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It's been a month since our last update. Work on the next launch is well underway, and most features decided, but nothing is set in stone!

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Well, it's been a month since our last update and I can tell you now, we've been busy this past month!

We are still finalising the features for our next launch, however we are looking to bring our game up to scratch.

Our primary goals, are going to be both playability and visuals.

New models for the Enfield SMLE, Gewehr98, Webley MKIV and (new) the C96 Mauser are complete.

And... lot of the in game models shall see a good look over. I cannot confirm any new weapons (other than the C96), such as scoped rifles or melee weapons.

Why the C96? Well, not only is it easier to model/animate, it's also a stunning little weapon and it's very common throughout the trenches. Perhaps more common than some people might think. The C96 was available to most soldiers for private purchase, on all sides. Soldiers often, dipped into their pockets and paid for a sidearm. Given the circumstances I would've too!

New maps are underway, and we are focussing on creating an accurate, well balanced game.

Some gameplay changes:
- The Lee Enfield will now hold 10 bullets (balanced out by its reload)
- MG classes WILL receive a secondary weapon ( whether it is pistol or melee, we cannot confirm)
- The current gasmask shall be replaced so that more of the view field can be seen ( bringing the lenses closer to the face). This improves visibility, however, certain drawbacks will be introduced. Steam forming on the lens is being discussed, as well as movement impairing effects.

A fourth class is in discussion.

Possible changes:
- Limited artillery
- Officers whistle
- Fixed Machine guns
- Usable artillery

- Weapon models are more accurate to life
- Character models will be changed to resemble uniforms of the time.

We need Prop and Character modellers.

The war did not take place purely in trenches, in the early war fighting was quite open. New maps shall reflect this, and Ypres is already in discussion.

Planned maps:
-Late 1917/early 1918 map (no name yet)
-Early war Ypres map
-Late war Ypres Map

- Weapons shall feel more powerful
- Artillery shall get a little attention

We plan for a total overhaul on the weapon animations. We are, however lacking animators.

We have received a lot of interest, and lots of demand for French soldiers. French soldiers shall not make in this launch, however, they are not ruled out. Future version of WW1:Source shall see the French (and perhaps several other countries) but for now we'll have to make do with the English and Germans. 1

Finally, we are in severe need of the following members.

Positions available:
Character modeller(s)
Prop modeller(s)
Texture artists (s)

Please apply at our forums!


I love your mod. I hope you can find some good staff.

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sweet glad to hear from you guys

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Yay French ! :D
And... Hungary army ?

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Best of luck to you!

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Not to degrade any French on this website, the French army in the 20th century wasn't very effective. In WW1, France was almost completely captured. I WW2, France fell very quickly. They didn't really play much of a major role in any major 20th century war.

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