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story about the most mad and bravest pirates squad, who have the task to capture secret box of the sultan Ashkhar.

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Bastards from Jamal.

(Translated by Google)

"Did you understand everything?" - Jack once again asked his question.
- Well, yes, - heard the answer from a bunch of thugs, - In general .... All in a joke, the boss.
- That is, we just have to shave the box and give a dope? - Asked the Castrator, - Well ... and of course, to kick Ashkhara.
"Take the box and dump it," Berserk said. "But I do not know what the hell it is for."
- So! - Almost in anger roared Jack Romilton, - I explain to you morons once again! Without laughs, please! In the end, this is a
serious operation! Serious, your great-great-grandmother! And you are breeding a farce here!
"And what's in the casket?" - again there were questions, - And why it can not be opened?
- Because I said so! - roared Romilton, - Because, I'm the Grand Admiral of this ing squadron of pirate sons whores!
Jack cleared his throat slightly, then lowered his voice. He became more and more even and calm.
"Sorry," grunted Grand Admiral of the pirates. "I understand that you do not like this shnyaga." But for it, one dude will reward
us for the most unheard of. I can not tell you yet who it is. I'll just say it's a very, very tough type. A type with power, which
even us can trample in the . If we do not give him this casket, he will solve all of us with one blow. But if we carry out the
operation successfully, we will become so cool that whole kingdoms will be able to go crazy.
- In terms of? In the sense of poreshit? - Exclaimed Axewoman in amazement.
This pirate was considered the most daring in the order of the Bezbashennykh Nakhalov from Jamal. She never obeyed orders without
reservation. At one time for this she even lost one ear. Life subjected her to severe tests.
"In that sense," Jack said, adjusting the blue cocked hat on his head. "In the sense that this guy is a sorcerer."
- You Th in the nature of mushrooms ate? "Berserk asked fiercely." Do you have witches? " We are pirates, free people! We will not
be rubbing the backside of some sort of libel! And even more so they bring something!
"Yes, you understand, after all," said Romilton. "He promised such riches!" Do you understand? Dozens of giant chests with gems! I
saw them myself. Here with this eye! This is my poor little eye!
Jack showed himself a metallic hand to his only healthy eye. The second one was burned out in his time when he served as a slave
to the eastern emirs. Glory to the gods that these times have long passed. The pirate still remembered his slave owners and wished
them death, but now the task was completely different. The task is more complex and important than the accomplishment of revenge.
"If we get him a box," Jack continued, "this guy will reward us very well." All of us. You and me. But there is one more condition.
None of the other whore children - not a word about it! To anybody!
"You know that we are with you to the very end," Axewoman's answer was heard. "We are all outcast rogue here, former slaves,
warriors, harlots and people betrayed by those who served before. We swore allegiance to each other for a long time. Yes, we will
fulfill this request. And we will receive gifts. And naturally we will remain silent like fish. But only swear to us, Jack. Swear
to all of us. That you will never deal with sorcerers after this! Give an oath.
"Swear an oath," the voices of the other members of the group were heard. "Swear to all." Swear now.
"I swear by everything I've created," said Romilton, whose voice almost turned into a whisper. "By the Gods and my soul." Never.
But now we need to do it, guys! We are about to reach the shores of Artavan. It was there that Ashkhar Shahnuzrad, the sultan of
Dalgapura, in the mighty port fortress, and keeps our precious casket. As soon as we begin the landing and take the harbor, your
squad will go to storm the palace of Ashkhar. When you enter the palace, you will find the box immediately. She is in the personal
cabinet of the ruler of the east. The sorcerer's spy has already found out that Ashkhar keeps it in a cache, the passage of which
lies through the statue of his father. You will find it quickly, it is made of gold. Pure gold. I hope the Werewolf will not fail.
"No," came a furious, growling voice.
He came from a brutal pirate, from head to toe, covered with tattoos. It was a severe northern warrior, just like Berserker. Only
one thing distinguished him from everyone. Werewolf - was not his nickname. It was his curse.
"I'm already ready to tear them apart," growled the stern-looking pirate. "Okay." We'll get the box and kill Ashkhar. And then
we'll come back to you. But only you have to know ... If you swore an oath, you will not take it back!

When the soldiers from the order of the Bezbashennykh Nahal left the admiral's cabin, Jack Romilton sighed heavily. He took off the
cocked hat and put it on the table, which was completely covered with geographic maps and other papers. The Grand Admiral of all
pirates of the Ocean of Storms threw off his blue military coat. He remained in one white shirt and dark trousers. The pirate
silently approached the luxurious armchair and immediately plopped down on it. He felt a sharp fatigue inside him. Such a feeling
he had When he and his fleet survived the strongest storm near Cape Rollon. But now the sea was relatively calm.
"Very well, very well," a strange otherworldly voice suddenly heard from somewhere in front.
Jack immediately shuddered, then shook his head. Before his eyes there was an image of a rather gloomy and dark character.
He was literally shackled in dark mail from head to foot. Over his armor, he wore a red tunic with an image of an unknown symbol
resembling a blob spreading over the paper. The alien's face was closed on all sides with pieces of cloth, and Romilton did not see
it. But the voice of the creature was so powerful that it would seem that he climbed into the very soul of the pirate.
"All right," growled the creature once more.
Romilton did not see the face of the magician, but knew that now he was looking at him. Jack jumped up from his chair in an
instant, and then dropped to his knees before the unknown sorcerer came from.
"I did everything, master," Romilton said submissively. "My best guys will grab the box tomorrow and bring it here.
"Perfectly," the sorcerer replied. "Tomorrow we'll find out who they really are." True warriors or cowards.
"They can not be cowards," Jack said in a trembling voice. "They're the best of my boys."
"Are you the best?" - asked the villain, - The truth is not who they are, but who you are. Are you faithful to serve me?
"With all my heart, sir," came the reply, "with all my heart." Have I not proved enough?
"No," said the monster, "not yet enough." I'll have another assignment for you, Jack. All who will get a casket for you must die.
After they bring it to you, you will kill them.
- What? "Romilton exclaimed in horror, raising his head upwards." I can not ... They ... they are my friends. " We have been
together since the time of my slavery. We've been through a lot with them!
"And yet you will kill them," growled the magician. "As soon as they bring you the casket and the head of Ashkhar Shahnuzrad, I
will block them out of your cabin." You'll kill them right here! If you do not do this, I will destroy your entire fleet, and I'll
send you back to the emirs. They longed to get the most powerful of the pirates of the Ocean Storm! Believe me, my powers are great
enough. But if you carry out my orders to the full, I will let you take control not only over this Ocean. I will make you the God
of the seas. Follow the order, and you will command all the seas!
