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Hi everyone, I would like to share with you some of our latest progress on ATO.

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Recently we had some all-weekend-long programming sessions and we put together some parts of the game. The most important of them:

  • Better networking: now the game client and the server communicate well with each other. We have less lag and got rid of some strange positioning behaviour.
  • The character system got a facelift and we are working on the combat system at the moment, which we want to make as action oriented as possible.
  • A new dynamic weather and time of day system has been added to the game. It will make the game more lifelike and let us create some day time dependent quests for the players.
  • We started modelling weapons and characters. One of the characters is complete, you can see it on the pictures below:

    Lewalt Cotte, the treasure hunter Treasure Hunter In Action

    Some other models are in progress, we will share them when they are ready.

  • We also had progress on the inventory system. We are building a nice looking, yet simple inventory system. In the near future there will be a feature video available on IndieDB with all the new features including the new inventory.

Last but not least, the work on ATO Launcher & auto updater app is in progress. We plan to ship it from the beginning to let our players get the latest development builds while we sketch out all the features in the prototype version, and send us feedback.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more!

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