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Join the ASPEC FIrst Assault playtest and get immediate access to space warship combat with a new campaign mode.

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Hey there pilots, come and check out the ASPEC First Assault playtest. I think it's really cool because it lets you pilot a corvette-sized warship, equip guns, turrets, and modules, and offers an introduction to the new campaign mode with random missions to play.

Main Playtest Features

  • New campaign mode featuring Prestige and equipment rewards, 2 main missions, and 4 side missions.
  • 2 Simulator missions (Go 1v1 against a comparable enemy, or engage multiple waves of enemies with a wingman)
  • Ship fitting screen to equip guns, turrets, and modules to enhance your ship and weapons.

Side view of corvette with an explosion in the background

Wishlist and request access for immediate download to start playing ASPEC First Assault. Play the new campaign mode with a 2 main mission introductory campaign with 4 side missions to unlock new equipment and earn prestige.

Spend prestige on purchasing new weapons and equipment to enhance your ship and improve your survivability.

A new module system allows improvements to ship performance across a range of systems from weapons to engine thrust power. Don't expect to become overpowered though, adding multiple modules affecting the same system will incur stacking penalties.

3rd person forward view of Corvette with an enemy firing in the background

Game Features

  • Newtonian physics (the only drag is what you bring)
  • Engine and thrusters only fire when needed for course correction and velocity changes for added immersion of being in space
  • Side strafing
  • Projectiles that inherit your velocity (firing has never looked more normal when going crazy speeds)
  • Hi-Vis projectiles (you can still see them against bright backgrounds)
  • Reverse (it's like flying forwards, but backwards!)
  • Disable flight assist and accelerate off into the void infinitely (break new speed records to your heart's content, or until your computer decides otherwise)
  • Turrets! Equip different types of projectile turrets and give them firing orders
  • Artillery, Railgun, Autocannon, and Shotgun projectile weapon types
  • Ship module fittings; various modules allowing improvements across weapons, defense, engines, and thruster systems
  • 1st and 3rd person views (it's just way cooler)
  • 3rd person Tactical target tracking (never lose sight of your target)

Corvette firing its main guns with a planet in the background

ASPEC First Assault Playtest 3 is open to all and available for immediate download for Windows PC. Head on over to Steam, wishlist, and Request Access.ASPEC Wishlist and Playtest

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