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new deadline for the contest. the article will go more in deapth as usual. read it if you wish.

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allright i havent payed much attention to this group since exam season started so its time for a new deadline for the banner and header image contsest.

saturday the 28th will be our new deadline, provided we're all still living lol just kidding, i dont belive the worlds gonna end anytime soon. ANYWAYS, yeah thats the new deadline to have your entries submitted OR edited.

ladies and gentlmen,m here is your competition (so far):

ARC Beta 2

by Akalanor

ARC Beta 1

also by Akalanor

aliance to restor cannon 3D

by Shadowdude100

aliance to restor cannon shadow

also by Shadowdude100


again by shadowdude100

ARC banner or header contest entry1

by MandoBardanJusik

now time for header images:

heres my other entry thing enjoy

by MandoBardanJusik

A.R.C. Logo

by Ori`verda

needless to say, we need more header image entries


These are all good, but man I thought we were going to have more participation!

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Commissar_Delta Author

i know, im waiting for nick to decide, but if hes computer isnt repaird soon i might either pick it myself or hold an election

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Hmm, what if one were to take them emblem for the Galactic Alliance Guard (I believe there is one) and simply modify the words up a bit?

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i say the second one by akalanor looks the best simple to the poit without too much jumbled items in it but all are nice.

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