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Happy Aperture: Salt Mines anniversary! It's been 3 years since this project started, and to celebrate, we are releasing some exciting news regarding the mod.

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After many long months of continuous work and radio silence, we're proud to finally present to you the Aperture: Salt Mines Development Roadmap! We're in the process of exiting the Alpha stage and entering Beta, and thus now feel confident enough to disclose our release date; March 2024.

An important segment of our roadmap is the closed community playtesting in December 2021. If you are boosting our Discord server (if you haven't joined, you can do so here), you get automatic access to the playtesting branch!
On top of this, the team will handpick playtesters to participate in this, but we have also opened up a form for people to apply for playtesting.

Regarding playtesting, the December 2021 version of Aperture: Salt Mines will include the entirety of the first Chapter (intro + 15 puzzles). This includes maps, music and a small developer commentary regarding the creation of the mod, its origins, its growth and evolution. (There will, however, be no voice lines for this chapter, as we are planning to record those in later times due to the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis. Sorry! We hope you understand us)

:Boost:Server boosting:Boost:

This is a good time to remind you about Server Boosting!
Server boosters got this information earlier than everyone else. To get info, exclusive screenshots before anyone else as well as cool perks, do consider boosting! It helps us and gives you early access to upcoming content!

Before we go, here is one last screenshot we want to share with you:

Chamber 14

As always, remember to check us out on our social media!


Remember to join our Discord for early info regarding the mod (a reminder that you MUST be a part of the server in order to apply for playtesting)

And as always, 'till next time!
-The Aperture: Salt Mines team


this mod is going to be cancelled before 2024

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OrinjiNeko Author

But... why?

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Don't get me wrong but I know what he means. Most of the projects of this scale don't make it. Would be nice to see you be the one to make it but as I said like 90% of them get canceled because life, work etc.

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I'm sure their team is large enough to be able to at least roll out a proof of concept and combine it to a larger project. Not a very fair assessment.

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OrinjiNeko Author

Yeah, dave_5430 gets it
Plus, a brief look at ƒlechette's profile will reveal they are being an a** towards a multitude of mods, and therefore shouldn't be taken to heart.

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I predict that your prediction is incorrect.

As a team-member of this project, I can assure you that we're far more competent than you'd expect.

We're constantly working under deadlines, pushing ourselves further & ensuring the best quality that we can provide.
We also take pride in our moderation and management of the team, ensuring that a loss of motivation and experiencing burnouts are kept to a minimum at all times.

And speaking from my own personal experience, 'Aperture: Salt Mines' has been the only mod that I've applied for that actually felt like it has potential, unlike other projects.

I understand that many projects with great potential were met with a sad end, suffering from the same or similar fate like most others.
And I'm sure you've been invited to such projects before that were cancelled later on.

Yet as far as I can tell, 'Aperture: Salt Mines' is being lead by a very supportive and inspiring individual, keeping the development of this mod active.

If you are still not convinced, then that is okay.
But it would be greatly appreciated if the pessimism could be put aside and have some optimism for once.

Thank you & have a nice day!

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wtf why are there trolls. mod looks great.

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