal ability has been added to his already annoying Bravado.
  • Added Press Gang (evasion from projectiles) innate ability of Serpent Swordsman


  • Teleport - added an illusion (doesn't move) and slows enemies at the target location by 50% for 15 secs.


  • Yvaine now uses Ungodly Power model.
  • Prisoner of Ice has been changed to be a 20% chance innate ability that applies the effects of prisoner of ice whenever she's hit (regardless if melee or missile).
    • Nerfed the duration to 2s and damage to 2% health
  • Yvaine Ungodly power - new battle gear, increase attack speed and damage by 300%. Lasts until she has stamina.

yvaine ungodly totem

The Shale Lord

  • Doubled health and his attacks are now area of effect.


  • Changed summon spirit wolf to 100% innate ability whenever he gets hit.
    • The spirit wolves are now controllable (like Serpent Spirit Warrior) but unable to be granted to other units (doesn't die when Wildeye dies and this cannot be fixed).
  • New battle gear call horse - Summons a wild horse at his position.
    • The horse run away once summoned so you need a standby peasant beside Wildeye.
    • Calls any available normal wolves from the Wolves den if Wildeye doesn't have any (limit 2).
    • Wildeye can grant this normal wolves to any unit that doesn't have a wolf partner yet.


  • Added a 50% chance innate ability to blind the target for 15s when hit by his boomerang.


  • Wolf Howl can now also call 1 normal wolf from the wolves den if there's any available.

Increased range of the following area of effect battle gears:

  • Otomo Battle Cry (changed damage value as well from 1.2 to 1.3)
  • Grayback Wolf Howl
  • Gaihla Chant of Life
  • Issyl Haste
  • Vetkin Bravado

Inherited Techniques

  • Tier 2 and 3/4 units now inherit the techniques of the training buildings they went through.
    • Example Spearman's Dragon's Strength and Dragon's Heart are now inherited by Dragon and Kabuki Warriors, Samurais, and Guardians.
  • This works on top of own techniques of the tier 2 and 3 units mentioned.
  • Some techniques have been improved for balancing.
  • Due to the tier 3 and 4 units becoming hero level in terms of damage (exception of yin/yang damage) and health, the health of all units and buildings are increased.
  • Some techniques have combined effects and units that are not shown by the tooltip, refer to the table below.

Non-hero unit Battle Gear changes

  • Serpent Witch, Dragon Chakram Maiden, Lotus Overseer, Wolf Digger now has default battle gears when trained. It cannot be removed by BG removal skills.
  • Changed Dragon Guardian BG to be area of effect.
    • Reduced stamina cost and requirement from 60 to 10.
    • Increased health cost from 100 to 200.
  • Added 20% damage to Wolf, Wildeye White Wolf, Berserker, and Werewolves for 15s when Wolf Pack Master uses Wolf Howl Battle Gear.
  • Nerfed Lotus Reaper's Hell Scythe Innate Ability's damage from 50% health to 100 piercing damage.
  • Wolf Digger now leaves the tree root on the location until someone steps on it (like Cannoneer mines) limit 30.

Increased damage of some skills

(due to health adjustments they became insignificant)

  • Battle gears and innate abilities of the Lotus "Ones", Death Sentry, Projectile Vomit, Rotting Eruption, etc.
  • Samurai Seppuku (Defeat suicide)
  • Lotus Watch tower Lightning
  • Zymeth Lightning Strike innate ability
  • Serpent Cannoneer Mines and Raider Caltrops

Horse summoning units

  • This may be a disappointment to players who loves to play around the politics of getting horses (but sorry I am frustrated by it since I always play 1 vs 3 vs 4 against AI, I can't afford to lose units just for getting horses. Another reason is Serpent and Dragon healers walk so damn slow, and they use stamina to heal so the AI behind their automatic healing doesn't make them run compared to Lotus Channeler making it ALMOST MANDATORY for them to ride a horse. (This is an attempt to balance the healing capabilities of Dragon and Serpent compared to Lotus [sorry Wolf]).
  • Dragon Garrin - Garrin is the same, increased his stamina regeneration.
  • Wolf Wildeye - Wildeye's Battle Gear has been changed to summon a wild horse while calling 2 normal wolves from Wolves den.
  • Serpent Raider - Bush fire now summons a wild horse (on top of its normal function to burn trees and rice)
  • Lotus Reaper - Summons a Shadow Steed (Trained Horse of Lotus) whenever he summons a Shambler. This can only be used when there's a corpse around the Reaper, and another horse can not be summoned while the Shambler of that particular Reaper is still alive (just send this Shambler to enemy base to get another horse).



  • Changed Dragon Kenji's weapon to fire, his attacks can start fire on buildings. His weapon has the stats of Dragon Warrior's Flaming Sword but changed the damage type to cutting (instead of fire) to retain his damage capabilities against units (also a buff to Dragon Warriors using this BG).
  • Changed Serpent Kenji's weapon to poison.
  • Restored Utara and Shinja's weapon to poison.
  • Reduced all unit's max weakness from 200% to 150%.
  • Changed Pack Master damage and health to be a little above Tier 2 level.
  • Changed Pack Master training requirement from Peasant to Brawler.
  • Decreased the difference in damage and health between tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 units (The gain is now less when you train a higher tier unit unless you buy the techniques, this is to keep the possibility of ending the game using a rush strategy).
  • Increased damage of Kabuki and Dragon Warriors' missile attack (as AI loves to put them in Watchtower this is the only work around).
  • Increased the minimum range of Samurai's, Dragon Warrior's, and Kabuki Warrior's missile attack (to lessen the chance of these units using their ranged weapons as soon as their target starts running).
  • Techniques that give the same effect to a tier 2 / 3 / 4 unit has increased in cost (max 6).

Very Important:

  • Increased the AI's count of units used in attacking and defending parties. If before you can leave your base undefended / defended by 6 - 10 units and still survive, this is no longer possible in this mod (specially if the AI have allies).
  • All units have more health than the vanilla Battle Realms,expect longer games if you're playing 1 vs 7 or 1 vs 3 vs 4 as your units will encounter more enemies if they are allied, and casualties will be inevitable. This will make you of course re-train units before assaulting another base, giving more time for AI to buy techniques and make them harder to deal with.
  • As you would notice, all clans have their hard hitting heroes. If left unchecked, even the AI can annihilate your army with them alone. Be observant and kill them ASAP.
    • Dragon Arah
    • Serpent Utara
    • Wolf Grayback, The Shale Lord, Longtooth
    • Lotus Zymeth, Yvaine, Koril

Bug fixes:

  • Removed unintentional change of Wildeye's summon to Grayback's Berserk Werewolf.
  • Fixed Chakram Maiden growling using voice of Demoness when healed.
  • Fixed Rite of Vigor technique affecting Mauler instead of Dryad.Here's the table of the new values for techniques using the new base hp and damage values.

Dropbox Link to New Techniques

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