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Assault! V0.82 is ready! This new version includes AS_Warehouse level and Single Player mode!

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Tree months after V0.82 was released, here it is the new Assault! version V0.85,

New Features

  • Fixed enemy bullet sounds, now plays correctly.
  • Round time limit is working now.
  • Added new AS_warehouse map, a kind of old industrial zone and it is the biggest map of the game.
  • Added new Single Player mode. Now you can play Against up to four bots, slelect the numbre through max players (although you can set 8 there won't be more than four bots). Fight alone against the bots, win money with each kill and try to stay alive!

Important issues

  • Remember you can host a 24H game by simply not clicking mouse to respawn, this way other players can play in your server also when you aren't playing
  • If you get an error regarding "msvcr100.dll", install the Microsoft C++ 2010 Redist Kit and delete that file from the Assault\data folder.
  • If your router does not support UPnP and you want to host a internet game, you will have to open manually port 7359 with your local IP.
  • In order to join a LAN game, you won't be able to join it directly via server list. Instead use "Join via IP" and enter the local IP of the PC you want to play with.


Assault! V0.85 Screenshots

Assault! V0.85 Screenshots

Assault! V0.85 Screenshots

Assault! V0.85 Screenshots

Assault! V0.85 Screenshots

Single Player Mode Gameplay Video

Have fun!

Bluedrake42 - - 574 comments

go back to FPS and I'll play

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leonardotry - - 18 comments

Yeah go back to FPS and i will play too!
or just make a option between fps and tps cuz i like fps way more better!
and i dont care if u use tps and can hide behind wall and see enemies!
just make fps option!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Metal_Invader - - 809 comments


If you are so ******* dying for a fps shooter then go play Counter Strike, CoD, ArmA, etc...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
abbalo - - 60 comments

i love the thirt person but can't you just make a fps opsion?

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