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Artia: Neo's adventures Presentation 1.2 Artia - Neo's Adventures is a Adventure RPG (Third person controller)in a fantasy world populated by dragons and mystical creatures. Follow Neo on his journey and discover the secrets of this world bordering on the fantastic. Go in search of your father and capture the spirits of the legendary dragons.

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Artia - Neo's Adventures is a Adventure RPG (Third person controller) in a fantasy world populated by dragons and mystical creatures. Follow Neo on his journey and discover the secrets of this world bordering on the fantastic. Fight the evil that has awakened in the land, capture the Legendary Dragon and save the world of Artia from this terrible threat.

Between #Zelda , Legend of Dragoon , Breath of Fire , #Pokemon... discover the new video game Artia : Neo's Adventures, an open-world #RPG in a fantasy world !

The world of Artia was a place of wonder and magic, a land where dragons flew high in the sky and mystical creatures roamed free. It was in this world that Neo, a young adventurer with a thirst for exploration, set out on a journey that would change his life forever. Armed with his sword and his wits, Neo traveled through lush forests and treacherous mountains, encountering fierce beasts and magical creatures along the way. But his journey was not just one of discovery and adventure. Neo soon discovered an evil force that threatened to destroy the delicate balance of power in Artia. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Neo set out on a quest to capture the legendary dragon, the only creature powerful enough to restore balance and vanquish the evil that threatened to destroy everything he held dear...

Exploring Artia will take you into a fantastic world. From the plains, to the desert, to the icy mountains or even the celestial islands. Walking, climbing, flying, swimming... are some of the possible actions in Artia to discover a varied world, each with its own story and main characters.

Walk - Run - Crouch - Roll:



Hook System:

Blacksmiths in different villages will give you access to new crafting opportunities. This means the more you explore, the more gear you will have access to, through exploration and by means of crafting.

There will be lots of gear scattered throughout the world. Some gear will be linked to certain bosses or quests and some will be hidden around Artia. There will also be unique sets of gear that can only be found or crafted.Inventory:

Combat in Artia : Neo's Adventures are as deep as you want it to be. You have melee, ranged, and dragons attacks. Any weapon and play style is open to the player and your progress with each weapon type will be determined by how much you use it. Currently, there are 11 weapons types in Artia : Neo's Adventures; Unarmed, One-handed sword, One-handed Axe, One-handed Hammer, Great Sword (Two-handed), Great Axe (Two-handed), Great Hammer (two-handed), Spear (two-handed), Daggers (dual-handed), Shield, Canons. Our hope is to add more weapon types in the future.Unarmed:

Short Sword and Shield:

Great Sword (two-handed):

Spear (two-handed):

Axe (two-handed):

Each weapon can be upgraded by the blacksmith. Weapons can be upgraded up to 3 times.

In Artia: Neo's Adventures the quests are separated in two parts, the main quest which is to capture the spirit of the 4 mythical dragons to save the world of Artia from the dark dragon and the secondary quests which will allow you to obtain important items to complete your future quests.

Throughout your travels in Artia you will come across many puzzles. Some will require your wits, while others may need the interaction of a certain Element and your dragons.

There are 4 types of dragons that will follow you throughout this adventure. Each type of dragon corresponds to a natural element: Fire, Ice, Earth, Air. Use each element according to the situation. The Dragon Baby helps you to access certain rights normally inaccessible

You can control the baby dragon to open doors, retrieve chests ...

In dragon control mode you can also swim.

Dragons EvolutionsYou can upgrade the dragons in order to develop their stats such as strength, flight endurance or speed. 5 different parts of the dragon can be upgraded like: body, wings, tail, horns, claws.

In order to evolve the dragons you should find the Dragon Crystals dispersed throughout the world of Artia.

Mythical Dragon:There are 4 types of mythical dragons. One for each element. You should face each of the 4 dragons in order to recover the spirits and hope to fight against the 5th dragon, the dark one that threatens the world of Artia.

Dragon spirits:

Fire Dragon : RagnorIce Dragon : SimlaaAir Dragon : TroglliEarth Dragon : NimillisDark Dragon : BahamutDragon Fusion:Once the 4 mystical dragon spirits are recovered, you will be able to merge with your dragon in order to reach the ultimate dragon form.

In Artia: Neo's Adventures you will have the pleasure of traveling on the back of a dragon to visit and revisit all the magnificent places that this universe has to offer. Some dragons can't be used in some parts of the Artia world.

Places: Timra town : Start Lowdris Plains Lowdris City Lowdris Forest : Nimillis Earth Dragon Lowdris canyon Lowdris Arena Samani Desert Samani City Samani oasis Lingra Valley Lindra City Lindra Cavern : Simlaa Ice dragon Strell City Strell Jail Hell : Ragnor Fire dragon Strell Graveyard Cielista City Cielista Desolated Castle : Troglli Air dragon

Dynamic WeatherThe weather in Artia will be different depending on the biome you are in and the location. You may encounter snow in the mountain peaks of the Nature or in the valleys of the Ice. The day/night cycle is also connected to this system. Things may change depending on the time of day.

Some NPCs and creatures may only be active during certain times of the day.

Night and Day:

You will meet many personalities throughout the game. A system of karma has been set up to determine the relationship with each NPC. This will allow you to unlock some special quests.

Each continent is infested by monsters more or less aggressive. Some bosses will be able to give you exceptional items.


I consider Music and sound design to be half of the gaming experience. Some of the music from games I grew up playing still sticks with me today. We have a number of talented composers working on custom music for Artia. Artia : Neo's Adventures also has a dynamic music system that adapts to your location and activity, truly bringing the world to life.
Check out Wicked Harmony on #SoundCloud

Artia Title Theme by Wicked Harmony

Artia Battle Theme by Wicked Harmony

Currently Artia is scheduled to be launched on PC with Steam, Epic Game and other platforms. But we would really like to develop it for other suports like Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox, if the funding allows us.

We have been working on Artia : Neo's Adventures for a while and have loved every minute of it. We'd love to have you along to finish the journey with us.

Budget of Artia:

We understand that localization is important so Artia : Neo's Adventures can reach as many players as possible. Although the final release will include multiple languages, Artia : Neo's Adventures will launch into early access with English support only. Below are the confirmed languages for the 1.0 launch, with more to possibly be added in the future.

Artia : Neo's Adventures started with an idea. To create an open world adventure game designed for my kids. As the idea for Artia : Neo's Adventures slowly evolved, so did the team. I have over 15 years of experience game development, but I knew I needed to work with talented people who could bring different expertise's to the table.With the help of Kickstarter, we plan to move existing part-time and volunteer members of the team to more full-time or part-time roles. And to expand the team to enhance and improve our current workflow and speed up development. Below are a few members of the current Artia : Neo's Adventures team who I am grateful to be working with.


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