Having said these words, the monster simply dissolved into the air. He just disappeared without leaving even a couple behind him.
- Selim! - heard the loud order of the Sultan.
The commander Ithilbekich obeyed and tinkled with heavy armor, approached his master for another half-meter. At the same time, he
bowed low to the master, and remained standing with a face full of reverence and, at the same time, some fear.
"Murza Selim," Ashkharh Shahnuzrad repeated. "Everything I tell you now must remain our secret." You must not talk about this at
all. This is the order of your sultan.
"Yes, moon-faced," replied Selim Ithilbekich, "not a word."
"Then come with me," the sultan said. "And I'll show you ... My heritage."
Ashkhar Shahnuzrad turned and headed towards the huge round table, which was in the center of his large cabinet.
"And a curse," Ashkhar added as he walked.
Selim Ithilbekich immediately followed his master. His gait was extremely insecure. He always felt strange in the presence of the
Sultan. In the depths of his soul, Selim was even afraid of him. About him there were many different rumors that swept through all
the court families. It was rumored that Ashkharh was not an ordinary person, and that since childhood he had learned from
mysterious dervishes that they knew a lot about magic and witchcraft. In the presence of the Sultan, many people felt within
themselves a strange feeling that they could not describe in any way. It was like a mixture of fear and trembling, which darkened
Sultan Ashkharh slightly adjusted his red turban before opening a great secret to his commander. Then Shahnuzrad slowly walked to
a small opening in the wall of the cabinet, in the center of which was a rather refined golden statue of his father, once powerful
from the sultans of the east. He quietly pressed against it, and then, as if in a magical way, the plates immediately began to move
apart. Selim was dumbfounded by the fact that the Sultan entrusted him with one of the greatest secrets. Usually only the most
trusted members of the family knew about this. Even the Great Vizier probably does not know about the hiding place in Ashkhar's
office. And Selim was not even a distant relative of Ashkhar Shahnuzrad.
A few seconds passed, and the plates completely disappeared, cutting through the road in the unknown. For the space of the opening,
Selim saw a large square entrance that led undoubtedly into some secret room.
"Not a word to anyone," Ashkharh said, without turning around. - Follow me.
Sultan went straight to the territory of his hiding place, and soon disappeared there. Selim Ithilbekich cleared his throat, then
accelerated his pace, followed the lord inside.
Entering through Secret passage, Murza Selim found himself in a strange oval room, in which he saw nothing of value. The walls of
the room were absolutely bare. On the floor did not even lie an elegant carpet, which was so famous for the Sultan's palace. The
room was almost empty, except for just one small detail. In the center of the room was a small table, on which lay a small silver
box, covered with some unknown symbols.
"Listen to me," the sultan said, turning to the commander's face. "This is my biggest curse." You would know how much I want to get
rid of him! But at the same time ... this box is something of value to me.
Selim looked at the square object in the center of the table, and suddenly felt a strange cold, which arose somewhere in the depths
of his soul. And then came this unknown and strange whisper, which came from somewhere from afar. Ithilbekich felt in this subject
an unknown magic. He knew that the box holds something extremely dangerous, and perhaps this thing is clearly not from the light
sent. Ithilbekich nervously patted his beard, and then lowered his head down. He did not want to look at the box at all.
"Here is the Stone of Power," Ashkhar said. "We found it during the campaign against the Gehry tribes." Local leaders considered
him to be their talisman. I took this rubbish myself ... Why did I do it, damn me ?! Because of this, I now can not afford a calm
and peaceful life ... But I do not want anyone to get it. Listen to me, Selim ... Listen carefully. I am already quite old ... My
days are numbered. But I want you and you to take this rubbish and, after my death, threw it into the sea. Let it drown once and
for all. Do it .... I do not want it for my children or any relatives. Give me an oath. And also promise that you will never look
at it.
Selim was stunned by this turn of events. He imagined anything, but not this. He also did not understand why the Sultan had chosen
this kind of mystery as his keeper.
"But why me, master?" - Selim asked, despite the fear of the master, - Why did you choose me?
"I'm not an ordinary person," Shahnuzrad answered. "I've studied many ordinances, and I know a lot." I can read people by their
eyes. You can be trusted, Selim. And I see it. If I die, you will come here, take the box and throw it away. And you will never
look at what's inside it. Swear to me.
- I do not....
"Swear it."
"But, my lord ...."
The Sultan's voice was at least quiet, but Selim clearly heard a note of anger in him. Refuse the offer of the gentleman in this
country was impossible from time immemorial. If Ashkhar chose him, then this was the fate of Selim Ithilbekich.
The commander obeyed the will of the master. He collapsed to his knees, looked at Ashkhara and laid his hand on his heart.
"By all the gods," said Selim, and then lowered his head.
Sultan Ashkhar silently nodded his head. And then he turned to the side of the box.
His face gave off with some sorrow. This phenomenon Selim clearly noted in the eyes of the ruler. The harsh gentleman of the east
was somewhat saddened. Joy had long since left his soul.
"Very well," Shahnuzrad said in a sad tone, without looking back at Selim. "Okay .... Now I'm calm." You can get up.
Soon the Sultan and the military leader left the hiding place, and at the same time the territory of the cabinet. Ashkhar and Selim
walked slowly to the throne room.
Shakhnuzrad no longer talked about the mysterious casket, from which he wore strange magic. He told Selim about his sons. He said
how proud he is that they have him. Sometimes Shahnuzrad even asked advice from Selim Ithilbekich.
They strolled along the majestic gallery with incredibly beautiful columns. These galleries connected a lot of buildings of the
entire etgo of the gigantic palace complex that the ancestors of Ashkhar had built in the distant past. The palace was truly
magnificent. His greatness was admired by all the rulers of the world, including the vassals of Ashkhar. Many wished to visit the
port city of Artavan, the capital of the Dalgapur Empire, only for the sake of seeing this power embodied in the great palace
complex of the Sultan.
"This palace was built by my grandfather Suleiman," said Ashkhar, whose mood has improved noticeably. "It was built by thousands of
slaves, whom we mined during the western raids. Now those times have long passed.
"The palace can not compare in its splendor to any other structures," Selim said. "Your power is envied by everyone."
"A real miracle of the world," agreed the sultan, "but at what price it was created." During the construction thousands of slaves
were killed. They worked day and night almost without interruption. If one of them was dying, then they immediately put a new one
in his place. And this went on for a long ten years. Ten years of human blood. On the one hand, the palace is truly a miracle, but
on the other .... thousands of dead people. Suleiman drove to its construction of all - and men and women and children. Thousands
of dead ... Thousands.
"But these are just slaves," Selim said. "Slaves ... They're just insignificant." Your grandfather did the right thing, that he did
not spare them. Thanks to this decision, this palace was created much faster than planned. Usually such a construction is erected
at least twenty five years, or even more.
