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Corey describes the progress of the last month and the lack of media.

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It's been a while since we were able to put out a full news post, so here's just a brief rundown of the last month or so, and where we stand in development at the moment, in that order.

First, the last month has been extremely busy for me, as I was moving, restarting school, starting to work full time, and had a personal emergency to deal with. This meant that any time I wasn't at work, I was working on stuff for classes or sleeping (or dealing with the emergency thing). In order to spend any time modding I had to cut out the time I'd normally spend posting media, which means while we've gotten a few things done on the side (especially in the effects department) nobody's really had any opportunity to see or hear about it.

That being said, here's the status rundown for the mod itself. The Remnant is essentially ready for the first release; I'm not using the word done because the first release will still sort of be the groundwork we build on going forward, meaning done isn't necessarily final, just a solid basis. We'll be using the feedback we get in the weeks after release to start filling the holes in the three factions while we shift more development focus onto the "minor" factions. The New Republic and Empire of the Hand have around 90-95% of their units done and the majority of the work left is just building up their tech trees. We considered doing a sort of demo version with just the Remnant, but that's become pretty cliche for Star Wars mods, and we wanted people to have the full experience (as well as more polish) so instead of splitting our focus, we just went ahead with the full release.

Other than the tech tree, the things that remain are the more cosmetic/polish related aspects, such as implementing the unit VOs and working on unit/tech portraits (which is extremely tedious). We'd love to be able to give timelines for this, but it's hard enough to know how long individual aspects will take considering there are many things you can't really take into account until you're already doing it (ie what if an idea doesn't work?), much less how that timescale can fit into personal schedules, so as we've said since we started Thrawn's Revenge years ago, any date or time estimations we give are bound to be horribly, horribly wrong.

So, hopefully that clears things up and gives an idea of what's been going on.


Sorry to hear you had a personal emergency on top of everything else! Take all the time for RL you need, we can be patient! :)

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