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Last news about Azure Sheep remake, wait you on Discord.

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Greetings dear followers

We want to tell you the most important news of latest days of developing:

Our work on the maps is stable, everybody in our team is busy on something.
Ready locations are currently being polished :

improve 2
improve 1

We're also working on weapons and interface.
There are the latest changes:

- Added Stunstick sounds;
- Changed Beretta sounds;
- Adapted IIopn's Beretta model;


- Changed shotgun sounds;
- Changed original shotgun model (added folded stock);
- Slightly changed security guard hands texture (by hombre alfa).


Menu Changes:
- Added rollover and click sounds to some elements in menu;
- Reworked CheckButton icons.

HUD Changes:
- Added new keyboard/mouse buttons icons for in-game hints;
- Added Beretta-Shotgun icon
- A bit more darker HUD color scheme;
- Changed crosshair color to white;
- Changed other weapons and ammo icons (by Acoma);
- Changed HUD numbers font (by NightBerkut).

Other Changes:
- New flashlight texture (by pillow);
- Added color correction.

Chapters Completion:
- "Work, work and work" - 90%
- "I`m coming, Kate!" - 35%

Join to our Discord :

With best regards

HECU Collective.


Fantastic progress!

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It is a wonderful and colossal advance.

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looks realy good :)

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This mod looks absolutely incredible so far, my only complain is the lack of faithful remakes of the weapons like the pool cue and more.

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Faber- AuthorOnline

Sorry about this , we can`t

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Now that's some great progress :) Keep it up!

few questions if I may...

- do you plan to change the appearance of Adrian Shephard so that it might fit in the HL timeline? Ooor do you plan to completely scrap that part?

- (similar question)...the "Apprehension" part with Gordon - will you still be able to interact with Gordon, or do you plan to make it so that you (as the player) are just a witness of Gordons' fight and unexpected knock out from some distance?

- After loosing all the weapons is there gonna be another melee weapon, or the same? :)

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Faber- AuthorOnline

2: Witness
3: Top secret

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Great progress ! Can't wait of it to be finished ! Also can you give us an estimated release date ?

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Faber- AuthorOnline

We can`t , too early talkin about this

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Your link to Discord is expired

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