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BannerPage is now fully localized to French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish! BannerPage 3.0 has mainly been focused on: improving and balancing game-play depending on the chosen starting roles. In addition to localization and new game mechanics related to various roles, lot of core game mechanics had been tweaked, some areas/features fully recoded, something was buffed, something nerfed all in order to provide best player experience.

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BP's 3.0 main focus was:

  1. Localization (with retained mod's full functionality)
  2. Role-play improvements - developing unique game-play based on chosen starting role
  3. Balancing, tweaking core game-play
  4. Visual and QoL improvements


BannerPage 3.0 has been fully localized to FRENCH, PORTUGUESE, RUSSIAN AND SPANISH.

It was a huge job and which could never pulled of singlehandedly, hence MANY THANKS to:

  • FRENCH translation: Daneel53
  • PORTUGUESE translation: Aush_
  • RUSSIAN translation: Dima Gonchar, ki_20, Pigrik, WolfGunt, Sycophant, Draghun , BlaZe
  • SPANISH translation: Sir_Okayun

Special thanks to Daneel53 for bringing my attention to native coding of the game menus and amendments that could be done to improve translation procedure and it's outcomes.

All translators work had been done on BP 2.2. Google translator has been used for all the text added in 3.0, so I'd like to kindly ask all the people above to review those texts and correct them if needed.

What is most important all translations have been thoroughly checked and all mod functionalities have been fully re-enabled and restored (because many of them had been changed or not complete and lost after a 3rd party localization).

Please note that in order to make localization smoother main mod font has been changed.

Tevarin Castle - Bannerpage 2.2


Each role has unique starting position, not only regarding wealth and gear, but many other important parameters including unique game mechanics and abilities. I've added intro pop up windows at start of the game which briefly explain main special characteristic of the chosen starting role hence I won't make long descriptions of all them here but instead only few:

Bandit Leader

  • Renown: 75
  • Honor: -99
  • Right to rule: -50


  • * Starting Capital: 15000 denars
  • * Ability to extort each village each month
  • * Already unlocked underground officer crew in Hidden Base
  • * Increased Salt mine slave capacity
  • * Ability to recruit bandits directly from the Campaign map
  • * Necronomicon

Important - Hidden base gives you the Ability to send slaves to mine from anywhere, sell loot and the ability to have a constant source of all bandit type recruits.

You start with a lot of cash, but first and most important advice is don't waste it, you'll need it! Do everything in your power to build a Hidden Base asap. This is where the game kicks off for you. With Hidden Base you'll obviously get a place to hide your gang away and you'll get few warehouses, but most importantly you'll acquire a group underground officers who provide a bunch of unique functionalities and game-play novelties. Please note that if you aim for own kingdom or high social status in any of the existing factions Bandit Leader is not a way to go because you start with large social handicap. To build a Hidden Base you first need to build Hideout and then upgrade it. Bandit Leader has few special abilities for example you can recruit Bandits directly from Campaign map, though you need to have enough cash on hand for a particular group. Bandit Leader can also, once a month (repeatedly), extort every single village, for a hefty sum, just talk to the village elder.

Being bad and not taking care about honor, renown and rtr puts you in a position where you can heavily exploit options that otherwise penalize such actions.

Make sure to check Extended party management options: Throw crew member into chains, kill crew member, ask crew member to please other crew members, kill prisoner, kill lord, recruit prisoner, ... All those options are available through party window dialogues.

In village menu you can choose to perform forcible recruitment and enforce villagers to join your party as members, you can steal from villages, raze and burn villages to ground, you can enslave villagers in large numbers and send them to work in salt mine for a passive income.

You can steal from caravans and farmers; you can do all sorts of bad things and then in the end decide to try going straight.

Rebellion Leader

  • Renown: 200
  • Honor: 0
  • Right to rule: 20


  • * Disabled map exhaustion
  • * Map movement skills and Leadership bonus
  • * Ability to recruit peasants directly form the campaign map
  • * Ability to recruit peasants free of charge - from the village menu (each village refreshed daily)
  • * Villagers donate food and money to your cause - from village menu (each village refreshed daily)
  • * Companion Ymira
  • * Tribal Helmet (+3 leadership)

You were about to marry to your childhood love. Your lord had Primae Noctis practice, hence you tried to marry secretly, but somehow lord did find out. Your fiance refused to obey, guards laughed and started to enforce her to come along. Fight started in seconds, you killed two guards and the other two were killed by friendly peasants, rest of them including lord flee in panic. Your wife to be was brutally killed. Your mind was shattered but you knew you couldn't stay, you quickly packed yourself and left. Many have followed you.

Rebellion Leader starts with a unique capability to recruit villagers free of charge, receive free food supplies and denar donations. Utilize Training fields and stacking Trainer skill. To avoid sneaking in towns often try finding supplies and arms at Ludus. You start accompanied by Ymira. It is a very difficult and long road to go. Your main goal should be founding your own faction and then conquering whole Calradia. Already high Right to Rule should help you to quickly settle as king.

Rudiarius - Prize fighter

  • Renown: 30
  • Honor: 0
  • Right to rule: -50


  • * All Ludus Calradius arenas and events are unlocked.
  • * Rudis (Ironlesh bonus).
  • * Well rounded fighting skills set.
  • * Well rounded weapon proficiency set.