"Ah ... Selim," Askhar said grimly. "You're still young." And hot. And you do not realize much. But I'm not like that. I'm already
old, and I know what it's like to kill people. I destroyed in my time many rivals, many executed and killed. I killed men and even
women. But what brought me this? Only mental anguish. As you can see, now I completely changed my principles. You can not imagine
how terrible it is to deprive someone of life. Even one slave ... One small slave. How terrible it is ... And it's even more
frightening to realize how much pain you brought to the loved one killed by you. How unbearably painful it is ...... And then ...
and then they all dream of you in dreams ... they come at night and look at you. All people who have been killed by you. You will
understand this when you reach my age. You will understand. My grandfather understood this when he was dying. Suleiman asked the
gods of forgiveness on his deathbed. He remembered everyone he had killed in his day. He sobbed so loudly that his moaning was
heard throughout the palace.
Ithilbekich did not reply to this. He simply did not know what his answer to the master should be. Ithilbekich was categorically
disagree with the Sultan's point of view, but he simply did not dare object to him.
Suddenly, the commander and his master heard a rather lingering female voice.
- Lord! - shouted from somewhere from afar, - Lord!
Ashkhar immediately turned back. Two young men fled to him at full speed. They rushed as if an ice dragon were chasing them.
- Farida! - recognizing his granddaughter, said the sultan.
In addition to a young and slender girl in white robes, Ashkharu was accompanied by a rather tall young man in a blue uniform with
gold buttons. On his head a red hat with a hanging down, a tassel, gaped. It was one of the sons of Shahnuzrad named Jahangir.
"Jahangir!" Farida! - Ashkhar said sternly. - What happened?
Selim threw a surprisingly gentle look toward Farida. She was really beautiful. Her dark hair drove the minds of many of the
warlords of the Empire. Dark hair and dazzling blue eyes. Selim did not know whether he noticed Ashkhar, but at the sight of this
girl he forgot about much. He was long and hopelessly in love with the granddaughter of the Sultan. This feeling haunted him
- What happened? - Once again asked the question Shahnuzrad.
Farida and Jahangir's eyes were extremely worried. These two could hardly breathe from the tension.
"Father," Jahangir said at last, slightly adjusting his red hat. "They attacked the harbor."
"Attacked?" - Askhar asked with wild wonder, - But who dared?
"Pirates," the prince answered, with his head slightly lowered, "Jack Romilton." And his huge armada.
"Jack?" Selim exclaimed fiercely, barely exposing the blade. "This is my father's former slave." He almost killed him when he
escaped. If this scoundrel here, I personally cut his head!
- Stop! - raised his hand upward Ashkhar, - Not so fast. How many ships?
"We counted about forty," Jahangir reported. "A huge flotilla." We have not experienced such a raid yet. I do not know where Jack
got this army, but he's coming at us.
For a moment Sultan Shahnuzrad remembered that square and mysterious casket that was in his cache. For one second it seemed to him
that the reason for the appearance of pirates was precisely this damned thing. But then the sultan forced himself to drop these
thoughts. No, the pirates could not come here behind the box. They have no idea about it.
- Defend the harbor and do not let them! - commanded Shahnuzrad, gathered with forces, - Jahangir, follow the troops. Prepare for a
fierce battle. Selim and I will be there soon. And you, Farida, follow the main dungeon. Stay there and stay out!
"As you say, my lord," the girl answered in a gentle voice.
The fireball, released from a giant ship's catapult, landed directly in the majestic statue of Suleiman, the former ruler of these
lands. The huge monument just crumbled. All the creation of the great architects has turned into a bunch of burning debris.
The second shell detonated the powder depot, directly opposite the garrison barracks of the city. The explosion was so powerful
that a whole complex of buildings flew into the air.
At that moment, hundreds of warriors of the Empire perished in a terrible death. Thousands of them were mortally wounded.
By order of Romilton, the ship's guns had to clear the way for landing. A huge pirate army should not have experienced
difficulties landing. Not only catapults went to battle, but also more powerful weapons. One of the frigates even possessed long-
range mortars, which were considered a product of high technology. These mortars Romilton bought on the black market. On them, he
spent an enormous amount of gold, but it was worth it.
Gunpowder guns earned at full capacity. The shells released from mortars immediately found their targets. Several of them
completely destroyed the ships of the Dalgpur Empire that remained in the port. Hundreds of sailors immediately went to the bottom.
The rest of the shells fell upon the great city itself. One of the cores hit the market square, instantly destroying dozens of
trading rows along with their owners. Other fire cores destroyed the city bank to the ground, and at the same time they destroyed
the great temple of the Devas, in which priests of the ancient gods had practiced their rituals from time immemorial. The
explosions were so powerful that a furious roar from them was heard throughout the city.
Romilton stood on the bridge of his ship, and with admiration, face, looked at the burning city in the distance. This was the
bulwark of his former slaveholders. Jack remembered those years of his life when he was not yet a pirate. As a child he was the son
of a simple merchant, but the sea always called him. At the age of sixteen, he hired a cabin boy on one of the merchant ships that
went on a long voyage. He so begged the captain to take him, that he finally agreed. The sea called Jack from an early age, and
therefore Romilton immediately joined him. He did not even have the same seasickness that many novice sailors suffer. Romilton
loved the sea, and received a lot of reciprocity from him. But then, off the coast of Dalgapur, a merchant ship was suddenly
attacked by slavers. They did not cut out the crew, because they needed the goods. Jack was tied up and sent to the huge markets of
the east, where he was bought by one of the eminent masters of the Empire. Enoch Ithilbekich and his son Selim. These two names
Romilton remembered forever. He remembered the face of Selim, who, with a malicious grin, burned one of his eyes to him. Jack could
not take revenge on his former masters when escaping, but when he became a pirate, and after that he was a Grand Admiral, his rage
was beyond limit. He avenged the Dalgapurians for all their sins. But he never found his old enemies. Ithilbekich and his son never
caught his eye. Most of all in his life he wished for their death.
But now another task faced him. The evil sorcerer demanded loyalty from Jack. Romilton knew that he would have to kill his loyal
friends. As soon as they deliver the box to him, Jack's blade will fall upon them. Romilton understood that there was no way out
and he was unlikely to ever appear. The order of the sorcerer must be obeyed. And you need to do this at any cost.
"We'll have to kill them," Romilton said quietly. "I'm sorry .... But I do not have a way out."
One crushing blow Berserk, and the enemy soldier fell to the ground, chopped into two parts. The warrior growled fiercely, and from
this roar many enemies almost lost consciousness.
