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Here is our current changelog for Back to Basics v1.3, which hopfully will be released in the near future.

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Back to Basics: Battle of the Hedges v1.3

- Redesigned Infantry Commander Tree:
right side: defensive ops (1) > off-map arty (2) > m2a1 105mm Howitzer (2)
left side: rangers (3) > off-map reinforcements (3) > priest (2)
bottom: rapid response (1) > 76mm AT nest (2)
- Fixed the delay bug from American Captain Off-Map Artillery.
- Fixed the delay bug from Commonwealth Forward Officer Observers.
- Fixed that Bunker Buster Ammunition would often miss it's target.
- Reduced Wehrmacht Bunker fuel cost from 20 to 10.
- Panzer Elite bunkers constructed by Bergetiger changed to Medic Bunker at a cost of 200 manpower and 35 munitions.
- Bergetiger can now construct Medic Bunkers.
- Bergetiger now repairs vehicles at a faster rate.
- Bergetiger can no longer crush tank traps or hedges.
- Lowered Wehrmacht Waffen SS Leutnant reinforce time.
- Lowered Knights Cross Holders reinforce time.
- Shocktroopers are harder to suppress.
- Shocktroopers can no longer camouflage.
- Shocktroopers can no longer throw incendiary grenades.
- Bundled Grenade munition cost reduced from 50 to 35.
- Brute Force Kommand STG44 upgrade cost reduced to 100 manpower and 75 munitions.
- Fixed various overlapping hotkeys.
- American Weapon Teams are now armed with the M3 Grease Gun instead of the M1 Carbine.
- M1 Carbine damage, accuracy and fire rate increased.
- Logistic Engineers reworked to Armored Infantry with new GUI icons:
Armored Infantry are armed with 4 M1 Carbines, can follow vehicles and use Advanced Repair, and come with nice new GUI icons.
- War Machine now also affects the M8 Scott and M36 Jackson, and will also replace jeeps and Deuce and a Half's (but they don't count for the limit of 2 vehicles).
- Infantry now get the munition recharge icon above their head when a Deuce and a Half or Opel Blitz is near.
- Fixed that the engine critical hit could stack endlessly.
- Ostwind Accuracy long, medium and short range accuracy nerfed.
- Commonwealth Mortar Barrage range increased from 75 to 100.
- Commonwealth Supercharge Mortar Barrage range increased from 100 to 125.
- New symbol for Hummel and Nashorn.
- Increased Pak38 penetration vs. Pershing from 0.45 to 0.56.
- Decreased Pershing damage from 135/165 to 120/140.
- Decreased M36 Jackson damage from 135/165 to 120/140.
- Increased Panther penetration vs. Pershing from 0.56 to 0.66.
- Firestorm Area of Effect radius decreased from 25 to 22.
- Increased Delay time before Firestorm starts.
- Fixed no-smoke bug on Firestorm.
- Increased delay between each Firestorm rocket from 0.25/1.0 to 0.75/1.25.
- Decreased Henschel Bomber Damage from 150/175 to 125/175.
- Decreased Henschel Bomber scatter radius.
- Decreased Precision Rocket Battery munition cost from 100 to 75.
- Reworked Bren Light Machine Gun upgrade into Support Element; It will equip 1 Bren Light Machine Gun and 1 Boys Anti-Tank Rifle.
- Reworked Rifle Grenade upgrade into Assault Element; it will equip 1 Rifle Grenadier and 1 Boys Anti-Tank Rifle.
- Reduced reload time for Rifle Grenades.
- Increased Infantry Section health from 74 to 83.
- Increased Sapper health from 71 to 90.
- Increased Lieutentant health from 77 to 103.
- Increased Captain health from 77 to 103.
- Highlanders come standard with the 2 Boys Anti-Tank Rifles.
- Increased Commonwealth Machine Gun Nest health from 650 to 700.
- Fixed the bug that American Machine Gun crews could throw grenades.
- Increased Vickers Machine Gun damage from 12/14 to 15/20, matching all other Machine Guns.
- Increased American Machine Gun Nest damage, matching the mobile .30cal Machine Gun.
- Decreased Calliope Call-in manpower cost from 650 to 600.
- Fixed population cost for Kangaroo call-in.
- Decreased Jagdtiger movement and rotation speed to match the King Tiger.
- Increased camouflaged shots before revealing from Pak38 from 1 to 2.
- Fixed that the Pak38 could not turn while camouflaged.
- Increased Panzer IV penetration vs. Sherman armour from 0.5 to 0.9.
- Decreased M1A1c 76mm Sherman upgrade fuel cost from 50 to 35.
- Manpower Strategic Points income increased from +3 to +8 per minute. If secured +13.
- Increased emplacement survivability.
- Fixed that the Sd.Kfz. 250/9 was much more powerfull than the Armored Car.
- Reverted Kangaroo Critical type to be armour, instead of Halftrack.
- Brute Force Kommand now properly shows the yellow range circle on the minimap when placing it, as intended.
- Lowered King Tiger health from 2360 to 1800.
- Lowered Jagdpanther Health from 1888 to 1500.
- Lowered Jagdtiger health from 2360 to 1800.
- Decreased Anti-Tank Grenade damage vs buildings from 1x to 0.35x.

im_a_lazy_sod - - 96 comments

Sounds good - am very happy about the Pak38 fix to be able to turn when cammo'd and be able to stay hidden for an extra shot

Also the PIV vs Sherman penetration is good

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βéϯд - - 419 comments

no offence or anything but can you please make a non launcher version as launchers dont work on my comp (exept EF which is the only launcher that works) and i really want to play this mod :S thanks if possible

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mortarman - - 23 comments

Keep up the good work. I should say this is really a good mod. However, I would like to add that I believe the damage model should not be too much messed up with. I have experienced infantry blowing up a tank easier than they should.

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countmedwell - - 5 comments

can i ask few questions,dont hate pl0x..
1."Bergetiger can no longer crush tank traps or hedges."Why not ,it has a Tiger chasis which is a heavy tank
2."Shocktroopers can no longer camouflage." If they cant camouflage anymore how will they be any different from other infrantry,how will they "shock" the enemy?

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Celution Author
Celution - - 528 comments

The Bergetiger is capable of building Road Blocks, which is pretty useless if the tank itself will crush hedges and other tank traps while constructing it. However I think we removed the Roadblocks from the Bergetiger now and moved them to the Gebirgjäger squad, so maybe we will re-add the heavy crush. It was also done for balancing reasons.

The Shocktroopers currently are the most powerfull assault squad ingame, having 5 man as strong as Knights Cross Holders, armed with STG44's (when upgraded), bundled grenades, satchel charges and fire-up. It also was removed for balancing.

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countmedwell - - 5 comments

im like 5-6 times a day watching this section for some news,think im addicted to this mod...

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Celution Author
Celution - - 528 comments

That's cool to hear, we apprieciate that you like it so much! I'm on holiday for now until august 1st, so there won't be any updates/releases until then, as AGameAnx and me always mod together. I'll try to release v1.3 as soon as possible when I'm back.

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