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Antlion and Resistance/Allied Combine coexistence, allied CPs + ability to use AR2 and shotgun, less robotic AI alert reaction and expanded difficulty changes.

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In Half-Life 2, while assaulting Nova Prospekt, if you spawned citizens nearby your antlions, both parties will attack each other, regardless of the player's control over the antlions.

This is understandable, since Valve did not intended to have rebels fighting alongside antlions.

This is not the case in Badass Combine, however. Here, you can have Resistance fighters and allied Combine forces coexisting with your antlions.

A few special notes:

1) You can spawn Resistance medics, demonstrated from beginning, but confirmed at 00:43.
2) Antlions no longer one hit kill Combine Soldiers, this is best evidenced at 01:03.

Talking about allied Combine, you can spawn Civil Protection Officers to your side, as the video below demonstrates.

Also, CPs can now properly use the AR2 pulse rifle and shotgun.

Allied CPs Allied CPs

When NPCs are alerted, their reaction is far less robotic than in HL2.

And last, the difficulty changes are now expanded beyond simply damage/hit-point/ammo changes.

Easy Difficulty: HEV Suit absorbs 100% of damage, preventing you from flinching while hit.

Medium Difficulty: HEV Suit absorbs 80% of damage, no longer preventing you from flinching while hit.

Hard Difficulty: HEV Suit absorbs 70% of damage.

Easy Difficulty: Infinite flashlight and suit's power (sprint and oxygen)

Medium Difficulty: No infinite flashlight and suit's power. Flashlight takes 90 seconds to fully drain and 45 seconds to fully restore.

Hard Difficulty: Same description of previous difficulty. Flashlight takes 90 seconds to fully restore, however.

Easy Difficulty: No recoil/view punch for all weapons, pistol's dynamic spread disabled, the shotgun is now a semi-automatic only weapon, no bullet drop for crossbow, RPG's rocket ignition is instantaneous.

Medium and Hard Difficulties: Recoil/view punch for all weapons restored, pistol's dynamic spread restored, the shotgun is now a pump-action only weapon, bullet drop for crossbow restored, RPG's rocket ignition takes 0.3 seconds, just like in vanilla HL2.

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can this work for cinimatic mod?

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