But even more horror attacked the Dalgapur soldiers, when they saw the Werewolf in its true guise. The werewolf was a huge ten-foot
wolf with two legs and a giant spiked tail. His teeth were so sharp that they aroused fear even of the bravest of enemies. The roar
of the Werewolf eclipsed even the furious cry of Berserk.
Pirates were incredibly lucky. They took the harbor very quickly. Now the fighting erupted in the city streets. Everywhere there
was a bloody carnage. Shots were heard, clanking of blades and a loud cry of defeated soldiers. The arrows whistled, which
immediately found their victims and hit them. Pirates killed everyone indiscriminately. Many of them once served as Dalgurans as
slaves or servants, but now the time has come for their retribution. Pirates spared no one.
The werewolf threw everyone in different directions and tore them to shreds with claws. His mouth is already stained with enemy
blood. He mocked the enemy, played with him. Monster grabbed the enemy fighters in two, and threw up. And then he caught them with
his huge jaws and cracked them into pieces. Dalgapurskie warriors, valiant men in blue uniforms and red caps, tried to shoot at the
monster from all weapons. Shots were fired from crossbows, fittings and muskets. But not one enemy shot hit its target.
The werewolf was simply invulnerable. One of the soldiers was clearly an officer, and furiously shouted at the soldiers. Soldiers
could not cope with the titanic wolf, and all their shells went to waste. The officer snatched a pistol from behind his bosom,
carefully aimed at the giant's head and fired. But the bullet did not hit the enemy again. She just hit his black fur and collapsed
onto the pavement.
The werewolf snarled so that it would seem that the Gods themselves howled in a single voice. The monster with terrible anger in
his scarlet eyes rushed at the soldiers, intending to kill their commander. He tossed at least a dozen warriors. Their bodies
plummeted into the surrounding houses, half-destroyed houses, and turned into a mixture of bones and blood.
Even Berserk was horrified by his friend's so furious rage. One of the flying and yelling soldiers almost knocked the pirate off
his feet.
In less than a second, the Werewolf achieved its goal. He sharply grabbed the enemy officer with his right paw, and then swiftly
shoved it into his huge toothy mouth. He bit the warrior in two. His torso with his head was swallowed up by a giant beast, and his
torn legs fell to the ground. There was so much blood that Berserker almost dizzy.
"Ah, you rotten wolf cub," growled Berserker. "I did not leave anybody for me." I took everything to myself.
- Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! - heard a terrible roar from the mouth of the Werewolf, - Rpppppaaaaaaaaaa!
After that, he sharply swung one of his paws, and turned the two Dalgapur warriors into porridge. The street was simply filled up
with dead bodies. There were so many of them that Berserk and the pirates walking behind him could hardly slip.
Seeing one of the wounded Dalgapurians, Berserk immediately threw down on him his giant ax. The head of the enemy soldier
immediately separated from the body. The rest of the enemies were already dead.
After Berserk, other pirates also followed. Among them were loyal friends of Jack, to whom the Grand Admiral himself commissioned a
valuable task.
"The werewolf cleared the way!" Cried the Castrator from all over his throat, exposing his crooked saber, "Come on!" Forward!
Pirates with a furious roar accelerated the pace. This part of the city has already been captured. The Dalgipur warriors were
knocked out. Pirates noticed that local authorities evacuated residents. The city houses were empty. Many of the pirate fighters
broke into the open doors of houses, and immediately attacked the riches and values ​​that were stored there. They cleaned almost
everything, even the cellars. In some houses, distant shooting was heard. Apparently the Dalgrapurs managed to save not all of
them. The remaining inhabitants of the pirates simply destroyed. They did not care about their fate and hard life. For the pirates,
they were all only oppressors. In each Dalgarant, the pirates of Jack Romilton saw their hated enemy.
The Dalgipur Empire was rapidly deprived of its blessed capital. Pirates have already penetrated deep enough into the city. Now it
only remained to get to the palace. And the Sultan's mansions were already quite close.
- So, you guys! - Berserk commanded, looking around at the soldiers around him, - Bezbashennye Nahaly! All to me!
"Castor is here!" - said a tall pirate in a turban and armed with a huge scimitar.
"The ax is here!" - heard the voice of a mad and red-haired pirate in a bandana.
- Flagger is here! - there were other voices of thugs, - Black Tigress here! The King of the Unclean is here! The port demon is
here! The fool from New Forward is here! The inveterate Scoundrel is also here!
- We are Bezbashennye Nahal from Jamal! "Berserk said fiercely, turning to his companions." We are not some kind of bent peasants
who decided to go into pirates for the sake of a dough! " We, professionals, are their mother! And now our time has come! Remember
what Jack said?
Nobody dared to disclose that conversation in the cabin of the Grand Admiral. This was a ban for all.
- Yes, we remember! - heard the answers of the bandits. - We remember!
- Now the Werewolf clears the way for us! - Berserk growled, - As soon as we hear his fierce and prolonged howl, we immediately
hurry there! Break through and grab the palace! We are together! As one!
- Yes! Yes! Yes! - the voices were heard in response. - We will tear these Dalgapur puppies like Tuzik a heating pad!

"A professional army!" Cried Selim angrily, sitting on his white stallion, "Professional army!" And can not fight back this rabble?
Yes, these are only rebellious slaves! Bollocks! Dread from the whole planet!
Ithilbekich pierced the rest of the cavalrymen with his glowing gaze. Now he looked like a real god of war. His fierce gaze
instilled a fierce fear to all gathered at the walls of the palace, the soldiers.
- No! Not to be there! - exclaimed the military commander, - Do not be there! Artavan is not just a port city! This is the capital!
The capital of the whole Empire! What will the other rulers and allied Padishahs say when they learn that we have ceded the legacy
of our fathers to some sailors and slaves ?! What will the Gods say when they see a great city turned into ruins, built in their
honor ?! We must not yield to our enemy! Jack Romilton will be seized today! And tomorrow we will cut off his head and limbs! And
we will deliver them to all our cities! Everyone will learn that today the mighty king of slaves, port whores and scum has finally
"To the glory of the Empire!" - voices of soldiers were heard in reply. - To the glory of Dalgapur! In the name of Sultan Ashkhar!
"To the glory of the Empire!" - Selim repeated, exposing his sharp scimitar and lifting it up - For the glory of the Gods!
