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Change Log of AR.3.330 and 3.331. Skip version as usual

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Ver 3.331:

Bug/Problem Fix:

1.Fix the problem that Tsunami Tank have incorrect ROCKET armor.

2.Fix some problem of map [AR] Ruin of Future.

Ver 3.330:

Bug/Problem Fix:

1.Fix the problem that SC FlameTrooper will try to rush towards the enemy .

2.Fix the problem that the phantom of Skyfarer will have normal vision at start.

3.Fix some UI text errors in Online Game.

4.Now the in-game pause UI will correctly display Random faction.

5.Fix the problem that Athena cannot attack Tenkei Mothership directly.

6.Fix some missing images in Engaging Content.

7.Fix the problem that Anti-sub mode Vindicator's Sonar did not activate.

8.Fix a severe problem that make stealth detector of following units diabled: Herring Gull, Chrono Legionnaire, Twinblade, Unknown Giant Airship, Telecom Station, all crusiers of Imperial Factions, Tenkei Mothership, YoRa-9 Combat Droid.

9.Fix the problem that Units with switch-attack-range ability will change damage of fired projectile when switching mode.

10.Fix the crashes when Magnetic Satellite tried to blow off an attacking Base Defence. Now Magnetic Satellite will only cause EMP and damage to Base Defences.

11.Fix the problem that submarines did not count as ships in many functions.

12.Fix the problem that dolphin cannot do damage normally.

13.Fix the problem that damage reduce of attaching Burst Drone will also wrongly affect attached unit.

14.Fix the problem that Heroic Tesla Tanks will daze when player try to make them attack structures.

New Content:

1.New Texture for Shogun Battleship.

2.New Model for Overlord Tank, Monsoon Rocket Launcher and Winter Wind.

3.New Ion Beam weapon for Imperial Warriors. This wepon will be used to attack structures and clear garrisons as a substitute for Blaster wepaons.

4.Campaign Changes: Allied 1,2 and Soviet 2,3

5.New voices for Type-59 Tank and Type-63 APC.

6.Optimized Laser rendering effect.

7.New Rain & Snow rendering effect.

8.New Chrono Vortex Missiles for Hephaestus Tank, will cause damage relating to enemy max HP, and have a significant slow effect.

Misc Change:

1.Now structures blasted away by Tanya will not spawn any infantry.

2.Drones of all Aircraft Carriers will hide upgrade fx and have no trail fx while taking off.

3.Changed Camera settings, now camera can be closer.

4.Reduce the light volume of tesla and prism weapons.

5.Reduces the collision volume of Motor Cycle.

6.Attack Drone of Takao Cruiser will auto heal now.

7.Now vehicle in EMP status will not open headlight.

8.Changed map [AR] Infinity Fortress.


Balance Change:


1.Assault Destroyer, Cruiser and Soviet Faction Submarines HP increase from 1400 to 1500,Cannon damage taken +20%.

2.Miners Concussive(torpedo) damage taken -20%.

3.Fighters' damage to Mothership increased to 75% to 80%

4.Crush level of Assault Destroyer and Cruiser increase to prevent being pulled away by Apocalypse tank and die on a cliff.

Allied Faction:

1.Athena build cost increase to 2800, build time to 28s, Aiming Beacon will Automatically track Athena's target. Aegis Shield of Athena Volume decrease to 50%, cooldown time increase 33%.

2.Mirage Tank build cost increase to 2300, build time to 18s, rate of fire to 175%, damage to 4/7, scatted light damage to 80%. Stealth upgrade will not -10% speed of Mirage Tank now.

3.Hephaestus Tank will reload at attack stops, build cost decrease to 2500, build time to 18s and need Heightened Clearance.

4.Riptide ACV torpedo damage +25%,Concussive(torpedo) damage taken -25%.

5.Assault Destroyer EXPLOSIVE damage taken -33%. Assault Destroyer with Black Hole Armor damage taken +15% compared with the past.

6.Ability range of Canvasser increased to 360, and no need for line of sight now.

7.Selene Heil build cost increase to 1800, its ice missiles will fly straighter and can track infantry, but damage -10%.

8.NEMESIS Control Center can build AT-47 Defence Turret and Airfield, Support Control Center can build Airfield. AT-47 Defence Turret build cost decrease to 1200.

