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Aria Stormheart is a skilled warrior, within the party her role is that of the Swordswoman! Equipped with natural gifts, Aria knows how to use any type of blade with ease and speed, knowing many techniques to be able to inflict huge damage on her enemies. Despite her appearance and her way of fighting Aria she also manages to merge magical power into her weapons in order to become even stronger!

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Aria Stormheart is a 22-year-old girl born during the terrible war between the Kingdom of Nox and the Kingdom of Snow for the dominance of the Light Points. Due to the war Aria grew up without parents and has lived since her memory in an orphanage in Nox, the capital of the Kingdom of Nox, with only a bracelet in her possession with her name written on it to prove her origins.


Since she was a child, she always defending the weakest from bullies or harassment outside the orphanage.
Inside the orphanage, Aria was raised by Madame Rose, an elderly woman who had opened this place many years earlier to be able to give hope to orphans.



The bond between Aria and Madame rose has always been particular, the elderly woman has always treated the girl with respect thanks to the desire to protect Aria's weakest, but during her youth Aria was also the most punished, because she often fought too easily.


Once she grew up, together with her childhood friend Evangelyne, she decides to leave the orphanage and Madame Rose her dream, to live an adventure, and the fact that she grew up on an orphanage only strengthened her determination in doing that.



Aria left with Evangelyne, her best friend. towards adventure and after several wandering within the Kingdom of Nox they reached a small village outside the kingdom called Ghizu.


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