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Lots of new stuff dealing with the Mercs, fleet formations, tactics and combat.

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DEVLOG 31 shows off a few new UI elements dealing mainly with combat. Number indicators showing damage amounts and harvest amounts now appear over the items. I will be adding a game option for this, so you can turn it off if you prefer.

I have also added a bit more functionality to the mercs and the way that they behave in combat. A few new buttons will allow you to send them off to attack the selected target. You can recall them back to the formation. You can also lock the formation so that all ships fly together in unison. Your ship will suffer a speed penalty, but this is so that all ships in the fleet can match speeds and focus firepower more effectively. Added path-finding for NPCs, along with a few behavioral tweaks.

Fixed a number of bugs, most small, a few big'ums dealing with mercs and save games. Merc tactics have also been tweaked, allowing for mercs to break formation and attack any hostile target that has fired on your ship, or the merc itself. This is great when mining with a few non combat mercs, and having your escorts distract the raiders while you mine valuable resources.

I am still working on Faces and Helmets for the Pilot, and NPC avatars. These will be used in the dialog boxes that allow you to converse or 'Comm' with other NPCs in the game. This mechanic is needed for the upcoming quest-line missions. Anyway, stay tuned! If you are new, please follow, if you are not... super thanks for the support!

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