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Monthly update with programming news, revisit to the alpha of ADR(Pre-Techdemo days)amongst other things.

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Main news:
I have been working alot on trying to impliment Grinding into ADR.
Currently it is working, but still has some bugs that need to ironing out and momentum needs to be coded as currently he travels along the rail at a certain speed. Jumping on the rail is currently possible but jumping from rail to rail is currently not possible yet.

Badniks have been updated and have a firing state now for ranged attacks.
The old Buzzbomber from the UT2004 Techdemo has been revised and updated slightly and put into the game and fires at the player.

The Hud has been updated yet again and done away with the Sonic '06/Unleashed variant look.
I've updated the braking code due to the fact that Boosting or running at a very high speed Sonic would perform his classic braking animation. With the thought that most likely he'd either break his legs or fall over himself. So I added the Sliding move for high speed braking along with a visual effect.

Mac Support for UDK, but Not for ADR: *NEW UPDATED*
With the latest release of the Unreal Development Kit, brings with it development support for Apple Mac computers. But there is a downside to this. In order to port ADR to Apple Macs. I would have to pay Apple $99 per year in order to obtain a developer license in order for the game to be submitted to the Apple Mac Store. This may change in the coming months though.

SonicGDK: New update.
Xaklse has released a new updated version of the SonickGDK.
If you don't know what it is. Its ADR's framework.
For those who have been following this project since the begining you may remember back in 2006 that we said we would give you the tools to create your own Modifications to ADR, Well Xaklse did one better. Use the framework to make YOUR own Sonic 3d Fangame using ADR's underlaying structure today!

Download links: Here

A little piece of hidden history:
Browsing youtube as I do at times, checking up on what people are saying about ADR to get some ideas on what cool things they think should be added into the game. I came across some videos from my old buddy Blaze who was formerly on the team showcasing some gameplay from way back in 2006 before the guns were removed from the mod. The videos show part of the Marble Zone test map, and ADR's version of Capture the flag gametype called Emerald Hunt.

The concept was simple collect the emeralds and take them to your Emerald chamber/power chamber. Depending on which team you was on. You also could steal emeralds from the opposing team.
The idea was eventually scrapped due to the amount of time spent trying to get them. It was just too time consuming and deemed unfit for a multiplayer game.

So for anyone interested in the early development of ADR check out the videos:
* Alpha: Emerald Hunt: here
* Alpha: Marble Zone test map: here

August/September 2011 Update progress:
* Updated Boost animation to have less jiggle.
* Updated Falling animation.
* Added two new idle Animations.
* Added new Spring jump animation.
* Fix glitch in Jog animation.
* Realistic Sun & Moon effect for Skyboxes.
* Day to Night transistion map created to be incorperated into 'Any' game map.
* Trip actor implimented.
* Single Player Hud redesigned and simplified.
* Chaos energy gauge now implimented.
* QuickStep visual effect implimented.
* Implimented Attacking/Firing state into Badnik controller.
* Updated TechDemo 2008 Buzzbomber Badnik & ported into the game.
* Sliding ability implimented into braking code.
* Grinding now 60% implimented.
* Life system 30% implimented

Important Note:
As of early/mid October things will be grinding to a halt. I will be undergoing tendon reconstruction on my hand and wont be able to do any 'hands on work' on the game. The only thing I possibly will be able to do at the end of October will be programming and I wont fully be able to resume working on ADR doing textures, models, and level design work until probably late November/December.

SliderFF - - 896 comments

great! dl GDK)

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sayi50 - - 16 comments

Great going, it's good to see that things are still getting developed! Can't wait to see the full game.

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shadowbane2009 - - 13 comments

Sorry to hear about the tendon reconstruction but I hope your recovery goes well man. Surgery on anything is never a fun picnic that's for sure. I still am soooo looking forward to this mod. I've been watching this for a number of years and this one has been the "THE ONE" to watch in my opinion lol. Good luck with everything.

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ZTH2009 - - 13 comments

Great to hear!

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Undisputed_91 - - 160 comments

Sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery. Hope everything goes well.

All the best :)

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Dekrayzis Author
Dekrayzis - - 284 comments

Thanks guys for the kind words. The only reason why I still work on this project is due to the amount of people that wish to see this game have a release. I hope I don't disappoint to much when it finally does have a demo or a full release.

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Moodydave - - 447 comments

Hope everything goes well.

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