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In this Battle for Dune update we are showing off more weapons for House Harkonnen, The 'Brain Needle' Designated Marksman Rifle, Automatic Shotgun, Repair Kit and more!

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House Harkonnen Weapons Update #2

'Brain Needle' Designated Marksman Rifle

The Brain Needle is the long ranged weapon of choice for the Designated Marksmen of Giedi Prime. With a good rate of fire, bullet velocity and effective distance, you'll be able to pick off any Atreides that have the misfortune of entering your scope!

Harkonnen 'Brain Needle' Designated Marksman Rifle

Automatic Shotgun

The Harkonnen Automatic Shotgun does exactly what the name states. This fast firing Shotgun has a fairly wide spray increase per shot, but will imbed a high number of hot pellets into anything you point it at, perfect for close encounters and internal Structure attacks!

Harkonnen Automatic Shotgun

Devices & Gadgets

Alongside House Harkonnen's many powerful weapons, it also has a number of Devices and Gadgets at its army's disposal.

Here we have the Binoculars commonly used by Scouts to look out on the open bled of Arrakis and spot any incoming threats or even Wormsign.
We also have the Repair Kit which is carried by House Harkonnen's Technicians and skilled, grizzled Engineers, best used at Main Frames (Structural Weak Point).
Then finally we have another piece of equipment for the Engineer, the Timed Sabotage Charge. When placed on a Structure's Main Frame, this nasty explosive will start damaging the Structure over time for 30 seconds, before blowing up, dealing even more damage!

Harkonnen Binoculars, Timed Sabotage Charge and Repair Kit

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