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BaseMod v1.13.6 adds the following: World Event Monster Pack with Minions. Hardcodes UberQuest minions. Extends Quest Rewards to expand one time only features in game. Adds a Perfect Drops feature for item collectors. Update BaseMod string table to work from index.

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World Event now has the option to add 1-4 extra Uber Diablo's in the World Event as a monster pack. Each can spawn minions, if enabled. Each Uber drops an Annihilus charm when defeated. There are different settings for Single Player and Multi Player games to spawn the extra Ubers. - All coded from scratch, all original.

You can configure settings for Extra Ubers and minion spawning with the new parameters in
[WEMinions] section of BaseMod.ini.

Uber minions now hard coded for the Uber quest. All coded from scratch. Its been requested several times by people who want BaseMod to mirror this online content. I'd rather keep it close to vanilla.

You can adjust the parameters in [UberMinions] for each Uber

- Minion spawn radius
- Number of minions inside spawn radius
- Chance to spawn

BaseMod - Uber Quest with Minions

Extended quest rewards allows NPC vendors to offer Respec, Imbue, Add Sockets and Personalize item, after their quest is completed. This feature extends NPC one time only functions with charge gold, and is coded to integrate with the games quest system. Also works with imported save game character files.

Infinite Respec from Akara - 3000 gold per clvl - (min cost 5000)

Infinite Imbue from Charsi - 500 gold per clvl - (min cost 5000)

Infinite Sockets from Larzuk - Cost 20,000 gold

Infinite Personalize from Anya - Cost 20,000 gold

BaseMod adds a Perfect Drops feature for item collectors


Perfect Drops allows you to modify most of the items generated in the game.

[PerfectDrops] can set the options to:

Make items drop with perfect stats
Drop items already repaired
Drop items identified
Force class specific items to give 9 skill points, except for low quality.
Force all magic items to get a prefix and a suffix.
Force 4 affix rares on jewels & 6 affix rares on weapons/armor - rings/amulets.
Force a minimum of 2 sockets on items, when possible, instead of one socket.
Allow dropping of more than one Unique item in the the same game.

It does not remove all the junk and low quality items, because that makes normal game play less interesting.

BaseMod updates its string table to work from index.

BaseMod.tbl now works the same way as string.tbl, patchstring.tbl, and expansionstring.tbl. You can use this table to store your own strings for in game use.

BaseMod.tbl usable string index from 30050 to 39999 (7562h - 9C3Fh). The first 49 strings are reserved.

This Example replaces the game string "Required Dexterity:" stored in string.tbl with
"Test String:" stored in BaseMod.tbl



Before D2Client.dll EditBefore

After D2Client.dll EditAfter

In Game Display of test string.


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