Ithilbekich even inspired fear to the soldiers, but now it even raised their morale. They understood the whole meaning of the
commander's words. If the capital of the Empire falls, then it will be a disaster for the whole country. Many surrounding rulers
will reject vassalage and will oppose the Sultan Ashkhar and his heirs. The loss of the capital is fraught with terrible
The cavalrymen growled fiercely and raised their weapons to the top. Underneath them was heard no less frantic neigh of war
A lot of soldiers gathered in the square in front of the Sultan's palace. Selim Ithilbekich led the cavalry of valiant Gulems,
mighty horsemen, whose feats were famous in legends. Their armor was stronger even than the scales of a dragon. Their spears were
so sharp that they could even pierce the heavy knightly armor of horsemen from the northern countries. The palace guards Bashi-
bouzouki, dressed in dark blue greatcoats and armed with long rifles, began to line up in battle formations. The huge gates leading
to the territory of the palace complex were carefully guarded. It will not be easy for pirates to enter the palace of Ashkhar. At
first they will have to cope with the troops stationed on the square. Then, when they step already on the territory of the palace,
immediately they will be attacked by additional forces headed by Prince Jahangir. The son of Ashkhara has already prepared a
surprise for the army of Jack Romilton.
Sultan Shahnuzrad himself returned to his quarters, as soon as the pirates broke through the defense of the harbor. Apparently he
felt that the pirate army had come here not just to profit.
"The infantry!" - commanded Ithilbekich, - Get in line! Check the guns! Charge them immediately! Do not retreat to anyone! All
retreating without delay to shoot! No one will enter the palace of the Sultan! And none of it will not work!
"Yes, commander!" - heard the answers of junior officers.
And then the first cowards of the great Dalgapur army appeared. They screamed and ran with all their might. Their eyes were full of
Commander Selim was already prepared to give orders to the soldiers to shoot those unworthy. He was just about to raise his hand
with the sword up, so that the soldiers could deal with cowards with one volley. But when he saw something pursuing the running
soldiers, the commander hesitated.
Behind panicked fighters, a giant wolf-like beast was chasing. His eyes burned with a fierce scarlet fire. It was covered with a
layer of blood. His growl was growing louder and louder. He was carried to the assembled on the square, the soldiers, with an eerie
speed. He reached the height of at least ten meters. It was a real monster.
- Gods .... - said quietly Selim, seeing this huge and growling beast, - God save ....
- Your Excellency! - heard here quite a timid voice of one of the officers, - your ... order! What is your order?
- Fire! Fire! Fire! - Selim cried, gathering himself in the throat, "Fire!"
Ithilbekich had no choice but to shout this word out. Seeing this creature, the valiant Murza realized that he was completely
overcome by fear. He realized himself helpless against such a beast.
- First line! Have prepared! - heard the quick commands of the officers of the palace guard, - Aim!
The monster moved faster and faster toward the positions of the soldiers. Selim looked around sharply. The horsemen from the
Gulems were terribly frightened. They tried not to show their fear, but the eyes gave the commander everything. Many of the
horsemen waggled the pistols and immediately aimed them at the approaching huge enemy carcass. But Selim understood that victory is
unlikely to get them today.
- Pli! - heard the loud cries of officers.
The first line of the palace guardsmen opened fire. The roar of shots was so powerful that Selim nearly collapsed from his horse.
Ithilbekich did not like firearms, but he had to humble himself.
Sultan Ashkhar reformed the army, and the guns now became an integral part of it.
When the smoke from the fire dispersed, Selim thought that such a volley surely should not leave even a piece of meat from this
terrible creature. The palace guards of Ashkhara were considered the best archers in the east. Their bullets have always found
their goals.
But some part of Selima sensed that all these weapons were useless against the monster. What was the horror of Ithilbekich when he
discovered that his fears had been confirmed.
The creature was not even wounded. She could not be killed at all. But the warriors running in fear were riddled with bullets.
The monster growled fiercely, and then rushed forward with fresh force at the assembled fighters. His red eyes were so furious that
many of the palace guards felt the urge to run, and many of them already spat on the commander's words.
- The second line! - There were loud commands of officers. "Get ready!"
The werewolf did not stand on ceremony with the enemies, just like giving them a chance for a second salvo. In truth, he generally
did not like to hesitate, and always preferred to solve all problems quickly and accurately. He had to destroy all the defense of
the palace. And he will do it qualitatively and beautifully. The werewolf knew about Jack's secret task, and he understood that the
battle was very fierce.
The huge carcass of the monster with all its force crashed into the formation of the palace guardsmen. They did not manage to shoot
a second time.
The structure of the soldiers was violated capitally. The soldier was seized with such wild terror that some of them even dropped
their rifles, and rushed off to the surface. Only the Werewolf was not going to spare anyone. He had his own accounts with the
Once upon a time he was kept in a cage by the black tribes of Amarron, the vassals of Dalgapura, and forced to fight other "unusual
people", like an ancient gladiator. In the arenas, the Werewolf tore to pieces hundreds of victims, all for the fun of the
indefatigable crowd. Once the pirates, along with Jack Romilton, raided a city where the monster was held as a gladiator. It was
then that Jack freed this beast, and the Werewolf helped him to plunder the whole city and kill many enemies. Since then, the
Werewolf was among the pirates, and was their most terrible superweapon.
Anger and resentment against the Dalgapurians and their vassals never left this sorcerer. Today, the Werewolf tore to pieces the
enemies with the same fury. When he crashed into the ranks of the guardsmen in the square, almost a dozen soldiers were simply
The others scattered the monster throughout the battlefield. One of the soldiers and a beast at all sent to a distant flight. The
warrior flew a good half a kilometer, and then imprinted himself in the wall of the palace complex, instantly turning into a blood
The horsemen of Ithilbekich, on orders from the commander, immediately rushed to the attack. But against such a monster they were
powerless. The werewolf menacingly howled, and then threw down on them his huge fists. Two horsemen rode into the ground with their
horses. Such a powerful force simply turned them into cakes. Then the Werewolf began to swing his paws in all directions.
Soon it became like a rain of falling people and horses. Chaos reigned everywhere. The soldiers of Dalgapura rushed to the surface.
Selim himself also could not stand such a blow, and sharply turned his horse towards the gate leading to the palace territory.
Ithilbekich did not even look back. The horsemen who saw the commander's retreat also followed him. The area was lost. Now there
was the second line of defense, which the Dalgors had already created on the territory of the palace itself.
The werewolf was ordered to crush all resistance. So ordered Jack, and the mighty monster obeyed unquestioningly. He saw the
gigantic gate leading to the palace opening rapidly. Commander Selim believed that the flight would save his life. How wrong he was
at that moment. The werewolf dashed forward and crashed into a group of escaping horsemen.
With a wild roar he began to fling them in different directions. One of his paws, he caught the mighty Selim Ithilbekich. And with
the second paw, he managed to capture one of the junior officers, who was also going to flee. Selim did not even have time to think
about the impending death. Everything happened very quickly.
The werewolf held in the clutches of two powerful Dalgapura warriors. Selim Ithilbekich could not even move from such a strong
grip. And then the monster struck the two men against the other with all their might. Selim faced his officer with his forehead.
