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Do you want to have first dibs on playing the C&C5RS; maps? Do you want to be the first to play C&C5RS; Online? Do you want to have first first dibs on the Official C&C5RS; MOD Leaderboards? If "YES", "F###ing Hell YES" or "Gimmi, gimmi, gimmi" is the answer to any of these questions, then you want to read this...

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We at the C&C5RS; MOD Group are making good progress, but of couse not enough for an official release. So, we need some BETA testers to test what we come out with. If you are a programmer then you can even chip-in. We have had a few accidents over the time, so progress has stalled (slightly). Kh@lil blew his PC up, so he can't help test any maps for a few weeks. As for graphics, again, Kh@lil was the C&C5RS; graphics moderator. So I am picking up on that for now, along with Media & Maps.

Progress made so far...

The progress may have stalled for now, but that's not to say we have slowed down. Here is an idea on what we have so far:
>>TGA files, Cliff/Concrete/Grass/Metal/Mineral/Snow/Stone/Wall
>>TGA files from the Tiberium Essence MOD
>>Kodiak from C&C4; (Fully complete, pending intergration)
>>Music pallates, currently work in progress
>>HUD, Some artwork has been done on this however intergration is facing problems
>>Loading screens, I am working on this right now
>>String file, the file 'mod.STR' is in progress


C&C3TW; (and TE1.6 MOD, as we tend to use that more often than normal C&C3;)
C&C3KW; (For concept maps and compatiblity of game play)
C&C3; Map editors

Crew availible...

I am working with a skeleton crew at the momment, I am currently doing: Media moderation, Map editing (SP & MP), Resource gathering, Texture editing & moderation, XML writing and publication/promotion. I need more people if I am going to get this out this year. I admit, I overestimated how much I would need to do to get the MOD to work. But, I never give up, I never surrender. Even though my tools have FAILED me many times, I am still going for it. I can read code, so all I need is the correct codecs and decription tools. I use Notepad++ to increase productivity and I use OSBig to read the code of .BIG files so I can teach myself how to get the code correct. YES, I admit that I have read the codes of other MODs so I can learn how to program my MOD propperly. I have not plagerised anyone intentionally and I make sure to keep note of all credits I have to give. Some of the top credits go to the Tiberian Essence creators and Sedistdix.


Tiberian Essence MOD
>>I have read the code in order to get my 'mod.STR' correct (I HAVE NOT COPIED ANY OF THEIR CODE)
>>Carnius has allowed for the use of his TGA's for compatibility
>>I will use the Tiberian crystal modles that they have published for public use (Temporary)
Sedistix colourations MOD
>>I have contacted him, and I will use his MOD as a template for my MOD
>>I will use his colour pallate in my MOD, while adding a few of my own custom colours also
Google images
>>Most of my TGA files have been sourced dirrectly from here
>>Even though I may choose not to use his modles I will still credit him for incase I do


Beta* I'd be interested in testing since I work on Tiberium mods myself.

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hi i would like to have a beta tester since I'm a big fan

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You will need a valid MODdb account in order to join the Beta team.

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