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It is not a standalone, you need to download main file as well, BannerPage Full 1.001. After you have correctly installed main file, you unpack BannerPage Update 1.201 and follow instructions in attached readme.txt and pdf file.

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BannerPage Update 1.201

More than 300 individual feedbacks received from you guys helped a lot. Thank you.

Watch episode 5 of the iron-man challenge, Adentures of the Ironam Beartilde,

on the greatest Warband Youtube channel - ReformistTM, playing this update

PERFORMANCE/ GRAPHICS - Large random scene improvement:


Problem: some Swadian plains had too much small collidable bushes/trees and some forests were very dense.

  • Major FLORA TWEAK - re-calibrated plants distribution:
  • Removed few collision objects from two small bushes, one pine bush model reduced in volume
  • Dynamic load optimization - Scenes now look AMAZING !!! (100% grass density, 100% Tree degrade distance, high Anti-aliasing, HDR and Auto-Exposure both off)

IMPORTANT!: You need to enter random scene at least dozen times that new flora results really kick in and start to show up their greatness, don't ask me why - Warband engine

  • Textures load on demand automatically now

Everything done properly should net you results like this - Swadian forest.

This is Swadian plain (field), please note that rider is not colliding with bushes.

Tournaments Overhaul :

Based on the very large player's feedback: They loved challenge, new design, factionized equipment, weapon load-outs matching arena layouts, basically everything, but they still considered often too hard, so here is overhaul, that should cover most of the needs:

  1. slightly weaker normal opponents and their AI
  2. slightly stronger lords and their AI
  3. player has more HP
  4. companions are stronger and have better AI
  5. shield bash returned to tourney
  6. tuned bets betting system to match new more favorable conditions
  7. removed bows and arrows from all Nord tournaments (throwing axes and spears instead -NSC*)
  8. redesigned camp and arena tournament menus

New features:

  • Get renown for killing a Hart (male deer with large horns- antlers)
  • Equip Player Kingdom Lord via dialogue menu
  • When Lord Rolf will now always recruit Sarranid troops (they were the only Faction that didn't have one)


BannerPage religiously protects Native Campaign Balance and that was never and will never be touched. Player experience is a different thing huge amount options has been given to player to enjoy.

Taking into account that BannerPage will be a challenge for many and that new features like complex recruitment system, harder Tournaments maybe an obstacle for some we have left many backdoor open to help masses to overcome those aforementioned issues, as many of you found. Such as no prisoner limit on Salt Mine, Recruiters in taverns recruiting everyone at the base price, treasure chest items appearing in all shops and toys like grenades and explosive arrows.


  • Tavern recruiters - cost is now 3xnormal price, elites can't be purchased no more
  • Salt Mine has a Cap now.
  • 80 Treasure Chests items can still be found shops but extremely rare
  • Naft arrow cannot be picked of the ground
  • Greek fire arrow cannot be picked of the ground
  • Naft grenade requires throwing 3
  • Greek grenade requires throwing 3

OTHER Tweaks


  • Two handed overhead thrust better than in Naitve
  • Lances animation smoothened


  • 2h wooden stick - added thrust blunt damage
  • Falx now cannot be drawn with shield
  • Greek General Helmet now has correct armor amount
  • Macuahuitl, now has 2 modes working as intended, blunt mod deos not rotate weapon in hand while on icon it does, strange.
  • Ulfberht Ornate Sword - now showing properly when sheathed.


  • Bec de Faucon - can be used with shield and on horseback
  • Wooden Hay Pitchfork - slashing removed, added 2H Thrust Overhead Spear
  • Pitchfork - slashing removed, added 2H Thrust Overhead Spear
  • Military Fork - slashing removed, added 1H/2h Thrust Overhead Spear
  • Battle Fork - slashing removed, added 1H/2h Thrust Overhead Spear
  • Long Glaive - can't be used on horseback
  • Boar Spear - model changed
  • all throwing spears got their ALT ani tweaked to better execute 1h or 2h overhead thrust
  • All Lances got lot of love
  • Both Arena Spears, removed slashing added all thrust variants


  • Armor Piercing Arrow renamed to Triangular Bodkin AP Arrow - can pen plate
  • Bodkin Arrow renamed to Needle Bodkin Arrow - can pen chain armor
  • Hunting Arrow - large damage no penetration
  • Hunting Bolt - large damage no penetration
  • Flat Headed Arrow now called Forked arrow and does blunt damage
  • Flat Headed Bolt now called Forked Bolt and does blunt damage


  • Village Elder Bribe exit dialogue window fixed.


  • escort a nobleman's daughter to a city (Native bug - fixed)


  • changed resolution and compression on 4 skyboxes for faster loading


  • Bulugha Caste prison exit - fixed
  • Custom Battle Scenes Polished Landscapes adaptaion
  • Tulbuk's Pass
  • Ulbas Castle

AI Meshes

  • Curin Castle - Siege AI Mesh Tweaked
  • Haringoth Castle - Siege AI Mesh Tweaked
  • Ryibelet Castle - Siege AI Mesh Tweaked
  • Kelderan Castle, replaced battlement
  • Radoghir - AI mesh tweaked / new barrier
  • Distar Castle - ladder/steps
  • Hrus castle - barrier move


  • Skill Prisoner Management now correctly shows 5 instead of 10
  • Removed tournament bet options from camp menu
  • Removed title Companion prefix used so far in front of party member names


  • Player's Faction Castle Guard - has proper/full weapon load-out
  • Player's Faction Royal Guard - has proper/full weapon load-out
  • Barone Tarchias got new mount
  • Naffatun archer missing body -fixed has all lods now
  • Slaver Chiefs are missing their body armor -fixed has all lods now

Few typos:

  • ingame manual - info pages updated
  • Noble Title Duce changed to correct Duca

Save compatibility:

It should be save compatible, but few features like new Nord tournament setup will not trigger until new game has been started.


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yeah, there sadly is no download link :)

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GorillaGuerrilla Author

there is now, it had to be approved

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Awesome, but it is Savegame Conpatible?

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GorillaGuerrilla Author

Is is, meaning you definitely won't crush.

Some things that are initialized at the beginning of the each game so those might not be available, such for an example as nord default tournament settings.


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hey gorilla great work for one but i had a question about the custom troops once you create a kingdom, is there a way to use morghs editor to give the troops different items i've tried it and it wont show the items on the selection screen, im thinking it must need a new play through

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GorillaGuerrilla Author

talk to them and in dialogue choose to set equipment

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This is the best mod ever made, but there is still a one big bug - traders are staying stuck on the sea unable to reach the town

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GorillaGuerrilla Author

They are not, They are docked and have caravan AI. Wait in town you will see them moving.

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I still have moneylenders adding positive or negative assets at random.

I downloaded the mod, installed it, downlaoded the patch, applied it, started a new game. My warband version is 1.174

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GorillaGuerrilla Author

Thank you very much!

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