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This is the BBS mode! Those of you who have been with us for a while might still remember... Or you may be asking yourselves now: What is BBS? BBS stands for "Base Build Strategy", which is a free base building mode!

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Hello Community,

Today we would like to introduce something special to you. Some time ago we showed a picture and teased something - you know, that strange cube with the three letters. This is the BBS mode! Those of you who have been with us for a while might still remember... Or you may be asking yourselves now: What is BBS? BBS stands for "Base Build Strategy", which is a free base building mode!
Unlike regular ground combat, where all buildings are pre-placed and units land via reinforcement points, in BBS mode you can build your buildings wherever you want and even choose the orientation. Units then spawn directly from the respective building; reinforcement points are not required any more. This mode makes Pegasus Chronicles - and Empire At War - a more classic strategy game!

Here's how it works:

  1. ) Start a regular ground battle.
  2. ) Select the cube and click the BBS icon.
  3. ) Open the reinforcement window and land the construction unit.
  4. ) Once it has landed, all base buildings and reinforcement points disappear and free building begins!
  5. ) Now select the building unit and order the desired building. You can choose from the regular seven buildings plus the building site for guns.
  6. ) Drag the building from the reinforcement window onto the battlefield. Buildings can only be placed within the radius of the unit. However, since the construction unit can move across the battlefield, the buildings can be placed anywhere on the map. Note, however, that there is only one construction unit; if it is destroyed, no new buildings can be placed. Therefore, always take good care of it!
  7. ) With a right click, the building can be rotated and placed in its final position.
  8. ) Once the building is placed, select it and click on the build button (ability) to construct the building.
  9. ) To build or research units, select the respective building and click on the icons. Units will now come directly out of the buildings and do not have to be landed first.


  • You only have one minute after starting the map to decide on the BBS mode, select the cube and build the construction unit. After the decision time has elapsed, the cube disappears and the match proceeds normally. If you do not want to play BBS, simply ignore the cube and continue playing.
  • The AI cannot play BBS, but you can still play against it in BBS mode. However, this may be a little more difficult than expected. Ready for a challenge?

This update also contains some minor improvements and fixes: Among other things, Apophis' shield ability now works properly, and the Goa'uld factory build locations that were invisible on some of the new maps are back.
Through Vomarsk's Let's Play of Pegasus Prelude (German), one or the other small problems with the GC came to our attention and we were able to fix some of these as well.
As always, you can find the full changelog here.

That's it for today. We wish you a lot of fun with the new mode and hope you like it. See you in the next news!


stschiff - - 1 comments

Awesome, just played a round, this is fun! Unfortunately the game is really showing its age by now, and things like not being to zoom out enough while the hud stays enabled are really becoming a problem with super fast darts flying around in ground combat, but it's still great fun to play.

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Callahad - - 103 comments

Makes you really wish for an Empire at War 2 or at least a remake. Hell, this game has the most in-depth modding scene out there. Seriously the number of remake mods compared to the other games make should've been an obvious red flag by now but thanks to EA for messing up by doing nothing we haven't had one yet

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