Their bones just could not stand it.
But the Werewolf was not going to stop. He hit the warriors against each other one more time, and again, and more, and more ....
And many more times. And only then the monster tossed them into fleeing fighters, rapidly heading to the territory of the Sultan's
The body of Selim crashed into the cavalrymen, who were about to step out of the gate. Many of the riders from such a powerful
attack instantly fell from the horses.
- Рррррааааааааааашшшш !!! - Vigorously growled Werewolf, - Ррррррааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа !!!!
His cry was so loud that the running soldiers from terrible stress fell to the ground. Many of them immediately lost their hearing.
Surviving Horsemen Also could not bear such a sharp rumble. And their horses did fall into a real panic. They carried the riders in
different directions, and no longer obeyed them.
The Dalgpur defense was breached. Now nothing will save the palace and its inhabitants. Nothing and no one.

- Come on guys! - Berserk commanded in all his throat, waving a huge ax - Forward!
Fighters "Bezbashennyh Nahalov" have already penetrated the territory of the palace complex. The werewolf did his job. He
interrupted almost three hundred experienced fighters. Now he was amused with the remnants of the Sultan's army. His roar was heard
from everywhere. The monster even managed to get a real weapon. He removed a giant mace from one of the palace statues and began to
wave it to her. From such powerful attacks enemy fighters flew in different directions no worse than golf balls.
"Forward," Berserk ordered again. "There!" Entrance to the central hall! There further along the stairs and into the tower.
The pirates accelerated their run. They were to fulfill the Grand Admiral's task as soon as possible. Get this damned casket and
finally get rid of all this. Only Axewoman had an apprehension. Deep inside, the pirate suspected something was amiss. It seemed to
her that Romilton would not keep his vow. She did not know why she felt like that, but it just was. Her heart did not believe Jack,
and deep inside she knew how low he'd sunk.
The castor also felt something strange, but most of it felt that Jack was a man of his word. The former executioner believed in
Romilton, because in his time he saved him from a heavy fate. He believed that the Grand Admiral would never betray his brothers
and sisters.
A little time passed, and a group of pirates stormed into the central hall of the palace. Here was the reception room of the Sultan
Ashkhar. In this place he received guests, listened to the reports of the governors, and also arranged lavish celebrations in honor
of the great victories over the enemies.
The hall was absolutely empty. There were no guards, no servants or palace slaves. Only one throne rose in the farther part of this
gigantic and spacious room.
"Do you remember the card by heart?" - Asked the Scoundrel Scoundrel, - And then I'm completely confused.
"A club," the Port Demon snapped, slightly adjusting his red wig, "Jack showed us this ing map a thousand times." And you still
can not remember. Chicken Bosh!
- Do not swear! - sharply interrupted comrades Axewoman, - Che you arranged here nafig! Stairs to the right of the throne!
- Wait! - interrupted the thugs Berserk, - We should not shout loudly! Ashkhar probably prepared a surprise for us. We act quietly
and carefully. You rascal, you are the first to go. The rest of you.
- And what the was I first? - the pirate growled discontentedly, - Better still somebody. For example, Castor.
"Because I said so," bellowed Berserk. "Or I'll put a bullet in your bosom!"
- I feel something, - Axewoman's voice was heard again. "Some ... energy."
- In terms of? - Asked one of the pirates.
Others of her comrades stared at the pirate with wildly astonished eyes. They did not understand what she was talking about.
"My mother was a witch," said Axewoman. "That's why she was burned." But I learned how to feel from it ... witchcraft. And here it
is. I know for sure.
"Could it be in the box?" Asked the Castrator.
- I do not know! - Berserk barked. - But we must go. Get this to Jack and forget about all this forever! By my order. All
forward! You rascal, you are the first.
The wretched Scoundrel had to obey the order of the ataman. He checked his two curved blades, and then proceeded forward into a
small arch leading to a spiral staircase. Other pirates also examined their weapons, and followed their companion. Berserk walked
behind them. His ax was left on the floor, and for her place took only a pistol. Berserk was able to shoot as well as possessing
cold steel.
Pirates made their way along the steps of the spiral staircase, which led to different floors of the palace. They needed to go to
the top floor, where Ashkhar Shahnuzrad's private office was. That's where the relic was supposed to be kept.
The pirates moved cautiously and quietly, tracking every step they took. Their weapons were always ready. Going behind, Berserk,
sometimes looked back and aimed the barrel of the gun at an invisible enemy. The enemy could have come from anywhere.
The floors were absolutely clean. Here, too, there were no servants and no warriors. The palace was simply depopulated. And this is
extremely alarming.
Soon the thugs finally reached their cherished goal.
The doors to the Sultan's private office were flung open. But it again looked strange. Berserker understood this immediately, as
soon as he saw that the entrance to the office was wide open. Many pirates were perplexed. If Ashkhar wants to save his life and
keep the casket, then why he did not completely close in his personal home, and did not flood the palace with remnants of the
guards. The pirates had to fight through the floors with every fight, but the palace was empty, absolutely empty and extremely
"Now I'm the first," said Berserk, coming out in front of him.
He held his gun at the ready. At any moment, an enemy could appear, and the pirate commander would immediately launch a bullet into
it. But no enemy appeared.
Pirates slowly entered the office of the Sultan. The whole interior was quite ordinary for the Sultan's chambers. In the center of
the room was a large table with papers lying on it. The cabinet was also decorated with various cupboards with precious figurines
standing on them. On the walls hung a lot of beautiful paintings, made by artists from the west.
Many of the soldiers looked hungrily at precious objects. One of the pirates could hardly have approached the closet in order to
grab one of the figurines, but the menacing look of Berserker turned him to stop his actions.
By one of Berserk's eyes it was possible to understand that the main thing now is not robbery, but the task of Jack.
Suddenly, Berserk noticed that there was another entrance at the far end of the office. He was exactly at the place where,
according to the descriptions of the mysterious spy Jack, the cache of the Sultan was to be located. Apparently, Ashkhar decided to
give the pirates this casket on a silver platter. This greatly facilitated the task for the pirate team. Berserk even allowed
himself a slight smile.
"There's a secret there ..." He pointed the Berserk gun directly at the square entrance leading to an unknown part of the palace.
"Cool," Castrator said, "Apparently, the sultan understood what we were here for."
"Sorcery," the Axewoman's alarming voice was heard. "It's intensified."
- Yes, shut up already, - bellowed the Scoundrel Scoundrel, - Here's a bug ... with him. We'll get the box and deal with the
"But it's getting stronger," the pirate said again in the same tone. "It's .... strong."
