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Police brutality has been given a whole new meaning.

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Lots of progress and bug-fixing has been done since the mod's first news.

This will not be the only news of this week, however. Expect more!

The videos below showcase the improvements done to the CP Officers.

Here, manhacks will appear and confront you much earlier. You can hide from the CPs, but the same can't be said for the manhacks.

A better highlight of the CPs improved AI. Now they're responsive while under fire, immediately moving to cover, rather than standing on the same spot like idiots.

Some of them doesn't even need to be shot to take cover.

Unfortunately, no CPs carry manhacks on this level to harass the player, while in cover, but this is about to change very soon on the next news.

More AI showcasing and manhack mayhem.

Note the CPs wielding pistols are not charging head-on the player like they did in HL2.

Also, there are CPs who will fire the submachine gun from the shoulder instead from the hip, significantly increasing their accuracy. And there will be many of them who'll have this feature.

Xamp - - 556 comments

As cool as these improvements sound, i think a bunch of manhacks on every map that has many CPs would significantly worsen the fun-factor, for me personaly. Those things are annoying as hell, so swarms of them, whenever there are groups of CPs around, would just make those parts really frustrating instead of more fun or challenging, for me. But otherwise, this looks cool as really cool, so keep it up.

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RykahKnight - - 146 comments

Really great work you're doing here!

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BlazeHedgehog - - 304 comments

I appreciate the work you're doing here, but I don't necessarily agree with introducing the manhacks so soon. I know it makes the Combine more formidable to fight, but it sort of spoils the moment you get later on when they are officially introduced in to the narrative. That alone kind of makes me want to avoid this mod.

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