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Avaruustaistelupeli release 0.4.5 for Win64, OSX and Linux.

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This time I concentrated mainly for ship crafting aspect. The game is now quite feature-complete, so it is time to end the 0.4.x -cycle and move on to 0.5.x. During the next cycle, I'll focus upgrading the graphical side as well as polishing and balancing the existing features.

Download links: Windows, OSX, Linux

Major features

Custom fleets for tournament

Compose fleets in shipyard...

fleet editor

... and use them in tournaments.

select fleet

New module types

Cannon boosters that make lasers go to eleven.

cannon booster

Afterburners for more powerful boarding.

thruster booster

Fixes and smaller improvements

  • Button for browsing into the ship persistence folder, and another one for copying the path to system clipboard. Also, ship and fleet files are now more clearly visible.

    dir buttons

  • Reset -button (ctrl+shift+r in any menu page) for resetting settings.
  • Lots of improvements to shipyard UI: undo/redo -fixes, tooltips always stay completely visible, faster dropdown scrolling etc.
  • Fixes to resolution handling and UI scaling (continued from, thanks for all the reporters).
  • AI should be a little more competent with energy balls.
  • Backup energy calculation fixes.
  • Improved and hopefully clarified the energy transport cost calculation (now called energy utilization rate).
  • Energy sources no longer reduce the energy utilization rate.


  • UI scaling gets blurred on smaller resolutions. Full HD resolution (1920x1080) or better is highly recommended, until I get this fixed.

The next versions

  • Increasing the polygon count of module meshes from 12 to 24 and beyond.
  • Making the UI (mainly icons and fonts) vector-based and scalable.
  • Diversifying the AI behavior: instead of having just skill levels, there will be a set of opponents with distinct characteristics.
  • Upgrading to Unity's new input system and making controls customizable.
  • And a last minute note: the prototype of new module base has just arrived. It will soon replace the current one (shown in the background).

new module

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