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Higher Health for all units and buildings, protagonists of each clan have adjusted stats, WOTW units more viable.

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Made the battles longer by adding health to units and buildings.

  • Summoned units (including peasant) +20
  • Lotus Brothers +40
  • Units with 1 training (including Geisha, Fan Geisha, Druidess, Pack Master, and Channeler) +30
  • Units with 2 training +50
  • Units with 3/4 training (including Werewolf, Master Warlock, and Necromancer) +80
  • Ninja and Monk +50
  • Heroes and buildings +100 with some additional to these heroes
    • Grayback +500
    • Kenji 3 Serpent +300

Added Kenji 3 versions to Dragon and Serpent Keeps

- Losing Kazan and Budo

Added Yin/Yang damage increment to some heroes

  • Lotus
    • Zymeth 0.45
    • Koril 0.35
  • Dragon
    • Arah 0.35
    • Kenji 3 0.35
  • Serpent
    • Utara 0.3
    • Kenji 3 Serpent 0.2
    • Shinja 0.2
  • Wolf
    • Grayback 0.2
    • Longtooth 0.2
    • The Shale Lord 0.3

Health regeneration

  • The following heroes can now recover to full health: Zymeth, Koril, Arah, Kenji 3, Utara, Kenji 3 Serpent
  • The units that previously have the ability to recover to full health (Wolf units and heroes, Serpent Crossbowman, Lotus Warlock, and Issyl) gets a + 0.25 health regeneration adjustment.
  • The Shale Lord getting +0.5 and Grayback getting +2.

Stamina regeneration

  • Changed stamina regeneration of Kenji 3 from 2.5 to 3

New Rice, Water, and Yin/Yang requirements for some heroes

  • Kenji 3 600 rice 300 water 3 Yang
  • Arah 350 rice 200 water (no change in Yang)
  • Grayback 500 rice 300 water, 3 Yang
  • Kenji 3 Serpent 600 rice 300 water 3 Yin
  • Koril 350 rice 3500 water, (no change in Yin)

Changed Respawn time to 90s for these heroes

- Kenji 3, Kenji 3 Serpent, Grayback, and Zymeth

WOTW Units

- To make WOTW units more relevant, the health of male units had been boosted to be a little higher with tier 3 units (Samurais, Ronins, Warlock, and Berserkers)
and the health of female units a little higher than tier 2 units (Dragon Warriors, Kabuki Warriors, etc.)
Their resistances however remains the same, so they are still squishier than the tier 2/3 units

Male units

  • +200 Health
  • Rice and Water requirements both changed from 30 to 60
  • Changed damage from 17 to 20
  • Changed requirement from Peasant to the following:
    • Dragon Dragon Warrior
    • Serpent Bandit
    • Lotus Unclean One
    • Wolf Pitch Slinger

Female units

  • +130 Health
  • Rice and Water requirements both changed from 30 to 60 (except for Serpent Witch)

Serpent Witch

  • Rice requirement changed from 30 to 120, water from 30 to 90
  • Training time from 30 to 100
  • Demon's Heart becomes default battle gear, already obtained after training Fan Geisha in Assassin's Den. (Still removable by Serpent Swordsman Mugging or Training in Thieve's guild, and still acquirable from Metal Shop)
  • Demon's Heart no longer disappears when reverted from Demoness
  • Changed Demon's Heart Battle Gear Minimum stamina required from 0 to 30
  • Demoness Default Battle Gear Witch Demon Transformed, increase stamina drain rate from 3 to 5, changed health drain rate from 0 to 15
  • Added Innate Ability
    • Demoness Released - A half health Demoness with 6% Health depleting per second (until it dies) will appear when the Witch dies. It has a battle gear that can be used on an ally Fan Geisha that converts the Fan Geisha to a Witch with a Demon's Heart Battle Gear (the dying half health Demoness and the Fan Geisha dies in the process to produce a Witch).
    • The range is very low and will not be usable if there's no ally Fan Geisha around.
  • Changed Witch melee attack from magical to fire (no visible damage change)
  • Changed stamina regeneration from 2.5 to 3

