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Today we share the final Aztec age article, this time depicting how the Aztec Fourth age will look like.

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Hello, brave Aztec younglings!

In our last updates, we shared with you the Aztec 4th gods, myth units, and technologies. Today we want to share in general terms how the Aztec 4th age will look like, the general cultural aspects that are available to Aztec Major Gods once the mythic age is reached; we have also made changes to some Aztec Units and the Tlatoani.

Aztec changes:

  • The siege ladder has been removed. We found this unit interesting but not really useful, during our long testing time we rarely use it. It allows units to unload beyond enemy walls and raid enemy villagers, however, obtained prisoners cannot be brought back until walls are destroyed, so a siege ladder is not really beneficial.
  • Cuextecatl warrior no longer deals bonus damage against infantry. We realized Aztecs already have enough anti-infantry units (2), and having a third one is just too much and a waste of units. We still wanted to keep the Cuextecatl warrior, and now instead it has little base damage and deals no bonus damage, but has a good amount of hit points; this makes it a reliable cannon fodder unit for tanking purposes.
  • Nahual mechanic has been removed from Tlatoani. We consider Tlatoani already has enough attributes and features, and we feel the Nahual mechanic turns him to be ability-overloaded. So we have decided to remove it; Nonetheless, Nahual feature will be available to some campaign heroes.

marker Buildings

The following buildings will become available to the Aztecs in the Mythic Age


A magnificent monument that can provide the builder another means to victory in Supremacy mode. Aztec wonders share the same stats with all other civilizations.

Huitzilopochtli's wonder has been based on the Huey Teocalli or Great Temple of Tenochtitlan. It features a double stairway pyramid and the shrines consecrated to Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli on the top.

Quetzalcoatl’s wonder depicts features taken from some of his most famous temples, Teotihuacan, Tenochtitlan and Xochicalco.

Tezcatlipoca’s wonder has been based on the best Aztec reference we have from a palace: the Calmecac of Tenochtitlan.

Wonder for Hutzilopochtli:

Huitzi wonder

Wonder for Quetzalcoatl:

Quetz wonder

Wonder for Tezcatlipoca:

Tezca wonder

Titan Gate

A building that needs to be excavated by commoners, when completed, it releases the Aztec Titan, the strongest of all units. Aztec Titan Gate shares the same stats with all other civilizations. The Aztec Titan is Cipactli, the primeval sea monster of creation! According to the myth, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca joined forces to chase the monster and created the world from his body. Tezcatlipoca even offered his left foot as bait in order to chase the monster!

Aztec Titan in-game:


marker Units

In the Mythic Age, Aztecs can train a unit unique to their major god. The following units will become available to the Aztecs in the Heroic Age


Feathered Serpent Warrior: Quetzalcoatl’s unique unit. Ranged unit armed with a sling, good against archers, and has a short-ranged attack decent against buildings.

Population cost: 2 / Hack damage: 0 / Pierce damage: 8 / Hack armor: 10% / Pierce armor: 30%

Age: IV / Cost: 60 wood, 40 gold / HP: 85 / Speed: 4.50 /Trained: Calmecac

Feathered Serpent Warrior in-game:

feathered warriors

Shorn Warrior: Infantry unique to Huitzilopochtli. Fast infantry with an area attack. Good against infantry.

Population cost: 2 / Hack damage: 7 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 30% / Pierce armor: 20%

Age: IV / Cost: 60 food, 60 gold / HP: 100 / Speed: 4.80 /Trained: Calmecac

Shorn Warrior in-game:


Skull Knight: Infantry unique to Tezcatlipoca. Slow, armored and strong against cavalry and buildings.

Population cost: 3 / Hack damage: 9 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 40% / Pierce armor: 10%

Age: IV / Cost: 55 food, 75 gold / HP: 145 / Speed: 3.80 /Trained: Calmecac

Skull Knight in-game:

skull knights

Coyote Priest: The last of the Aztec hero units. Runner hero, strong against myth units and archers. Cannot pick up relics.

Population cost: 3 / Hack damage: 9 / Pierce damage: 0 / Hack armor: 30% / Pierce armor: 30%

Age: IV / Cost: 50 food, 80 gold / HP: 145 / Speed: 5.48 /Trained: Calmecac

Coyote Priest in-game:


Craftsmen Guild

Quicklime Slinger: Aztec’s second siege unit. Siege Archer, good at long range against buildings, siege weapons and ships.

Population cost: 2 / Hack damage: 4 / Crush damage: 12 / Hack armor: 10% / Pierce armor: 70%

Age: IV / Cost: 90 wood, 60 gold / HP: 75 / Speed: 3.50 /Trained: Craftsmen Guild

Quicklime Slinger in game:


Aztec Naval Units!

We haven’t talked yet about naval units and it is time to do so. Aztec naval units are canoes; they follow the same rock-scissors-paper counter system shared by all civilizations. Aztec canoes are weaker than those naval units from other civilizations, but they also are cheaper and take less population meaning that Aztec players can field more of them.

Aztec naval units (Transport Canoe, War Canoe, Siege Canoe, and Ramming Canoe):


What's next?

That's all for today's update, our next update will be a gameplay video depicting the 4th age features and mechanics! It will be released a lot sooner than you think so just stay tuned!


~The Return of the Gods Team

Here’s a gallery of pictures showing the Aztec units champion upgrades as well as some IV age pictures, enjoy:

Champion Spearman:

Champion spear

Champion Tequihuah Archer:

champ archer

Champion Cuextecatl warrior:

champ cuextecatls

Champion Papalotl Runner:

champ papalotl

Champion Otomitl Knight:

Champ otomitl

Champion Eagle Knight:

Champ eagle

Champion Jaguar Knight:

Champ jaguar

Heavy Ram:



Really interesting work your team has done. This is really professional, it is indeed Microsoft level probably even better.

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It´s better because this work was made with love and historically accurate. :3

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Good day good sir. Is the a discord for this mod?

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ABI3 Author

Hi sorry for the late reply

there are two discord communities:

• English community:
• Spanish community:

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I can see that the aztec titan looks like godzilla, I know right now that I have to play it and I can't wait

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Well Cipactli make sense because that monster on the aztec mythology, after it died it becomes on the earth, that mean the mountains and else are part of the body of cipactli.

And actually is a crocodile.

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Excellent work

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Hey friends! Thank you, I hope all of you are playing with us this Sunday.

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Fantastic work as always! 😸

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