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I had a good long break, but I am back in action with new ideas and more experience.

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Hi guys,

I am back for C&C3 modding and I have alot of stuff to tell you.

About the past:
In the first month of my break I was looking into the CryEngine3 to find out if the engine is suited for my mod. And indeed it is. You have the Sandbox editor with its flow graph system, you can rewrite the whole engine code if you like or simply include a XML-code like we have in C&C3, really good physics, gigantic maps and many things more. But it is a real heck of a work to change a FPS into a RTS game especially with a load of RPG elements. So I screwed that project. I can now understand why programming can be a shitty work.

Next step was in Skyrim. There I started a project called "The Asen", a RPG about the Asen of Timeless War. And it also wasnt a bad way, but the tools for implementing the models are just garbage. The community of TES5 can do really good stuff with it, but for me its just causing me headache... Anyway, if you want to check out some of that stuff, here is my new YT-Channel:

Present and future:
The main reason why Im coming back to C&C3 is because I miss making RTS and C&C is definitively my best choice. Also I see that my watchers over the months did not decreased, but rather increased. So this is also a tribute to you guys! Thanks for staying with me! :))

The trip I made through CE3 and Skyrim wasnt a waste. I learned alot in that time especially about modelling. In the past I made all models unique as you can see in my open source model pack and by that any unit needed its own animation. That was just painful... But now I am focusing on more unified models based on the motto: one size fits all. Dont worry, some units will have their specific size thanks to Bibber W3XScale tool. Ragnarok for example was one of my most complex models I've ever made. I spent about 2 months and still wasnt done. Thats about to change as well - the models will still be HD of course.

As speaking of new models, WIP snapshots will most like be posted on my ModDB profile, just to mention it. In my screenshot gallery you will find some recent work in progress I made, the so called Striker unit. It belongs to a faction, which one I will reveal later, I planned for a long time to implement into the game.

For more things I will keep you up to date. So stay tuned for updates. ;)

Also take a look at the storyline basics of the Timeless War universe, please. ;)
Storyline Basics #1 - String Theory and Wormholes:

Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

Glad to see you back mate, you made a good choice :)

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*memory-on-Goldberg* - - 492 comments

Hallo Christian,

wir freuen uns alle riesig das du zurück zu CnC kommst. Ich weiß das die SAGE Engine veraltet ist und deine Ziele die du mit "Timeless War" hast nur bedingt erfühlen kann. Deshalb habe ich für dich eine eventuelle Alternative :) die Open Source Engine von Half Life 2. Ich denke diese könnte dir alles bieten was du erreichen möchtest mit "Timeless War" und es gibt bereits auch eine Mod die auf RTS umgeschwenkt hat.

Vielleicht können die Modder von dieser Mod dir helfen und Tipps geben um von FPS besser zu RTS zu kommen. Ich wünsche dir maximale Erfolge und freue mich auf neue Updates. :)


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Medusa_Zenovka Author
Medusa_Zenovka - - 1,007 comments

Daran hatte ich auch schon gedacht, bei der CE3 gibt es aber wenigstens eine Tutorial-Serie wie man ein RTS macht und dazu ist die CE3 weitaus benutzerfreundlicher, mal vom Source Film Maker abgesehen. Ich bleibe bei C&C3, ich werd ein paar Abstriche machen müssen, aber hauptsache ist, dass das Modden wieder Spaß macht. ;)

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*memory-on-Goldberg* - - 492 comments

du machst damit eine menge Fans glücklich :)

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