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A large update containing some more details on Capture the Flag mode, Naval Units and some of our new maps!

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It's been quite a while since we updated on ModDB, and anywhere else for that matter too! To put it simply we've all been busy with all sorts of life related things and the aspects of the mod that have been worked on are those that I can't really show you such as the AI coding. So straight to the point, I've been working hard on finalizing the aspects of the Capture the Flag gamemode which will be included with Tiberian Odyssey, it changes the focus of your usual skirmish match making your objective to capture the enemies Flag with an engineer which then wins you the game!

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Other differences are that you now no longer harvest Tiberium during a CTF match, but rely on Supply Depots which will spawn Goodie Crates for you ranging from money, free units, unit upgrades and map reveals. For balance reasons you now have a restriction on your selection of buildings and units available to you (being able to build anti infantry turrets and units would be overpowered) however the units you now have access to are some of the none buildable units from the Campaign and additional different units can be found at Supply Depots.

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Moving on from the talk of Game Modes, a lot of work has been going towards getting the naval units of Tiberian Odyssey ready for proper use and whilst doing so I thought I'd get some more appropriate images of the current units. We intend the two main factions to have 3 naval units each and so far we have a fair few units to show off.


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The Pallas serves as GDI's main battleship, armed with medium - long range missiles, the Pallas will fire a burst of 4 missiles at it's target at a time with the ability to target air units.


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The Trident is a heavy hitting battlecruiser armed with a powerful Firestorm based plasma cannon. It can hit targets at a long range and fires two blasts per attack. Whilst powerful, it's unable to engage close range targets, making it vulnerable.


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The Poseidon is literally a floating super weapon. Armed with a vertical launching ballistic missile which splits into several other missiles the Poseidon can deliver massive scale damage at very long range. It's heavily armoured and can take a good beating but like the Trident, it's inability to attack close range targets can quickly make this unit highly vulnerable.


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These jetski based units are light, fast and agile. Whilst weakly armoured their speed more than makes up for this handicap when encountering the larger more cumbersome GDI ships. Armed with dual rocket launchers with a short - medium range they are capable of dealing minor damage to enemy fleets but like the fish it's named after, it can be devastating in groups.


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The Hydra serves as Nods main naval unit and demonstrates Nods devastating new electrical based weaponry. Rather than packing brute force for its firepower the Hydra fires an arc of lightning at it's target which can split into several arcs hitting mutliple enemies at a time if fired at long range whilst short range targets recieve the full power of the original lightning arc. Whilst the Hydra is a powerful unit in its own right, it still doesn't have the sheer grunt and armour to stand up to GDI's heavy battleships and is usually accompanied by Piranha reinforcements.

Forgotten Riverboat

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Whilst not hightech or advanced peices of equipment, these old hovercrafts have been spotted serving the needs of The Forgotten delivering soldiers and supplies around coastline and river areas. Thanks to their design they are able to traverse both water and land making them highly valued amongst the Mutant communties. Whilst technically unarmed they have been known to be used to lay water mines in some areas.

CABAL Submarine

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An incredibly rare unit. Amongst the GDI fleets these submarines are more considered a legend or myth. Whilst some Nod captains claim to have seen these mysterious units before the details on them remain completely unknown. Approach with extreme caution.

Also, we have two new maps to show which have been specifically designed for Capture the Flag gamemode. Clicking the mini previews will lead you to the larger ingame versions, though please note these can be very large images.

Green Becomes Brown - 2 Players

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Hourglass - 2 Players

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Deadpikle - - 24 comments

I love the fact that I thought of Renegade when I saw Hourglass :) Nice work!

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Joshy_ - - 39 comments

I love CTF.

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FoxFort - - 1,555 comments

Wow nice

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Yanivvv - - 483 comments

Nice i love everything except the fact that GDI has 2 units with the same role ><
both the trident and the poseidon are shore bombardment ships
I think you should change one ot them to a dedicated AA warship or completly remove it and make a small recon ship...
Love the other unit the CTF mode and the new maps though :)

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Orac| - - 896 comments

Not entirely true. The Poseidon is indeed a shore bombardment ship, with a weapon completely unsuitable for attacking moving targets or even targets capable of moving. A little micromanagement by an enemy player can easily see attack boats inside the Poseidon's minimum range.
However, the Trident is mostly anti-ship. With a cannon which fires Firestorm plasma, there's not much time an attack boat has to lock on and fire before the Trident can seriously damage them. Since to the best of my knowledge the Trident cannot outrange the Nod obelisk, it's not so well suited to base attack, at least against Nod.
The Pallas is a multi-role ship, but is best at hitting other ships and aircraft. This makes the Pallas pretty much the prefect escort ship, patrol boat, scout, or in a pinch it can be 90% of your navy.

In this way, a navy built to attack enemy bases is more likely to be comprised of a Poseidon and a number of Pallases for defence, while a navy being used to combat an enemy navy would be comprised of Tridents and Pallases.

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Morpher Author
Morpher - - 91 comments

Actually I imagined the Trident as being able to bombard enemy bases also similar to the original RA1 cruiser but also to be more anti ship capable, the Poseidon however has a greater range and is much more powerful. In essence though the Piranha is designed to be the anti ship unit for Nod, but is effective mostly in groups and the Trident would have some trouble taking out those pesky little Piranhas (use Pallas for that). After some discussion we are thinking of changing the Poseidon slightly to have some additional uses which revolve around the Poseidon requiring to deploy to fire (this makes it more vulnerable) but also providing the player with a sensor array to detect enemy subs.

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,123 comments

that's to real good looking maps!

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