Berserk looked into the eyes of his fighting friend. They really gave away with some unknown horror. Distorted by the scars, but
still pretty handsome, Axewoman, as if squeezed from tension. Her mouth was wide open. She was frightened in no joke.
"I do not care," Berserk said quietly. "We'll do the job ... And .... We'll return to our old life."
The last words the commander of the pirates said somehow uncertainly. He also felt that strange phenomenon. Shivers ran down his
tanned skin. Berserk remembered his past. He was not always a pirate. Once he lived in the far north and believed in many miracles
that local shamans created. Then the royal troops from one western country destroyed his tribe, and soon fate led Berserk to
pirates. But he was not immune to magic. Ever since childhood, he has felt strange energy, coming from the shamans of his tribe.
And now he felt the same. He seemed to be back in the distant past.
"Magic," muttered Berserk. "I feel it, too, ......"
The pirate did not say a word more. He put the gun in front of him and quietly proceeded forward. All his companions followed him
with the same caution. Their gait was slow and cautious.
A few seconds later, the pirates with the whole team went through the square entrance, and found themselves in a completely
different part of Ashkhar's private office. This room was much smaller, and here the magical energy was literally throbbing in the
air. Even ordinary people from among the pirate team began to feel this sorcery. It enveloped them, like a veil. Here was an
extremely powerful artifact, and many pirates felt it.
The walls of the room were absolutely bare. On the floor did not even lie an elegant carpet, which was so famous for the Sultan's
palace. The room was almost empty, except for just one small detail. In the center of the room was a small table, on which lay a
small silver box, covered with some unknown symbols.
A man leaned close to the table. He was dressed in a dark blue dressing gown, and on his head a red turban was gaping. The man
immediately turned around, and the pirates recognized him. It was the same Ashkhar Shahnuzrad, the mighty of the mighty, the sultan
of Artavan, the king of Dalgapura and the emperor of the Valley. That was his full title.
The sultan's eyes were not full of rage. Only sadness was traced in them. Sadness and sadness.
"So now pirates are no longer free people," Ashkharh said sadly, looking at the guests who had come in. "So they no longer breathe
freedom." And they fulfill the will of the alien magicians. It is sad to realize this.
"Just give us the box and we'll leave," Berserk said, pointing the gun at the lord of the east. "Do not make me kick your brains
out right now."
"Better do it ...." the sultan's reply came. "Come on." Do it and take it. But only then you will know everything ... You will know
your mistakes. Do you have any idea who you are serving?
"I serve Jack Romilton," Berserk exclaimed proudly. "Like us all." He asked us to bring the box to him. We will do it. And what
about the rest, I personally do not care at all. To me on the side!
"How low Jack fell," Ashkhar said with the same sadness. "How low the king of pirates has fallen, that now he is in the service of
sorcerers." You know, I can give you this box right now ... But I do not want to. I do not want you to suffer.
"What do you care about us?" "Castrator snapped." You're just a bastard! " Tyrant and murderer. I've been a hangman for a long
time. Your sycophants made me go to terrible executions! How many people have I mutilated and killed because of you! Innocent
people! And you dare to tell us that you do not want to see our suffering?
"Yes, I was a monster," the sultan said. "I was a monster ... Like all of us." But I already got my punishment. This casket is my
curse. I curse the day I found it. She's killing me ... Very slowly. I both hate her and at the same time I love her. But I do not
want this curse to get to anyone. Jack did not explicitly contact those forces. What is in this casket shows me visions. I saw the
death of the whole universe. I saw a lot of these boxes. The artifacts inside them are the key to the end of time. The key to the
death of all life. I saw a sorcerer who hunts them. He is a real demon. Black eye. So it is called. I do not want the universe to
die because of your mistake.
- Maybe not worth it? - heard the voice of Axewoman here. - Maybe we should not take this box?
The view of the pirate was even more frightened than before. Her eyes were clearly talking about the terrible fear that had settled
inside her.
"I also think that it's worth to tie with this devil," Berserk suddenly exclaimed from himself. "Something here is clearly not the
same." These voices .... I can hear them ..... I can hear them.
Berserk spoke the pure truth. He heard that mysterious and ominous whisper coming from somewhere from afar. He could not make out
the meaning of the words spoken, but he felt that this voice was talking about something terrible and evil. This demonic whisper
made Berserk shiver. He suddenly felt himself incredibly weak before the power of all this sorcery.
- Guys, enough to deal with! - Castrator's fierce voice came here, - Let's finish this scum, take the box and return it to
Jack! What are you doing? Are you in your mind?
- No! - sharply screamed Axewoman, - If we do this - the world is over!
- Yes you have gone, witch! - bellowed at the top of his voice the Scoundrel Scoundrel. - "We've had enough of these horror
The pirates felt the anger coming from somewhere inside. He boiled at them with furious speed. Berserk felt that it was not
accidental. It's all the tricks of this magical thing that was now in the silver box. The evil that emanated from her influenced
all the people around him.
Before Berserk realized the danger of the situation, the first blood of the pirates was spilled. The inveterate Scoundrel was so
furious that he attacked the Axewoman with naked blades. But the pirate knew how to stand up for herself. With two axes, she
sharply cut off her comrade's head, and then pierced the blades into the chest of the Castrator.
- Die! - pirate maiden shouted in the throat, - Die all!
The castler wheezed in pain and collapsed to the floor. Axewoman was in a wild rage. With its axes, she deprived the lives of not
only the two warriors. Killing the Castrist, she brought down her guns on the other brothers. The Black Tigress fell first. Her
head separated from the body and collapsed to the floor. Then the Fool and the New Forward fell. He did not even have time to draw
his sword to repel the blows.
Distraught with rage Axewoman with a rabid roar cut right and left. Her axes immediately found their prey. She has chopped up to
almost ten of the fighters. She looked like a real demoness.
Berserk could not resist her. This mysterious whisper suddenly became so loud that the warrior wanted to close his ears. But the
whisper continued and continued. He saw the death of his comrades at the hands of Securissa, but could not stop her.
Finally, Berserk forced himself to gather strength. Every movement was given to him now with wild labor. With a terrible pain in
his joints, he extended his hand with a pistol forward and pointed his weapon at Axewoman.
Pirate maiden already cut through almost all of her team, and then her furious gaze turned to the leader. Such a terrible rage
Berserk has never seen. Axewoman just burned with anger and insanity. Her eyes nearly rolled out of her eyes. But the pirate did
not have time to make a fresh attack.
Berserk shot. The bullet moved with furious speed towards its victim. Head of Axewoman scattered into pieces. Her breathless body
immediately collapsed onto the stone floor. It was the only way out. Berserk regretted that he had taken his girlfriend's life, but
he had no other option.
"Forgive me," the voice of Sultan Ashkharh was heard here.
