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The bewildering story of an estranged Dark Templar.

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On January 31st, 2015, the world will forever change... for the worse. Return to the Gas universe with Ashen's Quest Through Time and Space, and follow the story of Ashen, the Dark Templar that complains about everything! Watch as our protagonist is sucked through innumerable plot holes in a bewildering experience that confuses even the player themselves. Will Ashen ever return home? Find out by playing the goddamn campaign!


Portrait by Daelin

Our nonstop complainer hero, Ashen himself. After his homeplanet is destroyed by the Zerg and he assists in defeating Vill Ain, he now resides on the his new world of Devil's Retreat. Little does he know, he will soon be thrust into a new adventure...

Portraits by Cynon

The hero of the Protoss people, Adun has been dead for many years. Now revered as a god, many of the protoss from Thalanduras think that he has forsaken them. Ashen seeks him out to find the truth.

Devon Starke
Portrait by Jasen

A member of an Elite Secret Task Group. He may hold answers to Ashen's questions....

Portrait by Cynon
Ashen's girlfriend - wait, what?

Lead design: Church (formerly Jim_Raynor)
Lead voice actor, design consultant, tester: Pr0nogo
Design consultant, tester: TheSenescent

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Ashen's Quest Through Time and Space was released on January 31st.
Produced by Crescendo Entertainment. Thank you for playing.

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