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Grab this patch / rebalancing mod for one of the best games ever made! After almost 5 months of development and 4 beta versions, the final (?) version of this mod is ready.

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Most notable features:

- fixed bugs in dialogues, mission files, mission descriptions, etc.,
- fixed / changed many broken missions (things not working as authors intended or not working at all),
- tweaked many object appearing in the game (HP, damage, etc.),
- tweaked game difficulty (turrets and vehicles use proper gun types, boats use stronger torpedoes, capital ships are now active in all missions, plasma weapons are much stronger now),
- tweaked some conversations significantly (I hope these utilize better English now / make more sense),
- introduced brand new, unified format of naming objects in missions (compatible with Aquanox and Aquanox 2),
- totally changed the way sonar range works: it now depends totally on unit's type,
- and many more!

This mod is fully compatible with ENG version of the game (Archimedean Dynasty), but German version (Schleichfahrt) is supported as well (not all changes are implemented yet - expect 100% compatible version in the future).

See the Downloads section for more info.

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