Berserk turned sharply to Shahnuzrad, and again pointed his gun at him. However, the face of Ashkharh was not sad now. On the
contrary, it gave with some determination and even fury.
- For what to forgive? - Berserk asked here, not understanding what the sultan is driving at.
"For that," Ashkhar replied, pointing at the pile of dead pirates.
Berserk once again looked at his murdered comrades, including Axewoman. He still felt terrible weakness and pain in the joints. The
magic of the magical object quickly exhausted all the forces from it.
"You ... you did this?" The pirate asked in bewilderment. "But how?"
"These were forced measures ...." Ashkharh said, cleared his throat. "Forced measures.
"What measures?" - Berserk asked again. - What are you talking about?
"You could not give the Chip to you," replied the Sultan. "In this box there is one of the stones that is part of the key to the
end of the world. Those forces that are looking for them, want to destroy our worlds. But I can not let this stone get to them.
"And you killed my brothers and sisters?" - angrily screamed pirate - Because of this?
"Yes, secret magic," Ashkhar said. "The dervishes taught me her." When I was attacked by robbers in the desert, I forced them to
kill each other. I did the same with your people just now. It's all for the good.
- For the good of what? Berserk shouted.
"For the common good," answered Shahnuzrad, "for the benefit of the whole universe." Better this stone will never be found. Jack
betrayed you, and you know it. Surely he will get rid of you after you give him the casket with the stone.
- You are lying! - Again shouted the pirate, - You are a lying bastard!
"I'm not lying," the sultan said, "and I never lied!" And now, my friend, we say goodbye. The fragment must not reach the dark
forces. They want to take over our universe and rule it. But I do not intend to admit it! Even at the cost of your own life! I hope
the great Gods will forgive me for this.
Ashkhar did not say a word more. He drifted to the square table, on which lay a mysterious witch casket. Without thinking twice, he
snatched the dagger from behind his bosom and plunged it into the silver object with all his might. The dagger was quite sharp, and
managed to cut through the casket. The Sultan put all his sorcerous power into this blow.
Unexpectedly sticking out in the casket, the dagger, began to fill with a dazzling red glow. Berserk was almost blind when he saw
this phenomenon. Ashkharh did not take his hands off the dagger, but stuck it harder and harder. He gave a loud howl from the
tension, but continued to strengthen the blow. The dagger penetrated deeper and deeper into the casket, and finally rammed all its
The red glow grew brighter and brighter. At first, it enveloped the dagger along with the box, and then smoothly spread over the
sultan. Dazzlingly bright lightning burst from the dagger and fell upon the body of Ashkhar. Electric discharges began to pulsate
throughout his body. One of the lightning struck him in the eyes and immediately burned them.
And then everything around shook terribly. From such an unexpected phenomenon, Berserk collapsed to the floor. He hit his head hard
on the ledge in the stone wall, and more he did not breathe. Thus ended the mighty leader of the "Bezbashennykh Nahalov".
Lightning, meanwhile, continued to pulsate throughout the room. The glow grew brighter and brighter. Soon it was already covering
the whole tower of the palace.
The shaking was so strong that the walls of the structure began to crack. Witch's energy broke free, and now nothing prevents her
from destroying everything around to the ground.
"Grand Admiral!" - heard the frightened shouts of sailors.
They tried to get into the cabin of their commander. They knocked so loud that they nearly knocked the door down. Their voices were
alarmed and full of terrible fear.
Jack Romilton immediately went to the door and hastily opened them. The look with which he surveyed the corsairs was quite severe.
- What's wrong? He asked angrily.
"Jack, the city is collapsing!" One of the sailors cried out in horror. "We must dump!"
- What? - Romelton exclaimed with wild perplexity, - City?
The Grand Admiral did not even have time to dress in his blue uniform. He proceeded to the deck in one white shirt and black
trousers. There was not even a cocked hat on his head, and his unseeing eye was not covered with a bandage.
As soon as he stepped on the deck, he saw the raging sailors on his flagship. Everywhere the crew members ran around in different
directions. They shouted so loudly that it was impossible to make out anything in this cacophony. One of the corsairs, a rather
mature pirate in a blue uniform and a cocked hat, dashed to the sides with all speed, and then jumped into the sea with a cry of
unprecedented horror. Everywhere a strong wind was raging, which was so powerful that it almost knocked the Grand Admiral off his
Jack Romilton at first did not understand what was happening. But as soon as he looked at the panorama of Artavan, his heart was
seized by such a terrible attack of fear, which he had never experienced in his life. And then despair came to his soul.
Artavan was no longer the majestic city he had seen before the invasion. Now the sky above him was dazzlingly red, and terrible
witch lightning struck down with fierce rage. The lightning was truly countless. This was not a natural disaster. In the world,
pure and original magic broke through. Dark magic.
Lightnings with violent speed destroyed the city. They crashed into everything. Thousands of buildings in a moment turned into
ruins. And then there was an even more terrible earthquake, which caused faults in the earth. It would seem that the whole world
was simply dying. Artavan has already turned into a ruin, and soon all its buildings will finally disappear under the earth. The
majestic and once beautiful wonder of the world has perished forever into darkness.
"What have we done ...." Jack Romilton said to himself.
These were his last words in this life. After that, a dazzlingly bright lightning struck him right in the head. The body of Jack
turned into steam, leaving even a drop of blood behind. The mighty king of the seas went to his fathers. His time ended forever.
The era of pirates forever in the past.
Soon the rest of the monstrous riots fell upon the whole of his fleet. Lightning swept everything in its path. They destroyed every
ship that was in the port of Artavan. Flashes in the sky grew brighter and brighter.

Thus ended the days of the great Dalgapur Empire, and at the same time the inhabitants of this whole world. Overnight, the whole
world was destroyed. The witch storm did not spare anyone. Terrible cataclysms put an end to the existence of all life on this
remote and provincial planet. This is how this fairy tale ended. This is what followed after Ashkhar pierced the artifact. And what
is the box? Did the casket also die, immersing an invaluable magical artifact in the darkness of time? No .... The casket is
preserved .... It will still play its role in this universe. A huge and incredibly important role .... But this is a completely
different story ......


interesting story....we need more

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BagaturKhan Author

More will be soon xD

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Good one as well, slightly changed in the mood. I like that.
Alex, you are indeed improving.

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Wow,wow bro, thats one long great story xD
Fantastic. It really is great improvement.
Only its "the maddest", not the "most mad" :D
Pirate squad "which has a" task. Not "who had the" task.
Yarr, ye' landlubber; "captain jack sparrow gangplank" english is harsh indeed, but you managed to caught the mood,jargon and phrases quite brilliantly.
So I tag along my ol' mate. Dis here bloke likes it a much.

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Great Story My Friend

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