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I've released a 2D game to the PlayStore. This is the result of a few months work on weekends to blow off some steam.

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This week I've released a 2D game you can download for free in the Google PlayStore. It was originally called "Don't Drive Under the Influence", but I had to change it entirely and I gave it a new name "To Eat Love". I changed the idea from drugs to being in love, yes, I know, ridiculous stuff, but the gameplay is still the same. Your senses are distorted and you need to get home safe.

Here's the link to the game, and a video of how it ended up. The changes are minimal. We're still working on a bigger 3D game, this I did by myself to clear my mind a bit, from everyday work, and from the other project "Ice Cold Blood".

You start off with 3 credits. When you're out you can get more if you watch an ad. You can also buy 100 credits. I hope you can play it and I hope you have some fun with it.

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