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BaseMod v1.13.8 changes - Tyrael Hire menu in Act 4 - Vendor Refresh

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[QuestRewards] Add Tyrael Hire Menu in Act 4. Player must finish Act 3 for hire to show.
-Expand hiredesc.txt - shout out to Tomkomaster requested long time ago
-add TradeRefresh - Coded from scratch
-Rename [GambleRefresh] to [VendorRefresh]
-D2 PermStore vendor fix - (optional)
-[MercMod] add code for 2 rings on merc
-[AutoPickup] expand options - Rings, Amulets and Jewels can depend on item quality
-add some basic cube recipes to simplify rune/gem upgrades & downgrades, see CubeRecipes.txt
-update BaseMod to support -direct -txt modding with custom mpq option.
-Revert default option for manapurple to state BloodMana
-Set default options for /nopickup, MFLinear & Bypass 25 FPS to disabled

-fix a HoverUnitName bug for warps - Thanks Andsimo
-fix issue with dlls loaded after PlugY - Thanks Andsimo
-fix a bug in PerfectItems effecting Fortitude RuneWord - Thanks Anon
-reclaim 8kb wasted space in BaseMod.dll
-Rename BaseMod.dll feature removed.
-fix bug Akara display screen cost for Respec didn't reflect RespecCost variable.


Add PlugY v14.03
Changes to Patch_D2.mpq

Remove - cube recipes for 3 charms, one was bugged.
add - Countess always drops 3 runes
add - Countess can drop all runes
add - increase chance for higher rune drops in nightmare and hell difficulty

Changes to BaseMod.dll -fix issues with MPQ ini

Fix bug in MPQ.ini where data read was offset by 4 bytes
Make possible to read most ini options real time from BaseMod.txt when used with -direct -txt cmdline.
dlls are loaded from cached copy of BaseMod.bin with -direct -txt cmdline.
update code for loading Basemod.ini, and MPQ ini when BaseMod is loaded from D2SE

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