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BaseMod v1.13.9 changes update LClick, add RClick extensions, and Bugfixes.

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-Add Charms to [AutoPickup]
-Add LinearAffix option to [PerfectDrops]
-Add EthDropPercent to [PerfectDrops]
-Add cube recipes to roll charms
-Add cube recipes to simplify socketing for normal and superior items
-Add cube recipe for simple unsocket

-Add [RClickExt] (NEW)

; Right Click Extensions
; Ctrl Shift RClick - "Items to Cube" from Inventory/stash
; Ctrl RClick - Transmute Cube Items - works from Inventory & Cube grids - Cube must be open

-[CtrlLClick] renamed to [LClickExt]

; Left Click Extensions (revised)
; Ctrl LClick Item extends to Inventory/Stash/Cube/Ground Drop*
; Ctrl LClick "Screen to Ground" works from Inventory*, only when no other screen is active
; -This is the (OLD) way people are use to using it, so we will keep it optional
; Ctrl Shift LClick - item to ground (NEW). This works from Inventory/Stash/Cube

-Fix bug with PerfectItems on set|unique|runewords
-Fix bug with PotionMatch variable name in [AutoPickup2]
-Fix a bug with -direct -txt preventing fontfix from working as expected
-Ctrl Lclick Inventory Item will no longer send items to ground when the Anvil screen is active
-Fix a bug that caused hirelings to cost more than max stash gold under certain conditions
-Put Tyrael hirelings into a separate name pool in the hireling.txt example for Tyrael

Thanks to MariusDiablo2, tteaguewilliams, jaKiTo, Justability and others for reporting problems.
Thanks to ryzen1006, ModDBro5, MariusDiablo2 and others for suggestions.

2 feature sets, or about 50% of the code, in this update was removed. There were other code
updates and features planned, using encryption to protect intellectual property. The update was tested with encryption and within 2 days this turned into 30 false positives by AV vendors. This has become an unrealistic burden due to 100% false positives from AV vendors. BaseMod 1.13.9 (unencrypted) is likely to be the final version. BugFixes and installer updates are allowed.


devurandom, any chance of the new runewords from d2r to be implemented in basemod?

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devurandom96 Author

BaseMod currently in a feature freeze, and I want to focus on improving the quality of existing code. New features could be added later. it depends.

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