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News about the Archtower game! Archtower now has a Steam Page and an Early Access Trailer, Archtower v0.3.8 demo is available.

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(Steam Page, Early Access Trailer, New patch v0.3.8)

Archtower Steam Page

Archtower now has a Steam page:
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Archtower Early Access Trailer

Archtower also now has an Early Access Trailer, check this out:

New Archtower demo v0.3.8 is released!

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Demo Download Link
Support on Patreon

Patchnotes v0.3.8:

• Books system added (only one book, for now, a Manual)
• New floor 6
• Water on the new floor, interactions with it
• 5 new traits
• Factions system
• Faction symbols and attitude (NPC name color) in dialogues
• Hearth system for drying up
• Ambulance (costs crystal currency)
• New enemy type: Rats (added for the first levels, for enemies variety)
• New enemy type: Mosquitoes
• New enemy type: Slime Monsters
• New equipment with item level 8, which may drop with rare (blue) quality
• New questlines for two new factions

• Max clan level 15 -> 25
• Trait 'Simpleton' (prices worse 20%) replaced with 'Illiterate' (prices worse 15%, can't read)
• The advisor in the camp gives you a manual book if asked
• Vandal class won't get battleaxes (heavy axes) expertise by default (but still can get it with perks)
• Removed color filters and settings to turn it on/off
• Chromatic aberration settings option changed from on/off to off/rare/always (rare - only for some effects, like toxins)
• On easy difficulty you get 10% less gold from chests
• More detailed difficulty levels description
• Fighter's passive 1st tier upgrade "+20% RP regen in combat" changed to "+15 max RP"
• DEX and DEX+INT classes' passive 1st tier upgrade "Max TP +1" changed to "Max TP +1, TP regen +50% in relax state"
• Poisoner's Toxin Vial upgrade "Damage x2" nerfed to "Damage +40%"
• Fighter's Charge has no more auto-attacking on touching an enemy (it caused some players confusion, and it worked less effective if not used manually)
• Fighter's Charge description now also has an area of attack details
• Multi Strike power crystal skill has a more clear description
• Used weapon racks change their weapon display texture to distinguish from unused ones
• Better visibility for 'plus buttons' when you can increase your stats, or get new class bonuses
• Barrels drop equipment and ammo items more often
• Other minor changes

• Bugs are fixed, which could happen when you beat 3rd floor on Story difficulty and then start to play on a Ballad one
• Bug is fixed, quest key in lost land quest dropped incorrectly sometimes
• Torches glowing fixed
• Bug is fixed, lamps could work incorrectly at some angles of view
• Fixed incorrect hitboxes for decorative alchemical retorts and bottles
• Bug is fixed, incorrect headshot hitboxes for elves
• Other minor fixes


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