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Wheezy Everlasting was just re-released for 2022 Halloween. And, as it was originally supposed to be for this mod, I'm now announcing its sequel as this one.

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The work on the Pandemia project faced heavy issues, but it's back on track with troubleshooting, I just needed some time off to work on something. It's also been a while since this page got an update, so let's get to it.

Wheezy Everlasting, as mentioned, got its 2022 Halloween update, and now it's in a place where I can be proud of my old work. The mod itself is famous for reliving other people's memories, and also in the form of me remaking maps of others, partly from my own inspiration and also, entrusted to me by fellow modders.

Now, onto the legacy of this project. Quartz and Cordite sigfinies, the mod is taking the approach of a more combat focused mod, while keeping the Amnesia core. For that occasion, I reworked Amn's gunscript to a much better state, still there are some timings off, and particles missing, also it needs better hit detection. Here's a showcase for you!

I have one last announcement to make. Since this "gun mod" would focus on gameplay over design anyway, I decided to return to my original concept, as I enjoyed working on the Wheezy Everlasting overhaul.

Quartz and Cordite is now the Wheezy Everlasting 2!

I'll release a playable showcase for you folks soon, somewhere along the line of the Pandemia demo being finished, until then, let's keep this project TBD, just know that it's being thought of, and is part of my plans still for this game.


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