9.Boreas bomb will create ice mist which deals cyro damage and slow effect, and gets +100% damage and stronger slow effect with High Technology. But Boreas damage to refineries and miners -40%.

10.Multirole Base Defense receive 20% less damage of Cannon, Auto-Cannon, Flak, Prism, Spectrum and Tesla.

11.Valkyrie build cost decrease to 2400, initial number of rockets carried +50%, damage to miners and cores -33%.

12.Neptune Tank build time decrease to 10s.

13.Ares FAV build cost decrease to 3200, build time to 32s, aoe radius -16%, damage to structure -10%.

14.Gap Generator effect range increase to 420.

15.Skyfarer Tank Rocket damage taken +7%.

16.<Equipment Integration> price +250, time -5s, speed bonus doubled; <Prototype Cryo Weaponry> price +1000; <Advanced Cyro Weaponry> range bonus to Javelin Soldiers decrease from 25% to 15%.

17.Max Clearance price -500

18.Achelous Transport bomb damage -84%, range decrease to 350, ammo +2, have no scatter radius to target, build time increase to 15s.

19.Azur Drone Platform build cost increase to 2800, build time to 28s.

20.Orbital Uplink Center and Tactical Support Center can build Power Plant, Barracks and Airfield.

21.Prism Legionnaire is immune to attack from dogs and bears now.

Soviet Faction:

1.Refit of Type-59 cooldown reduce to 10s, Destroyer Configuration price reduce to 400, Refit range of Refit Crane increase to the same range of repairing.

2.<Doubled Results, Half Effort> upgrade will also make LuoFu Corvette ability cooldown -50%.

3.Stingray attack speed is halved and attack damage is doubled.

4.LuoFu Corvette torpedo damage +25%, HP decrease from 550 to 480

5.Stingray and LuoFu Corvette Concussive(torpedo) damage taken -1/12, Cannon damage taken -20%.

6.Now ability of Type-59 also speed up the Pioneers.

7.Apocalypse tank M-Harpoon pull speed unifiedly reduce to 50, damage -10%; main gun of Apocalypse and Overlord aoe radius decreace.

8.Mig Fighter aoe radius decrease.

9.V4 build cost increase to 2600, max attack range decrease to 2000.

10.<Armor Rush> upgrade price reduce to 3500, no more range buff and have 10% extra HP bonus. Now this upgrade will provide no attack bonus and less HP bonus for Kirov Airship.

11.Kirov Airship Flak, Rocket, Auto-Cannon damage taken increase.

12.Tesla Tank Rocket damage taken +7%.

13.Armor-upgraded Flame Trooper Spectrum, Flak, Grenade, Rocket, Auto-Cannon damage taken increase.

14.Soviet Flak Cannon HP -18%, Type-63 AA Battery HP -6%.

15.Pioneer grenade damage to Cores +33%.

16.Soviet Battle Lab build cost +250, build time +10s.

17.Headhunter sub autocannon damage +25%, all damage to base defences and barracks +50%.

18.Monsoon Rocket Launcher build cost increase to 3400, normal attack range decrease to 1800, max attack range decrease to 2400.

19.UAV build cost increase to 150.

20.Terror Drone damage +50%, Reactive Armor of soviet miners will not reduce damage from Terror Drone now.

Imperial Faction:

1.Submarine Yary: torpedo damage +25%, Concussive(torpedo) damage taken -11%, Tesla damage taken +25%.

2.Cruiser: Concussive(torpedo) damage taken rollback to 50% (45%before), Explosive damage taken -20%.

3.Railgun Artillery build cost raise to 2600, scatter radius -40%, and wont expose itself and suffer no scatter at Rapid Fire Mode.

4.Shadow Ronin crush level is seted to the same with King Oni.

5.Nano Swarm duration time doubled.

6.Mecha Kamikaze-Tengu +10% damage against infantry.

7.<Burst Lasers>can now offer 25% more attack range bouns for Imperial Warriors and Mecha Tengu(groud mode).

8.<Improved Lasers>can now offer 20% attack range bouns for Mecha Kamikaze-Tengu(groud mode).

9.Shionoto Tank attack range raise to 480, aoe radius raise to 20.

10.Archer Maiden attack range to ground unit raise to 500.

11.<Point-Defense Generator> now affects Railgun Artillery.

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