Witch Demon and Witch Demon 2 (Witch Demon 2 affects campaign so don't play it with this mod)

  • Reduced Witch Demon 2's health from 250 to 215
  • Health and stamina regeneration to 0
  • Cannot be healed is true
  • Floater is true
  • Not affected by ascend and descend hill speeds
  • Max attacking (Melee units) changed from 4 to 5
  • Weapon changed to Vampiric, 1.5% Health Vampire, 6 stamina damage to target, 0.15% Stamina Vampire per hit

Ability Adjustments

Wolf Werewolf

  • Wolf Werewolf's Wolf Bite becomes default battle gear (still removable with Serpent Swordsman's Mugging, and still acquirable from Druidess' Blessing)
  • Wolf Bite battle gear, changed stamina requirement and cost from 60 to 80
    • Changed piercing damage from 80 to 100
    • Heals the user with 100 (not percent) health

Serpent Musketeer

  • Sniper Scope can now move, stamina depleted by 3 while using
  • Changed Sniper Scope minimum stamina requirement from 0 to 20

Watchtower count limit increased by 1, can be unlocked by

  • Dragon Monument
  • Serpent Necromancer's Throne
  • Wolf Cairn
  • Lotus Warlock's Tower


  • Changed Yin/Yang maximum from 10 to 20 (unable to test this, tool tip still shows 10)
  • Horse Re-spawn rate from 60 to 15


  • Changed Zymeth's model to the No Corruption one, ONLY the model is changed, this is still the normal Zymeth aside from the changes mentioned above (still thinking if to do the same with Dragon Kenji)
  • Restored Master Warlock's innate ability to recover to full health and with reduced stamina regeneration (2.5 to 2)
  • Shinja, Utara, and Gaihla's weapons have been changed to non-poisoned, added +5 damage to their weapons. (Due to bug of these 3 doing little damage)
  • Corrected Yvaine's Keep's tooltip description
  • Corrected Damage Type of Wildeye's weapon from cutting to blunt
  • Restored Visual FX on some Battle Gears
    • Witch Demon's Heart
    • Otomo's Battle Cry
    • Master Warlock's Soul Thresher
    • Lotus Brother's Dark Powers
  • Changed Wolf Werewolf's Wolf Bite Battle Gear Visual FX, blood and flesh splutters from the target, and the sparkling white particles now appear from the Werewolf and not the target.

Note: This mod does not fix the pertinent bugs and exploits due to limited knowledge and tools of the modder.

Disclaimer: This mod is only good against AI and never and will never be tested against other players. Play this mod at your own risk, The modder own no responsibility for ruined save games and the game itself.
Despite the changes in abilities and other aspects of the game, their tooltips cannot be updated due to limited tools available to the modder.

How to install:
Go to your Battle Realms folder and copy the Battle Realms.dat to another folder to make a backup of it.
Download the file and extract it, copy the Battle Realms.dat file to your Battle Realms folder and replace the original .dat file. REMEMBER TO MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE DOING THIS.


If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please let me know.
Here are the things I wanted to do but unable to due to limited knowledge and tools. If you can share your knowledge that would be a great help.

1. AI uses Kenji, Necromancer, Demoness, etc.
2. Replicate the Upgrade button at the bottom of the screen when you select your Townsquare building (not using techniques upgrade buttons)
3. Use Yvaine's Ungodly Power model on the normal Yvaine unit. I tried to do this but her battle gear doesn't consume mana and doesn't work at all.
4. Add Enum values? Add textures? I don't have talent at making textures or drawings but if someone can do this and/or have knowledge how to add Enum values in the game, that would open up for a lot of modding ideas.

Special thanks to the creator of Battle Realms and SITUVN for his editor.

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