You are Rudiarius, a gladiator who has been granted his freedom. You had bravely distinguished yourself in your very first arena fight when you have thrown yourself in front of Lanista to save his life from incoming deadly arrow. Your recovery was long and painful, but it the end, it was worth it, your Lanista has publicly presented you with a symbol of freedom, a wooden sword called Rudis!

Because of your days spent in slavery, you start the game with a large Right to rule handicap hence becoming a ruler is probably a mission impossible. Other than that you start with the best fighting skill and weapon proficiency sets which should considerably help developing your character in all other possible ways.

Since you have full access to all that Ludus Calradius has to offer try making money there and gain experience in the process to further improve your skills. When ready you could try yourself in town tournaments in the pursuit for money, fame and glory.

Ludus Calradius - Bannerpage 2.0 - Jousting Preview -


There were many changes, tweaks in all game's aspects, below is a shortlist of most notable:

Completely recoded "Troop to Companion promotion" feature. Considerably lowered troop's experience threshold. When promoting a troop to companion you can give them a name. You are limited to a single troop promotion. Your new Companion will religiously follow you through entire campaign.

You don't have to retreat from battle anymore after you've been knocked down.

Master weapon-smith and master armorer are now easier to be located, they can not only repair but also upgrade your items, for a hefty price though.

Hunting changes:

  • Added antelope in desert areas
  • Dying animal sounds are now animal specific (not just horse any-more)
  • Added pack/herd leaders.
  • Re-balanced hunt trophies and prizes.

Game QoL player tweaking options added:

  • You can now choose to prolong freelancer campaign if you want to.
  • You can enable/disable permadeath – you can now die
  • You can enable/disable the requirement to meet village elders and town merchants.

Virake's face replacement mini mod implemented for courtesans faces only.

After long testing Crouch is by default now disabled for balancing purposes. It is fully functional though and you can enable it by editing module.ini (change can_crouch = 0 into can_crouch = 1 and save).

New mercenary troops:

  • Jöfurr
  • Turcopolier
  • Condottiero
  • Iberian Slinger
  • Baleric Slinger





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d0415 - - 28 comments

Hello GorillaGuerilla!

I've been playing Bannerpage for a few years now, and I'm really glad to have you back! It's good to see that you've made some updates to this mod, and I really look forward to seeing all the changes you've made.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+14 votes
GorillaGuerrilla Author
GorillaGuerrilla - - 502 comments

Thanks, really appreciated.

Reply Good karma+10 votes
Guest - - 698,362 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Perriry - - 186 comments

I couldn't say it better!
Thanks for your hard work GorillaGuerrilla, can't wait to see the new update!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Guest - - 698,362 comments

Thanks for your work man, this is by far my favorite mod and I planned to start probably my 10th playthrough today. It's good I checked your page lol can't wait for tomorrow

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
tcwjm - - 50 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GorillaGuerrilla Author
GorillaGuerrilla - - 502 comments

No discord.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 698,362 comments

thats great , i hate discord... full of liberals

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
TheOnlineCommander - - 15 comments

I'm excited for this especially as a Medieval Geek

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TriggerHavoc - - 3 comments

Is this the final version or will there be more in the future?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Guest - - 698,362 comments

Hello, this is an amazing mod, thanks a lot!

I have a litle problem, i put 53 prisoners in the mine and now i cant access them any more, it said that the mine is full. Is there a way to take them out?
i want to exchange the high unit prisoners for looters

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
GorillaGuerrilla Author
GorillaGuerrilla - - 502 comments

Nope. For better understanding Imagine that they are stripped of their gear once they became slaves.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
cseijif - - 5 comments

small isue with the companion feature, it seems it's bugged since when i give a name to the to be companion the next screen dosent allow me to click , or type, or do anything to keep move along the dialogue, would youhave any solution about it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GorillaGuerrilla Author
GorillaGuerrilla - - 502 comments

You probably added some files, translation file most likely. Don't do that,all translations are shipped with the mod. Reinstall the mod cleanly, don't add anything and it will 100% work.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
PTK_2k7 - - 1 comments

I have the same problem. I create a new run, get a knight right away (using cheat), and was able to make him my companion. But when I try to do it on my main run it just freezes after I name him
I have redownloaded the mod and didn't change anything.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 698,362 comments

Did a playthrough in 2.2, great mod.
A few questions if I may.
1. Is there a way to set villages to always give the same type of recruit regardless of faction ownership? Like in unmodded.
2. How do you start the quests for unique weapons? I was in good standing with Swadia and Harlaus but he still won't gove the quest.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
GorillaGuerrilla Author
GorillaGuerrilla - - 502 comments

1. Villagers don't give recruits, owner raises and equips them. best example are your troops once you are a king, you can choose any culture or your own custom troops. This is also the reason why in BP you need a good relations to raise certain troops. Alternatively you can enforce villagers into your army without basic training and equipment and you'll get levies. or only as a Rebel leader you can recruit peasants themselves.
2. There are are conditionals, high renown is one of them, you have to be perceived worthy and trustworthy at the same time.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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