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Portal Mapping and Modding's First Year Anniversary. Huge graphical progress showcase and more!

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Happy Birthday PMaM!

Because Portal Mapping and Modding has its first anniversary today (congratulations!) we decided to do a showcase of our latest work to celebrate with others. We really improved since the last article, mainly in the graphical area. Have a great time!

But first:

We're still missing positions on our team. It's been a big problem for us, since the start. These consist of:

  • Modeler,
  • Texturer,
  • Sound Designer,
  • one Mapper,
  • Puzzle Designer.

If you feel you can do the work, please consider joining!

Application form: Click here

Now the showcase part!


Looking at these walls makes you wonder: Are you safe here? High current wires and wood don't really go together well. Maybe you should file a complaint?

Wood Electricity

This elevator has been inactive for a long time. Aperture's financial crisis has really taken its toll. In spite of this, you've grown fond of walking to a different surface elevator. Hopefully they don't break too.

2 - Lobby Cave

Ah, the Employee Hotel lobby. You really like this place, it's small but cozy. But for some reason it seems emptier than ever before..

3 - Lobby_1

4 - Lobby_2

You've been working here for so long, and yet still traveling through this structure amazes you. You wonder how it was possible to construct something like this, especially in such an open space..

5 - Glass Bridge

You always wondered how Repulsion Gel feels to touch.. Is it more like a trampoline or a hard surface? Maybe you'll find out one day?

Repulsion Gel Tanks, Offices

Aperture Epsilon Laboratories, one of the most prestigious places in Aperture. You feel proud to work here...



You are very curious about that dam here. How did they manage to put a dam in a cave? Sometimes you want to take a break and swim in the underground lake, but then you remember that the water isn't exactly the cleanest...


Those pipes carry "drinking" water to other parts of Aperture. You'll never forget the taste.



We hope you liked our showcase.

See you next time!

~ Project Collapse Studios

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